World Charming Lady – Arabic romantic poem with English subtitle

World Charming Lady Almighty Hallelujah who made your love being in my blood and who make me to see in you my happiness and removing the carefree How to see you in front of me? How to see you in front of me without meeting, picture, or my sketchbook?! How letters differ however, your name starts with the last letter of my name?! Who did digge your name in my heart, and draw your name in my tattoo? Who did order Cupid to hit your heart with the arrow of my love?! What is the secret of insomnia at night, and that sleep is lost from my eyes? Did they modify, Did they modify the phone numbers so that my phone number ends with your name? Oh woman, Oh woman has affected everything inside me O spirit became heavy by my body I wish sleep lasts years if I saw you in my dream Your beauty has gone beyond the limits of perception and philosophy of understanding Any poet fails to describe you and people call him illiterate The letters of all languages of the world and
accents of speech are not enough to describe you All poets were unable to describe you and all of them were in a state of minnows Some said they were surprised and they blame who called them to describe you Your mercy your mercy world charming lady that you are the light and we are the darkness World Charming Lady poem and recitation by Amir Saleh

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