Working at POET

Hi and welcome to POET, I’m Debbie. We’re going to walk around the office today and talk to some team members about how
great it is to work here and then later on we’ll go to one of the plants and talk
to some of the folks there. Let’s go. ♫ One of the reasons I came here is
because I strongly believed in what we were doing. I wanted to come to a company where I could help better the environment. That’s really my dream to work on cellulosic. I was really fortunate to work here and be a part of that. I think we’re all committed to kind of the big overall goal which is to
change the world really. Just the type of projects and the opportunities just it’s been incredible. It’s amazing how quickly things can take place how fast we can get something done. I work over at POET Nutrition and I market all off the corn oil that POET makes. I deal with local farmers within surrounding all 27 of our plants. It’s great group of people it’s a good place to work we’re always working on
interesting things. Hi we’re here in Mitchell, South Dakota at one of our 27 biorefineries. I was just looking for a change looking
for a career and heard good things about this place. They made me feel like family
right away. I really enjoy it. I just love the team I have here and everyone working together as a team and absolutely love coming to work every day. I think we laugh more than we… harder than we work. Jeff Broin, the founder of
our company. We started POET really to take extremely low price commodities you know corn and turn it into energy because it seemed like a great thing to
do to help promote agriculture and to create some clean fuel for our nation
and help the economy of the country and create jobs. POET, we’ve evolved from just a couple plants when I joined back in ’98
and now 27 plants across the United States. Our company has done a lot to
revitalize agricultural rural communities. It has changed the
farming industry around here a lot we’ve given the farmers another market to sell their grain. We’re providing energy for this country and the world really. What would you say to someone who is thinking about a career here? I would say go for it. It’s a great place to work. It’s fun, challenging, exciting and you can make a tremendous impact on the world. We attract highly talented people who have a real passion for this company and a passion for our culture. We really live, eat and breathe our culture here. What we’re doing is not only helping with the fuel prices at the pump but it’s across the board all the way down to the
farmers, so it’s a really neat process of how everything comes together and I get
to be part of it. I think that POET is going to play a really
interesting role in the future of our country and our world. Not only are we going to provide renewable energy which we’ve been doing for a couple decades
now, but I think there are a lot of other renewable products and products that are
going to come from the earth that POET’s going to play a key role in so if you want to see
the world evolve and change I think this is going to be a great place to be.

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