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hey guys what's up welcome oh don't do it don't excuse you hey guys what's up welcome back to another video I'm gonna be covering how to use world anvil as a digital series Bible so I'm gonna cover some of the different perks of using world anvil and then I'm gonna go over this just demo style so I can show you guys exactly what it looks like now if you don't know the basics about what a series Bible is or why you need one then go make sure to watch that other video that I did so I'll link that in description down below and I will eventually be covering all of the different methods of how to make a series Bible so if you have a preference for which type of thing I cover next make sure to drop a comment down below to let me know alright so let's talk world and though world anvil is a web based world building app that was originally designed for sort of role-playing games but very easily applies to writing and they've started adding features specifically for writers I do want to cover the fact that this is a small team created product so if you're someone who only likes to use products that are created by large companies and do you feel like there's more security in that then this might not be the app for you but if you're someone who likes to support small creators and likes the idea of an app created by the very types of people they use it then this is definitely a good choice now one of the really nice things about world anvil is there is a free tier and it really covers everything that you need I am currently on that journey man tier and I think journey man is really the max of what you would need for any standard writing project where master and Grand Master are much more useful for people who are doing more RPG type things so by doing journeyman you do get a bit more space you get upgraded from 100 megabytes to 1 gigabyte which if you're doing purely text-based stuff doesn't really matter 100 megabytes is more than enough but if you want to include a lot of photos you're probably gonna need a little bit more space here you do get to export your data a little more often journeymen once a day versus once a week you get five universes versus two you do get slightly less trapped articles with the free version but then the main thing that was a deciding factor for me personally was this level right here private worlds and articles so I wanted to start out my world being private so that it couldn't be searchable by anyone and no one else would see it but me another notable difference between the two is this subscribers level so you could have a specific patreon tier where people get to see sort of behind the scenes or secrets of your world and I think the main other difference between the two which sort of influences my choice is themes and CSS personalizations you can make your worldview page look a lot nicer you can look through this entire list yourself but I think as a writer you can be more than happy with this 399 a month and you can definitely make the 0 month work for you now I did want to briefly mention this fifth level that it was just released and that is sage it is quite a bit more pricey at a hundred and thirty dollars for six months but the benefit of this is you get a custom world URL and up to a thousand subscribers so if you have a very large patreon you're a big author this could be a really good benefit because you can give up to a thousand people access to your secrets and behind the scenes of your world so to keep this video a manageable length I'm gonna be mostly just focusing on the features available to you and just highlight why this is a good option for series Bibles this app is incredibly intuitive so you aren't really gonna need a step-by-step guide on how to do things so first things first you're gonna want to create your world and that's just a couple quick button clicks we'll do create a new world you enter your title and hit create world now your world itself is gonna have some configuration options here you'll be able to change that using this menu here on the side going down to configuration one of the neat things about this is you'll be able to set your current date in your world and your eras so the way I'm using this is I don't want to set actual dates so you're at my global era of the before Alethea which is essentially BC or BCE and then I have after Alethea which is essentially a D or C II then we have setting again because I'm journeyman I have the private feature but I could set this to public at any time and that would make this publicly searchable this is the cover image for my world you do have the ability to transfer your world so if you were to ever want to give it away that is an option and then of course export your world so if you ever want to just back up your data make sure you don't lose anything you just hit export world it will compile all your information into this PDF so you can just toss this PDF in the cloud somewhere and you'll still have that data it's obviously not gonna look as pretty as it does in world anvil but it does save everything there so something were to happen you could access everything now if you have journeymen you'll have access to this theme here where you can just set kind of a general theme for what your world will look like to the average viewer and of course you have access to CSS which will allow you to do a lot of customization of the styling of how your world looks and we'll go over that in a bit and then you have this social section here where you can put in your patreon and your Twitter and so to see what all of this here does we'll just go and view our world and this is my world and sort of the user friendly viewable version so if this was public I could send readers here and this is what they would see so having patreon listed and social gives me this link click that opens it up and there's Josh and my patreon you get to be a kitten you could be a cloud kitten and Josh could critique your work with his evil red pen this isn't a plug or a plug it's ok so yes back to the actual video having your Twitter username up in that social section puts this Twitter feed in here and here is the cover of the world so that's what these world setting basics do so while you're working it's good idea to have this world view just open in a different tab that way whenever you make changes you can refresh it and see what it looks like over here so next up let's cover the features first things first we have articles and you can either access that through here clicking articles or also with this little button here at the bottom