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[MUSIC] [MUSIC SPEEDS UP] HENRY SALT: Hang on, where we going? SAM BEAUREGARDE: I don’t know, but I don’t like the looks of that tunnel up there. Hey, Wonka! I want off! WILLY WONKA: ‘Round the world and home again! That’s the sailor’s way. VERUCA SALT: I don’t like this ride, daddy! WILLY WONKA: Faster!
VERUCA SALT: I don’t like this ride, daddy! VERUCA SALT: I don’t like this ride, daddy! HENRY SALT: Wonka, do me a favor? Tell those people to stop paddling back there! MRS. TEEVEE: We’re going too fast! MIKE TEEVEE: We’re gonna sink, I know it! VERUCA SALT: Why doesn’t he stop the boat? WILLY WONKA: Faster! HENRY SALT: Hang on, darling! Just close your eyes and hang on tight! MIKE TEEVEE: What’s happening? [MUSIC INTENSIFIES] WILLY WONKA: Faster! VIOLET BEAUREGARDE: What is this, a freak-out? SAM BEAUREGARDE: Hey, this isn’t funny Wonka! HENRY SALT: You can’t possibly see where you’re going Wonka! WILLY WONKA: You’re right. I can’t. MIKE TEEVEE: Boy, what a great series this would make. HENRY SALT: Wonka… CHARLIE: This is kind of strange. UNCLE JOE: Yes, strange Charlie. But it’s fun! [BOTH LAUGH] MIKE TEEVEE: This is terrific! HENRY SALT: How much to get off the boat Wonka? MRS. TEEVE: [GROANS] I think I’m gonna be sick… HENRY SALT: I can take a joke, but this has gone too far. SAM BEAUREGARDE: Tell that little guy to turn us around Wonka! MRS. TEEVEE: [SHOUTS] Now I am gonna be sick! VERUCA SALT: Save me daddy! CHARLIE: Grandpa! UNCLE JOE: It couldn’t be… [ALL SCREAMING] WILLY WONKA: [SINGING] There’s no earthly way of knowing… HENRY SALT: [CHUCKLES] He’s singing. WILLY WONKA: Which direction we are going… There’s no knowing where we’re rowing… HENRY SALT: Rowing. WILLY WONKA: Or which way the river’s flowing… Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing? BLEH! Not a speck of light is showing so the danger must be growing. Are the fires of Hell a-glowing? Is the grizzly reaper mowing? Yes! The danger must growing for the rowers keep on rowing! And they’re certainly not showing! Any signs that they are slowing! [WONKA SHRIEKING, PASSENGERS CLAMOURING] VERUCA SALT: Oh, make him stop daddy! HENRY SALT: Wonka, this has gone far enough! WILLY WONKA: Quite right, sir. Stop the boat! [MUSIC] WILLY WONKA: We’re there. MRS. TEEVEE: Where? WILLY WONKA: Here. A small step for mankind, But a giant step for us. All ashore! SAM BEAUREGARDE: Let me off this crate! MIKE TEEVEE: Now, why don’t they show stuff like that on TV? MRS. TEEVEE: I don’t know. HENRY SALT: What a nightmare… VERUCA SALT: Daddy, I do not want a boat like this. [MOVIECLIPS OUTRO MUSIC]

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  1. How didn’t they flew off when they stopped? Or did just slowed down?

  2. Nostalgic Critic was literally freaked out by Tuffy the Mouse doing this scene in the Tom & Jerry version

  3. What I find interesting is that, having grown up watching this movie, I never gave this scene much thought; obviously I found it weird, but it didn't frighten me. The scenes that I found disturbing were Augustus trapped in the pipe, Violet turning into a blueberry, and the oompa loompas singing and dancing in general XD It wasn't until recently that I began hearing this about the boat scene being considered one of the scariest moments in a family movie!

