Windrush Poem 2018

The Windrush Generation and the Hostile
Environment Bill composed by Eulinda Antonette Clarke-Aklanne. Let’s look
back in history to find the origins of the Windrush mystery. 375 years ago women, children and men of African origin were captured and enslaved to work in the
Caribbean. These slaves they became British West Indian citizens who laboured
for the British plantocracy in their thousands. They tilled the earth, fork, spaded and hoed, harvesting cocoa, coffee and producing sugar or white gold
that enriched Britain’s economy more than a hundred fold, financing her
Industrial Revolution while strengthening and expanding her
capitalism. West Indians served in the two great Wars, soldiering on with
patriotism, pride and deep loyalty to fight, to die for Britain, their mother
country. Now fast forward, 70 years ago they were called to Britain to serve again
to fill job vacancies created by World War two which many local people
deemed undesirable to do. With no hesitation the migrants came to serve
their king and country, the motherland that they adored, a land
of hope and bounty. Some Windrush migrants experience extreme calamity. Deep mental scars and total disharmony. Thanks to British people and local MPs,
the Windrush scandal has abated and the Windrush Generation’s British
citizenships are now reinstated. Windrush experiences are not all doom and gloom. There are lots of successful stories with glitter and boom. But I’ll
recite these on another occasion, because it’s time for me to leave this podium. But, before I take my exit, I ask, what’ll happen next to Windrush migrants
and their descendants after Brexit?

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