you click that and it opens up create new and you can create new of any of these articles and then we have this button which is for even more quickly creating articles if you just want to jot down an idea real quick before you forget it like let's say I think of an item I just have this free form option here and my categories so each of these things is a template which is really great especially if you haven't thought of these things before this encourages you to think about them so let's take a look at one of the most common ones which is character so I open that up and here we have just a ton of different options and I'm not gonna cover every single one but this is what you're gonna be working with it's a pre setup template designed for character building and you don't have to put in all of the information if you don't it just won't show up on your list so here's the user-friendly version so you can see what that looks like here's 736 so if you don't fill in a section it just doesn't show up on the list because you don't want to have super small supporting characters that you put in all of these details for but for your main character I think it's good to try to fill out as many as possible and one of the nice things is that you can create new articles and link them straight to this so an example of this is conditions 736 had left but it was cured I just clicked here put in left cured and added it so later on I can go click articles go to left cured and fill out the information for left but what that does is here on her page for characters under conditions this will now show up as a link so if I click on that it'll go to the page about less and once I've entered in information about it which I haven't yet it would all show up here and you can use that anywhere as long as you have an article for something all you have to do is put an @ and you can then mention that article and it will link to it in that same way now we also have this design tab which is again CSS customization and that's a little bit of a learning curve but CSS is pretty easy to figure out your way around navigations you can add things like tags you can add it to categories so I have it under the category of main characters which means on the main page it shows up under this category I created four main characters you can assign previous articles that next articles so there's a next and previous button at the bottom of the article so people can flip through then we have access you can set it to private or open subscriber groups so again this would be if you have patrons who have special access and then we have this tab which is really nice which is character relationships and this gives you a whole little prompt you can fill out for each character relationships you have your your character that you're on currently and then you select a counterpart and then you say what they are to each other then you have your actual opinion of that person displayed opinion of that person honesty towards that person importance of the relationship all of that sort of thing so there's tons of options and I just really love this then we have this note section so if you ever think of a note and you don't know really where it falls you can just add a quick note here and it's also worth mentioning that you can do that at any time for anything so say you have an idea and you don't know where it falls you just go over here and you click notebook that opens up this and you can just create notes here that you can then later categorize or you can just leave them as notes forever and then we have secrets which again is that thing that only you is the owner see or if you allow certain subscribers to see they would see that as well but if you have spoilers that are revealed in the actual story and you're okay with people knowing there are also spoiler tags so you go ahead here and click spoiler and that'll fill in these spoiler tags here and anything you write in between these tags will show up with this show spoiler button and that's hiding that section that we added now it is important to note that this does use BBC code which stands for what does that stand for which stands for bulletin board code which you're probably familiar with if you've ever written stuff like HTML as you saw in this 736 down at the bottom where we have likes and dislikes this doesn't register the extra spaces so if I want this to register the extra spaces I have to actually put in just a quick code for it so they have it pre built in here at the top which is super convenient you can just click the button break line or you can just write it out yourself but this will then be read as a separate paragraph and now they're on separate lines so the formatting is always going to be like that and again you can write it out yourself if you'd like there is a cheat sheet that you can access on every page you'll just scroll down here to where it says BB code reference and I'll have this large list that tells you all the different things you can do it is also worth noting that you can embed Spotify music you can also embed videos so I went ahead and did that for a food and I went ahead and embedded the video where I made a kind of actually good tasting version of ration blocks for a fun alternate recipe checkout and then I put in the video here so you can hover over it you can subscribe of course you want to subscribe why wouldn't you echo has concerns now since we're here let's talk about themes they haven't customized yet the image that's tied to this specific thing so ignore the random rocks but the rock image specifically is because I currently have it set to the Zen theme but you can change this theme at any time of your journeymen they have a couple presets and then you can completely customize the theme yourself using CSS so I currently have the CSS set to add this background image of my vines by linking to it and if you need help figuring out the CSS they have this nice style guide it looks a little overwhelming if you've never babbled in website construction but it's really very simple and this page here will walk you through it and makes it very easy to just copy-paste the different things you need and add them to your customization small learning curve but nothing you can't handle now next up to talk about we have the categories into which your different things fall so I had my characters category under side characters I then have super side characters for the ones that are just kind of offhandedly mentioned so you can layer all of these into each other and then that shows up in your world in this sidebar organization here of table