  4. I never realized this scene showed a chicken's head getting chopped right off. 😂😂😂

  5. I was so disturbed by this when I was a kid but I wish I can see this again for the first time

  6. Omg this would make an amazing Universal Studios ride! They'd have to put epilepsy warning at the entrance tho

  7. Now I'm scared

    Why would a kids movie show have a real chickens head chop off

  8. 1:06 If you read the subtitles, it says Uncle Joe
    it's Grandpa Joe, not uncle

  9. There's no way in hell this movie can be released with a G rating nowadays.

  10. 0:09 me when I'm on a rollercoaster that's about to go up an unexpectedly tall ramp.

  11. My god RIP gene wilder but come on a kids movie and yet it turns out to be a bloody psycho movie

  12. I think they put this scene in the movie as a little treat for the people who went to see this movie tripping on LSD back in 1971.

  13. The danger must be growing for the rowers keep on rowing! And they’re certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing!!!!

    Dudes out of his mind for sure and i love it

  14. I challenge you to name a scene that comes more out of nowhere , or that is even anywhere close to as terrifying.

  15. I found out that he wasn't supposed to sing so the fear in all of their faces is actually real

  16. So I'm torn between who the craziest man to ever wear a purple suit was, Wonka or the Joker.

  17. The boat ride in the older one is like a horror movie, but the boat ride in the newer one is like a thrill ride

  18. 1:06 does anyone know what that bit means? With the man on the screen and Charlie says "grandpa" and his grandpa says "it couldn't be"? Couldn't be what? Is it something about that man that popped up?

  19. 1:01 is that a real chicken? Cuz it would be kinda messed up to record a real chicken being decapitated

  20. I like how it’s rated G and shows a clear image of a chickens head being cut off

  21. All gives you all a clue 😉 erathly direction going rowing flowing raining snowing hurricane? Speak showing danger growing are HEII is reaper YES DANGER growing rowers showing slowing WONKA so it means WONKA is hell

  22. I bet the cowardly lion would jump out of the boat if he sees that the boat is approaching the tunnel

  23. 2:26 Now Why Don't They Show Stuff Like That On TV?

    Say No More Cause Now It Is On TV

  24. Here is the truth about what Willy was REALLY doing. Lets say you were asked to give detail information on how to get to the lab where Wonka was creating the next best candy. Now write the pathway to get there! You road a boat that floated on chocolate??? You went how fast and how long? Which direction did you travel. What hell is an Om-pa-lomp-pa? How many are there? The fact that you can't tell how to really do that and making it almost impossible for anyone else to get in and through the factory. How ingenui's is that?

  25. …..Only to find they've travelled about 20 metres. WONKA = ULTIMATE TROLL 😀 😀 😀

  26. There’s no earthly way of knowing.. which direction we are going.. there’s no knowing where we’re rowing… Or which way the rivers flowing… Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing? Not a speck of light is showing so the danger must be growing. Are the fires of hell a-glowing? Is the grizzly reaper mowing? YES! THE DANGER MUST BE GROWING FOR THE ROWERS KEEP ON ROWING! AND THEY’RE CERTAINLY NOT SHOWING! ANY SIGNS THAT THEY ARE SLOWING!!!!

  27. What scared me as a child:
    Boat Scene from Willy Wonka

    What scares me now:
    Dying alone
    Boat Scene from Willy Wonka

  28. This scene scared me as a kid, especially when it's playing on a giant TV screen with surround sound in a dark room….

  29. *Leo and has friends screams*AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    Twilight:*crying*MAKE IT STOP KNUCKLES

  30. I´m just thinking about this. What if those visual effects are really visual effects for passengers to scare them and less of light to not show that they´re actually rowing on the stream pushing back so the umpa lumpas have to row faster?

    In Willy Wonka´s song sounds like a hints for this. That would be a good trick.

  31. I wonder if Wonka put them through this to see if they would still turn in their everlasting gobstoppers.

  32. This is probably my favourite movie scene in history. The buildup of Gene slowly going insane. The insane visuals. And the unsatisfactory payoff is hilarious.

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