Why We Never Got Nightmare Before Christmas 2

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved
classic, one of the most singularly quirky and amazing animated films, holiday movies,
and musicals of all time, all rolled into one. Coming from the mind of producer Tim Burton
and bearing his distinct visual stamp, the stop-motion animated feature has become a
staple of the holidays since its 1993 release. One of the true joys of The Nightmare Before
Christmas is how amazingly true it is to the tone and spirit of both Halloween and Christmas,
and it’s easy to see why the film has become a yearly tradition for so many. But considering its financial and critical
success and its impact on the world of pop culture, what’s not so easy to puzzle out
is why we never got a sequel to the classic film. Why did we never get The Nightmare Before
Christmas 2? “Terrible news, folks! The worst tragedy of our times!” It’s not like the idea hasn’t been kicked
around. In particular, the film’s director Henry Selick
– who would go on to work on two additional stop-motion features, 2006’s James and the
Giant Peach and 2009’s Coraline – has gone on record stating that while he could be enticed
to return to Halloween Town. But the notion was complicated by Disney. It seems that the House of Mouse was only
interested in a sequel to the classic on one specific condition – one that Selick wasn’t
too keen on. In a 2009 interview, Selick revealed that
discussions about a sequel had in fact taken place, saying, “A few years back, Disney spoke to me and
the sad thing was at the time, they said, ‘If we do a sequel, it will have to be CG.’ I was really disappointed. I asked why, and they didn’t think stop-motion
was a viable way to make movies […] I don’t think Tim would allow a CG sequel. There’s been a few stories proposed and a
few discussions, but that’s really Tim’s decision.” In sharing this, Selick hit upon one major
roadblock to any sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas: Burton, who first conceived the
story and characters in a poem he wrote as a young man in the early ’80s. In a 2006 interview with MTV News, the filmmaker
indicated that he may not be terribly open to the idea of any sequel, CG or otherwise. He told MTV, “I was always very protective of [the movie],
not to do sequels or things of that kind. You know, ‘Jack visits Thanksgiving world’
or other kinds of things, just because I felt the movie had a purity to it and the people
that like it. Because it’s not a mass-market kind of thing,
it was important to kind of keep that purity of it.” That’s certainly understandable, but even
if some persistent executive had been able to convince Burton to make The Nightmare Before
Christmas 2 any way he wanted, there were many years during which it just wouldn’t have
been possible – because the filmmaker wasn’t speaking to his star, Danny Elfman, who provided
Jack’s singing voice. In case you’re not familiar with Elfman, you
should know that you are, in fact, familiar with Elfman. The former front man for new wave pioneers
Oingo Boingo, Elfman has composed so much music for film and television – including
the iconic Simpsons theme – that it’d be virtually impossible to have never heard any of his
work. Elfman has worked with Burton on no fewer
than 16 films, and during the course of their long professional relationship, the two famously
eccentric personalities didn’t always play nice together. In a 2015 interview, Elfman revealed that
the pair had a big blow up right after work on The Nightmare Before Christmas was completed
– one which would have kept the musical voice of Jack from participating in any sequel for
some time. Elfman recalled, “It was in the middle of a very intense period
[…] and I think things came to a boil. It’s inevitable that in over a quarter of
a century, two personalities like us – and I can’t pretend that I’m not volatile and
was more so then – there’s gotta be some kind of explosion.” The pair resolved their differences several
years later, but they did lose a lot of time during which The Nightmare Before Christmas
was fresh in the minds of the movie-going public. To be sure, the original film would be a tough
act to follow, even assuming that Burton, Elfman, and Selick could be coaxed back on
board. You may have heard, however, that the House
of Mouse has recently been diving into its archives in pursuit of box office gold – meaning
that if we ever do get more Nightmare Before Christmas, it may not necessarily be in the
form of a sequel. Disney’s recent live-action remakes of its
classic animated properties have, for the most part, done bonkers box office. Interestingly, the sole exception is 2019’s
Dumbo, a comparative flop that just happened to have been directed by Tim Burton – not
that this would keep Disney from eyeing The Nightmare Before Christmas for the live-action
treatment. In fact, it’s recently been rumored that the
studio is considering doing just that – and these rumors surfaced early in 2019, before
Aladdin and The Lion King each scored over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. With Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and more looking
to continue the trend, it stands to reason that the Mouse House might be taking a hard
look at their stop-motion holiday classic for possible live-action adaptation. Of course, it should be stressed that these
are merely rumors and are in no way confirmed – but at this point, a live-action redo seems
a lot more likely than a stop-motion sequel. Honestly, we’ll take either one – just for
the chance to see Jack the Pumpkin King back up on the big screen one more time. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Why We Never Got Nightmare Before Christmas 2