of contents and then we have maps I haven't dabbled in maps so I can't talk a lot about it but basically you can do create a map upload an image and it'll allow you to place markers on that map link maps together and reference them up then from any article you create and then we have timelines so here I've set it up per book when you create a new historic event you put in the date and then it automatically organizes the date onto this timeline and you can put as many things on this as you'd like so in my Alethea one i'm eventually going to have sort of little summaries of each day as they progress and those will also show up in your world if you choose to allow it and that displays here in this nice just little convenient view then we have images where you can just upload all of the different images of your characters in world so you can then reference them and include them anywhere you need if you're using art by someone else this is really cool in that it lets you credit that artist and art original URL which is it's just really cool because so often artists don't get credited for their work and this allows you to do that we have this quick access button which is for uploading images keep in mind there are a couple little bugs here in there because this is something still in development again it's a small team then we have secrets which again are things that are only visible to you the owner and those who you have given access who are subscribers then we have blocks and this is pretty much for role player game things so you probably won't be using this I'm not gonna cover it and we have followers so if you have a public world people are able to follow it and then they will get updates when you make changes so this is really great if you have a large world and you want to give your readers a little something to hold them over between books and then just access rates which is where you would create your different subscriber groups and then one more item that I want to reference is something brand new and that is focus mode so let's say I create a location here and there's just there's so much on this page maybe I just really want to focus and put in a lot of details for this location I just go over here and I click enable focus mode and again this is in beta is brand new so it might be a little buggy but that opens that up here so it gets rid of all of the extra clutter and I can focus on writing one of the great things about using this is the series Bible is this search feature let's say I forgot what color Jason's eyes are I can go and search Jason that'll open his character thing and I did a nice little writer Tooley thing here if something appears in the first book I mark it as cannons so I have C that stands for cannon I've started actually using CA which stands for cannon Alethea and then the page that it shows up on so I've been trying to include that in everything that I get straight from the book so now let's cover some fleshed out worlds and these are two worlds that I got permission from the miniatures of the world to show on here as an example of what these look like when they're fully filled out and the CSS has been played around with so this is ethnicity R we have the created by and team and these linked to each of these people's profiles so if I click on a demo that would then open their profile got all your links here I could leave comments and feedback on their world you can get badges so there's definitely a community aspect to this tool going back to the world itself we have all of these base details here at the top then we have timelines table of contents followers so this is what it looks like if you have actual followers I can click on each of these people so let's take a look at map since that's something I don't have and this is an example of how you can use markers so by adding markers to this map you can then hover over them and it you can have a little details about it and you can also have the link to the actual place so let's look at an other world that I also have permission to show on here and that is swords fall this is created by so kyoshiro and as you can tell this has a different design setup so this is customized by someone else to better match this world now I don't currently know how to do this fancy book cover thing and it isn't something the average user can do if you'd be interested in seeing a tutorial on how to do it once I figure it out let me know in a comment down below so let's check out the swords fall maps so here's an example of this used on an actual map and then we have these little map markers throughout and if you hover over them they just give a little detail so like here we have the headquarters of Omicron technologies and if you click on those they extend and you can then read a full article on them and this particular creator has done a lot of cool things like here we have alert wait don't wander that direction no matter what you do don't click now that's something that they've done entirely in CSS and that is something for more advanced users but it's really neat now I'm gonna link both of the worlds that I referenced in the description down below so you can go check them out and I can just kind of show you what entirely is possible with this so yeah as you can tell I haven't been using this very long I am far from an expert and I don't know what all potential issues I might hit but so far I'm really enjoying it I think it's a really good way to organize all of my data and I really love the templates that prompt me to explore things a little deeper than I might otherwise so far I think this is a good online option and I love that you can access it from anywhere you can export the data to make sure you have it backed up and they're improving it every day and adding new features so I think it definitely has a lot of potential so make sure to check it out I will link world amble in the description down below this is not a sponsored video so I'm not getting paid the link is not an affiliate link I don't get anything if you sign up so this is purely just me trying to share with you something that has been working for me and that was it for the video if you found this at all helpful make sure to give this a thumbs up and a share it really helps the channel grow and I really appreciate it if you like the content you like what we do here and you want to support us make sure to go pick up a copy of ilithyia it is available on Amazon and hardcover paperback and ebook thank you guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video you

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