Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Transformers Writers.

okay what words of wisdom do you have for those interested in pursuing a career in the written our and especially for transformers never love never hope never dreamed also next wedding vows interesting lutely yes that's the easy one um I would say I wouldn't I wouldn't try and and and structure your career with Transformers as an end point so I first and foremost I would I would you know I would write if you can I would put your I would if you're not an artist as well then I'd find from a willing participant put something out together digitally you know a relatively cheap easy to distribute and show the world what you're capable of and then hopefully build up a bit of a name and reputation which makes it easier for you when you go when you approach editors well they approach you writing for specific things pre-existing things that you love would be a byproduct of you doing your own thing well thank you oh thank you very much this is I think I got to get into this nice nice that is so cool thank you the original and best you

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  1. What should have been said: Don't add human-like political narratives in TF stories.

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