Widower's Daily Poems

I remember our quiet love together our love goes on I just woke up alone the blurred emptiness slept with me I am rooted in lowliness and it's only the second day my love my mate abandoned me my twisted mouth cried I love you my beloved bye dear denying loneliness is devouring my soul the brooding darkness tongues my open womb the love still waits words words words words echoed into emptiness of my brooding darkness words of rejoice my love my beloved why I must remember that you now have a new beautiful life that brooding darkness is still in me light hearted the bright sunrise flashes between the forests shadow is like your smiles yet I live alone again yet I live alone with my love my love beloved why i touched our possessions all our things died too I touched your possessions and all your things are dead your death touches my heart I am standing in the woods I am outside in a dark alone I am under a cedar tree alone I am lost without my loneliness pierces through the streams of twitching shadows the winter wind follows the ancestral chance I stand mute voiceless this winter nine drips gloomy emptiness disputing darkness fills this broken heart my whole soul is lightless the thickness of your death plunges into my throat my old hard beats slowly the sorrow remains ours I'm a ghost to myself is so hard agony is nodded to my love that cannot be separated loving you over and over by dear my love enlightens me again oh your blanket I can smell your warm presence your gentle touch of love my old pitted jaw creaks this long winter night i softly Chan to my love my long shadow is tucked into her earthly blanket two lovers together again these long nights I wake an hour by hour and still I listen for you my love I don't know what to do to win Stern your dying flowers I too swayed over your grave find you you are so beautiful could I be your flower this love we knew was cracked apart loneliness digs deep into my weakened back I lost purpose of lieth your love was my strength my head dragged across your pillow my skull barrels into devouring loneliness I miss you my love my dear our home is empty empty of warm love our home is lonely loneliness licks my warm tears can I trouble you dear can you my love watch over me distill night I am definitely frightened of my loneliness my love I am thankful for many years of our faithful love I am thankful this loneliness is mine not yours I love you still I am lonely I am empty I am forgotten I am tired your death altered my life I know nothing of living alone at night I wander alone in her empty home frightened not only had I lost you I lost my lovely soul to every room of our home is empty of our love only loneliness is my companion

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