  1. It's a classic
    And classics don't don't need sequels
    "Ya can't beat The classics!"

  2. Why we NEVER got TNBC 2?? Your title has an absolute term "never"? Really? Did they run out of time? Whether we like it or not, thats still a possibility, personally i think Tim should still be very protective of that film so it remains a jewel for all of us! But if they will do one (ya know money talk louder) then i would rather for it to not be a sequel, perhaps a prequel or something new, but definitely not a sequel or a live action thing…

  3. The movie never needed a sequel. Just because a movie is amazing does not mean a sequel is needed. Sequels usually bring down the original in one way or another. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  4. not having a night before christmas 2 only means they were planning to make a night before new year before the part 2

  5. We already got a sequel. Nightmare before Christmas: Oggie's Revenge for the GCN,PS2,Xbox. Unless a film comes out to follow up the original the game is , at least in my opinion, cannon.

  6. I wish Disney will never touch Nightmare Before Christmas again. We don't need sequel/prequel on CGI or what so ever. Only if it comes directly fromTim himself. They already did a prequel on GBA call The Pumpkin King and a sequel on Xbox and PS2 call Oogie's Revenge and that was find like this. All movie dosen't need a reboot or a remake.

  7. Nightmare before Christmas is a complete story, a standalone masterpiece, so naturally give it 2 to 5 years and we should be getting a garbage live action/cgi remake 🤔

  8. Why tf would they make it live action and how tf are you guys ok with this…..

  9. Tim Burton: it’s about art not money.
    Disney: lolololololololol🤣😂😭

  10. I'm not against a sequel to "The Nightmare Before Christmas", as long as there is such music:

    "Making Christmas", especially "This Is Halloween", and "Oogie Boogie Song"; and also the return of Oogie Boogie resurrected. I would love to see Jack Skellington in his Pumpkin King form sending flames against Oogie Boogie or other enemies as in "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge".

  11. Because The Nightmare Before Christmas was perfect. Saved you 5 minutes of your life. You're welcome.

  12. I hope they don't make a live action nightmare before Christmas. Disney seems to be doing that with all their movies

  13. There is already 2 sequels, a comic called zeros journey, and a game called oogies revenge.

  14. We don’t want a sequel.

    I never say this about movies I love.
    But I do not want a sequel…
    The odds that a sequel would work are… …… idk. Insane.

  15. If you want to see it live action just go to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland around the holidays.

  16. Sequels are only deserved if the movie leads up to one, this is why we have so many unneeded sequels

  17. I mean the original kind of told all the story that was needed. Jack got bored tried Christmas messed it all up and was re invigorated to do Halloween. The proverbial grass was not greener on the other side type story. Anything else would seem like tryna cash in.

  18. jack’s had his mid-afterlife crisis. his story is done. maybe you could do a spin-off with oogie’s kids or another Halloween-townsperson, but other than that, I think we’re ok without a sequel. And by gosh so help me THIS NEVER needs a live action remake…how in the ever living hell would you make a skeleton live action? Like…would it be a real, boney human skeleton with a human skull? With a moving jaw…gosh disney, don’t turn the nightmare before Christmas into a…nightmare… :/

  19. I didn’t even need to watch this video. No one did. The only thing you need to watch is the movie.

  20. I love Nightmare, and I don't want a sequel. I damn sure don't want a live action remake.

  21. A CG version would not be enjoyed, now a live action movie like Aladdin not Lion King would be welcomed

  22. Doing a Little Mermaid remake?!??!?
    I wanna see Ursula in live act so bad now sooo baaaaad lol
    Who should play her? Comment ur answer bellow. Also hit that like button for give away and u could win all the iPhones!!!

