With Us – A Christmas Poem by Gideon Heugh

Do you remember how Christmas used to be? Do you remember how it felt when you were young? Uncontainable excitement, getting up before
the sun Then jumping on your parents’ bed
‘It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!’ Now? It’s hard not to feel a little indifferent. It’s not that we don’t love the festive
season It’s just that it can be hard to remember the reason Why we rush around spending money we don’t
have On things we don’t really need. Didn’t Christmas used to be special? Didn’t it used to be sacred? Didn’t our faces light up when we were given
a gift? These days we just fake it. I could swear one time at church I was told that Christmas was about hope, A miracle more amazing than we could imagine
– God with us. Is God with us? Is He here in the shop till you drop And the tinsel and the tacky lights And the dry turkey and the family fights, Would a holy God even want to be with us? Well, that’s the thing. God isn’t some distant divinity uninterested
in our mess, He wants to walk alongside us, loving us out
of our excess; Like that first Christmas long ago God is right here in the middle of our brokenness, He enters the very heart of our hopelessness And says, ‘I am with you wherever you go. I forgive you and I love you, more than you’ll
ever know.’ So this Christmas, amidst the madness, let’s
celebrate a greater gift: A love that would stop at nothing to reach
us, A love that would leave the throne room of
the universe For the dirt and the dust, A love that would embrace frailty itself And be torn apart so that we could be put
back together – A love that is Emmanuel. God with us.

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