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okay that will be doing a review on win X DVD author it is a free DVD editing slash converting program that you can get from when X DVD comm for free and it is one of the better programs I've seen out there that edits DVDs and is free to download and I would recommend this program 100% it's pretty it's very good program for being free that is and so let's get started when you first launch Winx DVD you'll be presented with this screen here and basically you're going to have your four options right here on the right and you have your settings over here and your help here when if when you let's say you launch it and you want to start let's take a video you have on your computer and make a DVD and add menus and music and all that other stuff you're going to want to click right here on video DVD author and when you do you'll be presented with this screen and now you have the same icon here as you do in the menu this is in all the programs they have and what it is is that's basically your settings you can you have your general settings your subtitles and your burner settings general settings you can change you can tell it to delete all the temporary files when it's finished which is what it uses to burn your discs or create your movie you have the option to change between 4.3 or sixteen by nine four by three you want to use if you just had a standard definition TV otherwise you if you have a hi-def or a widescreen TV you'll want to use sixteen by nine then you have your video formats NTSC for America and then you have pal PL and then you have your DVD types you have DVD negative five and DVD negative nine so you want to select DVD five if you're using a standard single letter disc in which one side is the data side and the other side is the logo or you or if you have one that has two data sides and you're going to want to use DVD nine but I prefer to leave – DVD five because that's what most people use now menu duration is something this program also features and it basically allows you to set how long you want your menu to stay active which means like let's say you had a song full that you put his background music and it was a minute long well then you're gonna probably want to set it to 60 but I prefer to leave mine as the default which is 20 well it's actually so and then you have DVD menu safe distance and that's basically it says right here it says owning a DVD player or TV will cut some virgin playing DVD which means some of the picture that you see on your screen on your computer will be lost when you watch it on your TV so you can tell it to set a safe distance which is 10 pixels in and that basically just is protects some of your content that you have on your screen on your computer without losing half your pictures so I prefer to leave mine just default if you have a widescreen TV you normally won't have this issue it's normally with the standard definition TVs but I just prefer to leave a default then you have your DVD language I have mine set to English the default will be Chinese but you can come in and change it to English or whatever you speak or if you're wanting to create a DVD for let's say a company and your factory has Chinese workers that speak Chinese and English workers with a nearby and you're doing a presentation you may want to have one DVD in English in one DVD in Chinese or an English DVD with Chinese subtitles or a Chinese DVD with English subtitles but I prefer but I totally mind my default language because that's normally what I'm like most of my DVDs for then you have your subtitle so this is where the text that you see below the bottom of the screen the default font size is 20 which is pretty decent I don't normally bother editing it so I just prefer to leave that default but you can change it if you want and then in this program you have user-defined subtitle property which means your custom properties for the subtitles so like you have subtitle language name which means like what's the language of the subtitle is it English or is it Chinese or you know whatever I'd only don't use this because I don't I don't add subtitles to my videos but if you do then well this is where you're going to want to save some of your settings font file name which means if you use a special font then in your subtitle file you can set its name here and set the characters then you have language code which is is 66 three nine two letter code which is something that subtitle files use which I'm not going to go into a lot of detail then you have for the for advanced user only but which I haven't understood how to use yet but yeah then you have your burner and basically it says burner module one recommended but since it's grayed out which means my drive in my computer doesn't support it but yours may it's just your it's just the way it selects and burns then you have burner options which is transport property which you don't really want to mess with many of these settings here I would prefer just to leave them alone I'm lit but if you know if you know your drive uses a SPI or you know where you have you know like this one says is primarily intended for windows 9x system which means 95 98 if you have a really old machine or if you but it says it can be used in a windows nt-based system it just all depends on your preferences but I prefer leave that default now back to the video DVD author editor when you first when you want to edit a DVD in you know you pull up this program here you're going to be presented with this you'll have your preview screen here your snapshot button your file list your start time your end time standard TV widescreen TV letterbox and DVD menu now in order to add a file to that using this program you just come down here and click the plus arrow then you can go up and let's say I choose out on I'll choose when I made previously using this using a VOB file now it doesn't have to be a VOB file but it it could be mp4 it could be ABI can be WMV it can be in peg you know it can be a variety of video files now down here you have your options for 4 by 3 standard TV or 16 by 9 for widescreen if you reason widescreen well you'd want to use this one for widescreen or standard but if you're in your video but like if you're a video you know is widescreen then you may want to select your sixteen by nine but down here you have the options for auto add letterbox which is what you see right here my video already has it by default when you present have it by default sorry but if you like your video to have the black bars on top on the top and bottom then you can leave this checked otherwise uncheck it if you