WITCHES – A Poem by Fleassy Malay

[Music] in the past they burned us because I thought we were witches just because we knew what to do with herds outside of the kitchen because we knew how to dance how to seduce how to pray because we moved with the cycles in the past they burned us alive because they knew that we are witches so now we cast spells of our mouths pieces of our hearts spell out it is incredible the power of a woman who is not afraid to say no no we won’t sit any longer while you ponder on our rights and our rights to give or not give life and our rights to make another woman our wife on our rights to be safe to get paid an equal weight to have a voice you know in a place where we might actually make a change it is incredible the amount of ways that they have slaved just to keep us small if they could have they probably would have burned us all but they couldn’t with fire so they did it with words laid down laws to determine the amount of our worth they kept us in contracts they separated our circles erased us from pages and made labor-saving devices our saviors it is incredible how quickly knowledge you can find how much effort was invested to lead us astray we will not come quietly well there’s another thing we’ve tried to take away you know our rights to exclaim our orgasms ecstatically we will not come quiet we will open our mouths and there are spells spin out cast poetic prayers into the nights of every woman can hear the howl of her sisters delight reminding her that her voice deserves to be heard they heard your drop that her shames stop there her body’s scream under the self-pleasure of what it means to be a woman who can speak freely you see words they carry me and they have fooled us for so long into believing that no means yes so much so that I’m almost impressed except what I finally discovered that they’re right so I’ve claimed back that Noah’s mind because every no I throw against their forces is another yes I retain for my own self worth it is a spell I cast for my own protection it is incredible the power of a woman who is not afraid to say not and this odd which I’m done with broomsticks I’m done with know your place this witch knows that some knowledge just won’t fade that every woman is my sister that through the Hubble and the bubble and the toil and the trouble we grow stronger when we cast our spells together that we entered the fire and now we rise from the ashes and we are holding our candles and lighting our matches until the night becomes lighter and our voices can grow because we have remembered we are witches and we have learned to say not [Music] you

57 thoughts on “WITCHES – A Poem by Fleassy Malay

  1. That was great! A dear Sister of mine is a Witch and I am one of the very few men she allows in to her Coven. That is a great honor for me.

  2. This … just this…No is one of THE most empowering words. I completely agree.

  3. So elegantly spoken this woman is amazing and I hope she continues to let her voice be heard!

  4. Fabtastic! So refreshing to hear our truth spoken in such a passionate and creative way. x

  5. I basically listen to this is poem every single morning!! Her voice echoes through my ears. Her words each time I hear them send chllls up my spine!! Goddess you are Fleassy Malay!!! I hope one day I can read this poem by heart!! Her words vibrate!!! She vibrates!!!

  6. It's so powerful, scary and beautiful at the same time!! Pure Love, pure Joy! <3
    Thank you so much, Fleassy Malay for this!! <3

  7. Such a strong poem and message. I've heard it like… 8 times now? I can't understand how just a few people have seem this video.

  8. Me and my daughter do thank you. Time to smudge soon. Open the windows. Now check the calendar. Ready. Thank you for courage and extreme grace.

  9. I have never been able to watch this without being in tears. I don't know what it is exactly, but something hits so deeply in my soul.

  10. This is one of the most amazing and powerful things I have ever heard.

  11. no matter how many times I watch this, I am moved to tears…and my arms fly up into the air…and I hear my own voice rise up to meet yours. Thank you, Fleassy. For ALL you do. Grand hugs and enormous love ~~~

  12. Thank you Fleassy.
    This gave me goosebumbs.
    Words are powerful and what we speak we manifest in to our reality.

    l've stepped back into my power and NO l will not come quietly.

    Bessed be sisters and brothers.

  13. The power of women, the poetry in our souls and our courageously spoken words.

  14. amazing; i have goosebumps, i am strengthened, empowered, uplifted, excited

  15. That gave me goosebumps big time. That is so powerful and so true 🙏💕🔮

  16. I watch this every time it comes across my timeline. I just re-watched it and have been moved to literal weeping, ugly crying, big fat tears. I think this resonates with all women, especially given what has been unfolding within the last two weeks in America. Thank you for your voice!

  17. you guys do poetry? care to try to interpret my friends poem?


  18. Wow!
    Actually made me cry.
    I'm proud to be able to call yall my brothers or my sisters.
    Merry meet. Merry part. And merry meet again.

  19. I hear you and know that I do not walk alone. Thank you, you majestic, powerful, beautiful Womyn!

  20. Very interesting good performance well rehersed well done Great Message Let all voices be heard and judged by thier fruit 🍎🍊🍌🍉🍇🍒🍍👍

  21. The power and passion in this is palpable. So inspiring. I am a pagan woman so I find inspiration in her words both literal and metaphorical.

    *I don't often go by witch because of the "movie magic" stereotype. I honestly just believe in the energy (proven by science) of things all around us and importance of nature and herbs.

  22. "They have fooled us for so long that "no" means "yes", so much that I'm almost impressed. Except I've finally discovered they're right. So I've claimed back that "no" as mine, because every "no" I throw against their forces, is another "yes" I retain for my own self worth, It is a spell that I cast for my own protection. It is incredible, the power of a woman who is not afraid to say "no".

  23. Everytime i hear this poem my body floods with chills!!! It makes me proud to be pagan. 🌔🌕🌖

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