40 thoughts on “Words First x Don't Flop – Poets vs Rappers – Battle (WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT).

  1. This is AWESOME!
    I combined Rap and Slam. Check out my first piece.

  2. Cuz you're the king of the what?
    I'm the king of the crop,
    And if you're clippin the Charlie then I'm rippin the sloth…
    idk why that's sick, but that's fuckin sick

  3. I'm studying this like drake studies rap battles I wanna be the best

  4. Did people really cheer when she said 'go back to loserville'
    Smh i have never cringed so hard in my life

  5. Dope music rap vs poet Good rap battle good Cool Awesome hip-hop history poet vs rapper

  6. Rappers vs poets? Majority of battle rappers these days sound like poets, how many can battle to beats though and rap off the dome, that's true battle rap and what is lacking, how many could make that step up? That's why Eminem will always be the greatest battle rapper ever no matter how great one can pen.

  7. So were those made on the spot and simultaneously surpassing Eminem or were they pre-written? What follows on from 37:40 kinda makes me think they're pre-writter.

  8. This is clearly more of a poetry crowd than a battle rap crowd which was a smart move

  9. "Liam zoom in on her. Now zoom out on me…. I am out of her league"


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