  23. We didn’t need a sequel b/c if Oogie came back. I feel like the plot would still be the same. Oogie kidnaps Sally, town is in trouble, Jack has to save everyone etc

  24. Joaquin Phoenix for LiveAction!Jack.

    Quick, before he puts back on some muscle!!!

  25. If Tim burton produce the movie and do it only then we can accept the part 2.
    If Disney do it fuck offfffff

  26. Nah. If they have to do another movie, I think that a prequel would be more interesting.

  27. James and the giant peach came out in 1996 not 2006 🙂

    I’d love to see a beetle juice sequel and not the original one they planned

  28. You meant *1996 & not 2006 for James and the giant peach. I'm surprised the video made it onto YouTube that mistake before anyone noticed

  29. There is no artistic or narrative reason to mess around with a sequel or a remake for Nightmare..

  30. They better not touch The Nightmare Before Christmas for any reason…. that movie is already gold as it is. Although, would they not be allowed to touch that story anyway? Isn't the story itself property of Tim Burton? Or did Disney get everything revolving around that property?

  31. Amazing video and I love a nightmare before Christmas it’s perfect the way it is does not need a cgi/live action sequel. Fantastic job looper

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  33. No remake!!!! Just release the movie back in theaters again!! I'll pay to see it

  34. I'm sorry The nightmare before Christmas it's one of my favorite movies and I don't think they should make a live action of the movie.

  35. And how actually is a CGI movie live action? I assure the Lion King was not live action it was CGI action affair.

  36. Or maybe try to make another classic on it's own. Not every movie needs a sequel, prequel, or reboot. Stop the cash grabs.

  37. We dont need any type of sequel the movie was perfect and had a perfect ending….

  38. No, that can't be. James and the Giant Peach was released in 1996, not 2006. I understand if it's an honest mistake.

  39. Stop motion is one of the reasons this film was so unique in the first place. If you replace that, it changes the whole vibe of the movie.

  40. There’s only one person to do the character of Jack in the live action no other than Johnny Depp if he doesn’t get the role a may suck

  41. A live-action remake? You mean one where Jack looks like a real skeleton ….and not the smile-buttonesque-faced slenderman prototype we've all grown to know and love?

  42. i hope they leave it alone. it doesn't need a sequel and a live action version wouldn't work.

  43. Definitely glad it wasn’t made if it was gunna be CG. Would of been a massive fail

  44. I love the movie for what it is, to hell with the CG BS, The way it was, made it feel more real…..

  45. I honestly can't imagine it as anything but stop motion, it would lose a lot of its charm

  46. I think at this point in time with TNBC becoming as big as it is; it dosen't matter how long ago the original was made as long as we fans get something new. Although I personally (and I'm shore most Fans too) "don't" want a live-action remake. If I had to chose between the two I'd so much prefer a sequel and keep it stop-motion. Heck outside of the comic sequel we got; I'd like to see them do more stuff like that whether in comic form or even an animated tv show. The only live-action TNBC I'd like to see is on Broadway.

  47. So I guess my memories of watching James and the Giant Peach before 2006 were just fever dreams.

  48. Literally none of us want a sequel 😂😂 We’ve been fine without one this long, don’t think that’s gonna change 🤷🏻‍♀️

  49. No mentioning of Oogie's Revenge or Zero's Journey? I mean they are sequels to the film even if their not in movie form, or the fact that they are their own separate sequels which is rather interesting. Oogie's Revenge takes is about Oogie being resurrected and plans to kidnap all the holiday world leaders and crown himself the 7 Holidays King. While Zero's Journey involves Zero getting lost in Christmas Town and has to find his way back, while meeting new friends and encountering enemies. Yeah, turns out Christmas Town isn't always bright and cheerful in these comics.

  50. Ive never seen the entirety of Nightmare before Christmas. Actually I’ve never seen past the intro song.

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