WORD STRESS – How to Pronounce RECORD, PRODUCE – Heteronyms, Compound Nouns, Phrasal Verbs – English

everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech
with your pronunciation question today’s question is how do I know what syllable
to stress I’m going to give you a quick tip today for two syllable nouns and
verbs especially those nouns and verbs that are spelled the same but they’re
pronounced differently for nouns remember they typically come first in a
sentence since they come first in a sentence we’re going to stress syllable
1 to stress something you make it louder longer and higher in pitch so louder
longer and higher in pitch so again louder longer vowel and higher I’m
exaggerating those of course so again for nouns we’re going to stress syllable
1 for verbs they typically come second in a sentence so we’re going to stress
syllable two the same rule applies to compound nouns and phrasal verbs which are when we take two words and we make either a new noun or verb by putting
those words together so let’s look at some examples so for a noun we’re going
to stress syllable number one and we are going to have produce the produce and
we’re going to have the same syllable stressed for the second noun which is
the record the record so produce record for the verbs we’re going to stress
syllable number two so we can produce produce and we can record record so we
have produce record produce record so let’s take this same concept and use it
on compound nouns which are two nouns put together to make a new word so for a
compound noun we can have the word foot ball those have equal
stress when they put them together I say these two words with no pause between
them and I’m going to stress syllable number one football football I’m going
to watch the football game we can do the same thing for the word check out I’m
going to the checkout counter phrasal verbs as we know we’re going to stress
the second word and we can have to back up the files so back up the files on the
computer we can also go to the grocery store and we have to check out so we can
go to the checkout counter and check out by paying for our groceries so give this
a try I know people are going to notice the difference just remember syllable 1
and word 1 for nouns syllable 2 and word two for phrasal verbs stress and
that’s going to get you a really long way so if you found this video helpful
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  1. Here is a common request for your weekend learning: how to pronounce nouns and verbs that are spelled the same but are pronounced differently. Best of luck and happy Friday!

  2. Hello Miss, how you doing?
    Miss can you enumerate on Homonyms and Homophones?

  3. Hold on i need to tech you some pro tips on how to be a good Youtuber.

    First of all you should have edited Nyan cat at the end of the video for 7 minutes to make the video ten minutes long than you can get that sweet ad revenue

    Try it you will get 1,000,000,000 more Subscibers. (by the way i am Ozan!)

  4. This video is so helpful , they have never taught me these kind of stuffs in High School in the ESL class, really. Thanks a lot. I like your glasses, it makes you super pretty and charming. I’m 200 % in love with your voice….

  5. You're cute 😍 those glasses suit you good !👌 your classes are great!

  6. Very important pronunciation tips. I'm an American English student from Venezuela South America.

  7. Thanks a lot .I have two questions ,what's the difference between being higher in pitch and louder.the second question the " p" in pool is aspirated because it is at the beginng but is it still aspirated in" swimming pool"? Because pool ,here,is not stressed?

  8. You are so polite. To learn new language, understand speak is just a long way… Congratulations. Thank you

  9. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Amazing video lessons!! Good tips! Good explanation. Thank you so much!! Ms. Tarle

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