don't want this program actually does a good job with uh creating the programmer creating the video file into and burning it as a DVD I haven't had any issues with it so far and I might actually really like this program yet maybe even gives you an option to create a DVD menu which I haven't seen in most free DVD editing programs I mean I haven't really browsed the market because I already have a paid version of a DVD editor that came with my computer but I have you looked at summon not all of them create a DVD menu or some of them do but there don't do a good job of it so that's one one feature I liked about this program and over here on the right you have a subtitle you can check this button here and it says note and it says subtitle property comes up with this box click this is no specified subtitle file and see you down here you have your video and then right here in the letter box you see subtitle text sample if you have a subtitle file that you've created which is an SRT file then you can add it in here and it will add the subtitles to your video and play along with it and you set your language and your font size when you're done you just click the check button and here you have your – arrow which removes the clip you have your up and down arrows which moves the position of your player so like if I had another video in here and I wanted this one to play second I would click down and vice-versa so when you're done with this part you can go next step and it's going to load and you'll see you know a variety of options here would be second step and you can browse through all the images or that they have default or you can add your own if you want and this right here is your video file your video preview that you will have when the video load when the DVD loads on your computer and then here is the back button this is the chapter menu or be the title menu in this sense but also has a chapter menu this is what you'll see after you see the main loading screen which shows DVD win DVD author on it and you click play a lot of micah load this video but if you wait – if you wait a minimum i think of 5 seconds it will automatically load to this screen here and you will see your video here and you can click it or you can go back to the main title screen you know so it has options that this program has the options add menu background text you can add your audio you can add a title button or you can even add or you can deselect you know delete the file delete selected file you got your video list down here you get your track through if you have a long list of programs and you have add a DVD chapter menu if you're only using one video then there's really no need for a chapter menu so if it's not needed well we then unchecked it but when you're done you can go ahead and click the next button and you're going to be presented with this screen here it's going to show your DVD burner your info your write speed your disk volume like what what do you want to name your disc or and where the output folder is then you have here encoder engine if you want your video to be in high quality well then you would choose preference by high video quality which would be its best quality you can make but it takes longer to convert or you can do normal quality which is a standard quality or you can do high converting speed which is a low quality but a smaller output size and a faster convert time so if you have a big program and you need it to be done quickly then you might win don't care about a graphic appearance then you may want to choose that option then you have deinterlacing which is a video that is interlaced if you do not want it to become or if you don't want it to be interlaced when you burn the disc then you would want to uncheck this option but most people just leave it checked it's not going to affect the video in any way it'll still look pretty much the same but some people further to leave it as is and when you're ready you can go ahead and click start button and it will if you have no D if you're only wanting to take your video and make it to a folder and burn it later your and you don't have a disc in the drive where you have no DVD Drive you're going to see this option here it says no blank DVD disc entered in it says it su if you want to insert a disc if you say yes then it will automatically drive and have you put in a disc if you have one or if you tell no it will automatically create a DVD folder on your hard disk which contains the files to burn the DVD later so I'm gonna go ahead and say no when it's automatically converting the file and putting it where I told it to save in the output folder and when it's done is automatically going to open your where you told it to save it and then you're going to see these two folders here if your video has audio in it like the actual video not the menu but the video and you're going to have a file in your audio TS folder otherwise you will not and then inside your video TS folder you have your IFO files your bup files and your TS file here VOB in order to watch it either have to have a vo b program or if you're using Windows 7 it'll automatically read it and play it for you so that's the author version of one X DVD and then going back to the main screen let's say you wanted to take a video and convert it to a VOB file which is a playable video file that you use to burn to a disk it's what DVDs use it's a DVD video format VOB and you would if you want to do that you click here and it's going to launch pretty much the same program except you'll notice a few differences here you still got the same preview you still get your same list box your standard widescreen standard TV but there's one missing option and that is your menu up menu options you still have your ad video file you still have your up and down arrows in your settings so I'm going to react I'm going to put out a video and I'm gonna click the next step and then you'll notice it automatically skips creation of a menu and get in you'll notice and go straight to the burning process and you'll see there is no it'll say VOB converter and there's a note DVD burner it just outputs your just convert your video to a vo b and outputs it where you tell it you can set your output format is ntsc which is what most american discs use or PL you get your preference by quality or high quality and you get your deinterlacing x' and you'll notice it still has the same current time duration here but you're converting it all you have here is converting process instead of burning process as well when you click start it'll automatically start and output to that file and then once done it opens open here it