Wm. Paul Young discusses his new novel 'Eve'

the story of Genesis a story of Adam and Eve the story of the garden the story of the snake is one of those fundamental storylines of good and evil etc that that a lot of us are familiar with sometimes we get so familiar with a story that we retell it an a narrative that we think is there part of the beautiful thing about the Hebrew Scriptures and the story in Genesis 1 and 2 and 3 is that it leaves a lot of gaps it's very concise and those gaps allow questions that become part of the unfolding way to look at it there'll be some surprises but I think it's absolutely consistent with space that's inside the story it's just that we don't think about it we think we know what the story says we think we know exactly how it unfolds and we bring those assumptions to any time we hear about it again inside this crafting of the narrative I'm looking at the spaces in between what's given us as well as staying true I think scholastically it academically but telling the story in such a way that's accessible to a teenager and yet drawing out things that are beautiful and true that are in there but we've missed it because of our assumptions for me fiction gives a huge amount of latitude that nonfiction doesn't there is a sense that you know what you matter inside this conversation in a way that I'm not just trying to convince you to see things the way I do but it just opens up a creative space I think fiction comes at you much more as a whole person than just as a mind I'm hoping that one of the takeaways for people is that they have a greater sense of who they are as a human being and then we can begin to celebrate the things that make us different and distinctive as gifts not as points of greater division

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  1. SATANIC. Mr. Young – you are lost and hell bound. Repent of this new age garbage!! Who do you think you are???? The CREATOR of the Universe inspired all Scripture – it was penned by men under the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit. YOU certainly are not inspired by the Holy Spirit. You are inspired by an Unholy Spirit of Satan – the Christian's adversary!!!!

  2. When you read the book of Eve. Please ask the HS to reveal the truth to you. Ask the HS to open your spiritual eyes. This is deceiving alot of people. It is also the new age movement. I am asking this out of love. I came out of the new age movement.

  3. Is there anyone that can help me find the quote I'm looking for in this book… it starts off like this… "trust is not a thing" and goes on to say people view trust as an impossible mountain to climb I can't find the whole thing anywhere

  4. I finished reading the book "Eve". What I loved about it was when Adonai created man. Also, The Elohim was introduced in the book. In the bible it says..Let US create man in our image. So there it is. I really loved the book. Also, when Eve becomes a movie, may I suggest that you cast Cassie Davis as Letty. She is a great actress. O.k. Thank you Mr. Young. Love the way you write.

  5. The novel Eve, has to be the best book I have ever read. I loved "The shack" cant wait to see the move, Even more anticipating Eve to come out on the big screen. I read a lot from early church fathers to canonized books to Rene Girard and T.F. Torrance, George MacDonald, Rick Warren, CS Lewis, along with book not canonized. My conclusion is PW Young has brought a special touch to Eve and hes accurately revealed what happened to the human race. You will not be disappointed unless your highly influenced going into it. Now read with an open mind and with research in mind and you will be liberated. now go get it. 🙂

  6. Will EVE the novel be adapted to the big screen as well? Reading it now & i can't put it down!

  7. If you feel you've been helped or blessed by Young's work, I"m happy for you, but don't mistake it for the Gospel of Christianity revealed the Bible. William P. Young is promoting Universalism under the guise of Biblical Christianity. He doesn't just launch from Biblical Christianity, he is repudiating it, deconstructing it and redefining it. Many are taking it as some "new expression" or post-modernized form of Christianity coming from a "more forgiving perspective," all inclusive view compared to what traditional conservatives believe. Young's Each time Young's been critiqued on his doctrine, he cries "foul," claiming "it's just fiction" or "allegory. In reality, Young has admitted to offering a "correction" to Christianity, which He renounced many years ago. Readers should know that the God Young promotes in "The Shack" is CLEARLY NOT the God revealed in the Bible. ""The Shack was indeed an allegory not based on Scripture. It lifts story lines FROM the Bible that both detract from the Scriptures and destroy the theology of salvation and forgiveness rooted in the Bible. It is quite subtly, yet quite matter of factly teaching a false plan of salvation, the God eventually accepts all people into Heaven and forgives all sin regardless of belief in Jesus Christ. See Jimmy De Young's review here and check out Amazon.com for the book by Larry DeBruyn entitled, "Unshackled." I can't think of anything more sinister than to redefined Christian doctrine in polarized allegory, and cause millions of people into thinking they're being saved and going to Heaven when they are not. Shame on Young and the publisher for not stating forthright that Young's body of work challenges the Christian Gospel by teaching (even by allegory) a version, he made up and likes' better. . Dr. Jimmy DeYoung of Western Seminary writes, "William Young departs from an evangelical understanding of God, in whom holiness and love are equally balanced, to a universalist understanding of God, in whom love is paramount and judgment and holiness are considered to be in conflict with his love," DeYoung wrote. "In comparison with Bunyan, Young denies that there is future punishment and that God punishes sin." Buyer/reader beware. Greg Allen, biblical pastor for 36 years.

  8. The Shack was, for me, a life changer. Was almost ready to throw in the towel. Could it be remotely possible that God liked me? Really looking forward to Eve.

  9. I loved the Shack and I look forward to reading this book as well

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