Will you join us?… Doki Doki Literature Club VRchat W/ Laurenzside

the king is this King knuckles are you bro all right but I did it be anime characters since you know the whole you know uganda knuckles thing hey Queen hey I think we're going to fight fight to become Queen at the end of my recording and I was like oh I'm gonna have to wait and do this yeah I seen her tweet and I'll shut up I was like oh nice no no shadow no why no because I don't want you severing eyes I don't ask you oh it's great Monica Monica are you in here Monica I travel through universes to find you wow we're in enemy wow this music is not loud enough please tell me you're a teacher yeah Oh copy does it that's kind of weird isn't that it's kind of scary he's talking we don't know if he said all right there I'm raising my hand take me tick pick me hey teacher all right yeah if I try to come up now no one I I just I'm so sorry I just can't hear over this music am I the only one literally right next year because this is the only way that I can looking for that world again all right I think we're good to go now we're good we're finally gotten set up properly are we good yeah it's always it's taken 40 minutes but we got it yeah thank you so much okay now I'm stuck in sitting down I talk to begins I'm gonna be nasty because everyone knows that I love not Sookie she's my favorite who's your favorite can you talk like I knew that I mean my girl in the game was say Orie well then you must have had it the hardest thing I did it's not like I made cupcakes for you or anything I need to find out Doki squad here Doki Scott guys we have to gang up on Monica she's the worst I know we know we know what you're doing don't worry I won't leave you hanging oh you did not just go there it had to be said oh my nails are painted Nicky should we go back to class and try to get people to enjoy the literature I said let's go drop that portal let me see if I can find them again please yes would you like to join the literature club jump Jim Julius once you this is real I can't believe it Wow you're the best use the best who's the best cupcake maker in town that's you wait we need a picture is this okay i Carol I'm a gang member okay yeah I know we got to get two more people to be the other characters literature club oh god Monica's trying to get me again Oh creepy hands we want to take a selfie Doki squad we want to take a selfie I don't see I don't see Monica they were too close I couldn't see them like they're invisible there now I could see them when I get this close the literature Club is looking real interesting it's very colorful I must say we've got some very soothing members don't call me short I'm not sure we gotta find a knife you agree all right oh my god it's the tiniest member behind you Mike oh my god what is that I don't know that was on the table I mean it was mine because I definitely did not steal you stole someone's bag Wow No all right who's ready to share some poems give me a second it's called that Eagles can fly all right all right all right you guys right okay it's called Eagles can fly monkeys can climb crickets can leap horses can race owls can seek cheetahs can run Eagles can fly see what I'm doing exactly exactly steep it's very deep meanings okay Eagles I'm not done Eagles can fly people can try but that's about it thank you so much guys I was really nervous I appreciate it now someone else can go Martha you better stop being me oh no they're fighting Wow security teacher where's the tension woman I'm looking forward to this I'm so excited for our lyric you're close guys we're all so cute look how many members we got we achieved our dreams Monica are you happy step wise in here Wow oh my god okay that's a fine right that's a good one don't take salaries job sorry calm down it's okay I have a book we have books here we'll get you to book chill out put it down oh god oh god Monica's here she's she can't refrain from touching URI just goes straight to making Wow please don't go oh my god what is going on over here is my new favorite Doki Doki sexually harass hey this is the new D DLC downloadable content that's right cover my mouth oh my god every time I turn around she's there if only there was a bus key I really wish there was a bus key model that'd be awesome I don't know that is there's a there's a meme extremely oh yeah yeah that'd be awesome somebody needs to make that know what's going on over here no stay away from her oh she's dead the prophecy the prophecy is unfulfilled oh my god it is anything oh this looks oh no oh no that was me she just wants me she knows she knows she already knows just hope for the best Monica's blocking she's like just me no why are we even friends with you Monica God so self-centered do you want to join this literature club anyway [Applause] look guys Monica's gone are you trying to kill me I can't tell there we go she's like I'm too sophisticated for this there you go are we so cute and happy without Monica in our lives what a good way to end the happy ending I promise I won't be evil Nazi never actually dies wonder what happens to her I guess he's doing it he's gonna do it little girl put it down yeah just gonna hurt yourself wait thank you thank you so much leave it to the door to the adults we can't do that you wanna fight you don't get in the wrong Club this time do you see the way I'm walking I don't know I don't know it's not right I think you need to throw some holy water at me I guess I think this is the first time I've been on here and haven't heard do you know they weigh like 30 times holy crap you're right we've only seen like one time and I mean I know what you're trying to do I'll be like I'll be the player I guess just like yo hey whoa URI did that back foot nice they know you have that talent I could do it whoa I'm so talented I wonder chick he's red cuz he said don't choose red

43 thoughts on “Will you join us?… Doki Doki Literature Club VRchat W/ Laurenzside

  1. Be sure to check out Lauren if for some crazy reason you haven't already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a0wfX2xtvQ

  2. Natsuki snaps her neck peeps that's how she fucking dies

    But in order to unlock her death you can't write a single poem for her the entire game

  3. wHaTs uP "dUd"

    (ik im soooo late but I love this part and also i know its dude but he sounded like he said dud lmao)

  4. I was Manuka and the the whole thing about killing lureanZside ummn that was a joke

  5. In the future your hair turns white then pink then black dundundun

  6. I would join you but I don't have a VR set sadly 😔😔😔

  7. How do u get dat vr head set and the game?

    Pls help meh ;-;

  8. Play more Doki Doki with ur friend

  9. Hold up on 12:28 my fav anime character is behind to that side the —> Sinon from sao 2

  10. This was on my birthday
    This is the best i haven't seen this before gift ever.

  11. I'm too mature for this
    -Yuri 2017 2019

  12. Doki Doki I don't have a vr headset but once I do I'll play vrchat I'll go to the Doki Doki world

  13. You guys are mean imma hack your account bc I love monkia/its a joke lol

  14. Laurenzside:" l mean there's dynamite."
    Me: "It's probably monikas secret stash."

  15. I have a Poem…

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Get Off My Page
    Or Say Hi to my Shuu

  16. I saw both vids and your points of view are really different

  17. Well my favorite is sayorie and I took a test and I'm sayorie you wanna try it

  18. Who else saw Chara from undertale at the end? Like if you did 🤔

    Person: why
    Me: cause Monika said to

  20. Oh i know the meme it called better meme right😓

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