is output VOB or whatever you name it so that's that program now let's say you wanted to convert it to a vo b or let's say you converted it to a VOB file but you wanted to add a menu as well but you didn't want to you could also you could use the vo b to DVD compiler which means if you had a video file and you was in a hurry and you needed to just want it done so that way when you come back you can add your menu later then you you would use the convert video to the OB and then when you come back if you want to add a menu click on the video vo b to DVD creator and you'll be presented with your menu options again you have the option to add to chapter menu here and shows you DVD image ratio sixteen by nine you can change it click it to four by three or 16 by 9 you get your same options your chapter menu your video process here in order to add a video in order to add your BLB value would go down click on the plus sign and then you go to where you saved your VOB file click on it click open and it automatically adds it it's here so now you have your video file and it's on a menu you can add your music as well same process then when you click the next arrow you're presented with the burn options only well it also has your output but this one is basically designed to burn to a DVD this output folder will just put the temporary files there and allow you to change it lets you so if you want to change your output folder you go down here click vo beam you can click local disk or wherever you want to save it and then here you get your device options which is your DVD burner shows my DVD drives name and then you can click on info which shows what your DVD drive supports like mine supports a dual layer rewrite disks minus an plus our disks your chose the maximum reading rate and the maximum write rate and then you chose if you had a disk and it would show the disks information as well then it shows you know your erase process if you're erasing a file this option will be available and it show the time use like if you had a rewrite disk and you need to do change it will then this is what you want to use so that's that program and then let's say you had a video file and you just wanted to burn it straight to a disk you didn't want to add any options then you're going to want to use this last option here which is DVD disc burner and you when you click it you'll be presented with this option here which you'll have your file name your file format file size and file duration and you have your DVD 5 or DVD 9 if you using dual layer and then you want to use the 9 if you using negative 5 well negative 5 now if you had a DVD folder that was full of audio and field and video files to make a DVD with menus and all like let's say you created the VOB file and you went to your video VOB DVD compiler and added a menu to it then you're going to want to browse to where that folder is at like mines under DVD temp and click on the folder itself and click ok and it will add all the video information or if you just had a VOB file and you want to immediately write it to your a disc that you created then you're going to click VOB and click here and just add a VOB file now when you get all your files in here you can go ahead and click if I had a disc in the draw five it would allow you to click next and you'd be presented with the burning screen and you know you input your options and you click burn that burns the disk so that would and then you have down here you have your help options which you know you want to English and then you click about you know so that's when X DVD author it is a exceptionally great program for being free I'd recommend it 100% and there is a contest that I'm going to have I'll have the video up with the details here shortly which will tell you everything that you'll need to know about the contest coming up and what you'll be int drawing or entering for is the Winx DVD HD converter which you can get it Winx eight DVD comm and it is a basically it's a video HD converter program it allows you to you know convert you just as the name implies convert videos you can logic impress them send it to a console or portable player burn DVDs videos to DVD and create a homemade DVD you know shows all the list of options here you have watch a video you can export to YouTube or you know whatever you want and normally you would have to spin in right now they're doing a holiday deal 2995 which I encourage you to buy this program but it even has an option if you want to download a trial and basically what I'll do is you know I'll have you guys instead of subscribing to my channel and all that I will have you create a video listing all the contest detail options and I'll have you guys input ice I don't know I say probably the first 100 comments I get you know with all you got to do is just put your YouTube channel name with a link to your channel and it will and then subscribe to the Winx digit Airy Winx DVD software channel YouTube channel which is uh governed by Angie which is one of the employees down at a digit Airy software and subscribe to her channel and then what I'll do is at the end the contest which will which I'll post an end date on the video I will select five random people check with their names make sure they subscribe to her channel and then if that stands true then I will be in contact with them shortly to give them the link to this download and the key to activate the software so that's coming up shortly figure to let you know that and good luck to y'all and thanks for watching

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  1. WinX products are POOR software from a mediocre company that has terrible service. They advertise Free or cheap versions… but they are not really free or really cheap software! FREE is not really free and ends up costing more than competitors that have much better products!

    WinX applications do not work very well, are confusing to use. Long processes fail to complete on High End i& PC with lots of RAM & Disk. Lifetime licenses need paid upgrade after minor releases! Resulting files are out of sync. Technical support is terrible! Customer service is deceptive!

    Summary: Don’t buy any WinX Products! Don’t Buy anything from Digiarty! Never install any upgrades! I am a licensed user who paid for software and was taken advantage of.

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  8. and why does it say it adds movie and subtitles and burns all in one step?

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  12. play at 2x speed in the settings to power through the long winded review

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