Willie Perdomo, P.O.P

pop pop pop pop pop you aya chose a poem by a poet named michael her biggest blessing and he came out of the vahana movement during the mid-60s out of the University of Bristol people vienna's and the poems called vital politics suspend the song live by Bible verse for once listen to me speak without true the heart doesn't melt it stops in horror and from death or breaks from wars and weaken listen that first of all then unleash your tongue your fists if necessary suspend song please and speak normally or hardly at all and to me too though I'm already on the blacklist and the read of those love and peace bread freedom for all for those of us changing the world with a few Swift kicks of light with words of flesh and bone to the Bailey dog of our own death whenever someone falls in vain I chose his poem because for me it's always a remind of not to take poetry for granted and the translation was done by political white kids who had did this anthology of Puerto Rican poetry this is what I found this poem just spoke to me as far as even the urgency I think of what it means to be a poet in the world where there's so many things happening that affect you in one way or another and the poetry true true he's not something to be taken as a luxury other thing and that some reminder of that for me I followed up with a poem from a collection that I almost done with called the essential hits of shorty bong bong and these are poems written almost as a lifecycle of not even a life cycle but more a moment in a percussionist life where he gets to record just one time with his big band and it's supposed to be based on an experience that my uncle had whom I never met but it was a way of kind of exercising what that would have been like for him to sit in with the cesta all-stars in 1976 and at that moment so the first poem is called where to start you could always start with the used to of things at first the sky bags for attitude someone to talk under when Charlie bhagnani heard my first lick I was faded tape and shrimp I broke Knight into gold and for lack of jumping skills no boogie to boast with I went in hard laughs darkness into science breath pumped to death I can't front poet I've added Mambo Kings rampage city blocks like back-to-back hurricanes dropped full with killer speed but cast this lyric and fairy dust bare the head just enough that it doesn't get bit and you would be placing a bomb when no threat is said to exist so yeah I chose a broad question in why do I write poetry and it's a question I'm asked all the time from the second grade visit to the college workshop someone is always asking why do you write poetry and I think I always kind of face the challenge of answering that question differently every time out and basically I think one of the answers in my replies has been that it's always been writing poetry has always been a way to combat the the times I've been in silence the many times I think that I've been silence even as a young person in the world where you're trying to sort of express some sort of opinion or feeling or even a joke or snap and somebody like I shut up that was right that wasn't cool that wasn't funny and I think writing poems is a way to get at that silence I also think that I have this image of kid Torres who's I was about nine ten years old and he was walking on a rooftop ledge it was six stories up and it felt like they were playing follow the leader he was the leader and he walked on the rooftop letters from one end of the building to another like a Wallenda almost you know and I was just oh I was in Maya in my room looking at him walk across this rooftop ledge and I always wanted to walk on that rooftop ledge and I think writing poems is a lot like you know walking on that roof top layers that that sense of being an aspiring being courageous of being at risk as well one of the things that always breathe into the poem is how do i navigate two worlds at once and that's always a challenge for me as a poet that maintenance of of good and bad right or wrong but even more so taking those things and reversing them turning them upside down so that what you think is good is actually bad what you think is right is actually borrowing and furthermore you're not really there to say that it's right or wrong but your reader it audience can ascertain that for themselves so those are few I think of a few of the reasons I think I I write poetry and I think this general tendency to get at you know the sadness of humanity the excitement of humanity the conflict the chaos I think of being of human in the world in the modern world and that and to let go so so yeah I'm formulating a question the answer to this question for every day of the year I think so hopefully I plan to have like 365 answers for this question you

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