Worldbuilding Basics For Writers

whether you write fantasy or you at sci-fi you all be world building so here are some of the basics for you writers remember why you're a world yes world very will give you a neat interesting world to place your stories inside it will allow you to express all those ideas that bounty on your head it will give the sector and tertiary meaning to your story and maybe will aspire a block or smooches two o'clock remember it's that story and plot that you're telling us two key to your work after that remember build what you need if your story occurs only in that empower one kind of your world we don't need to build isolation or never side well if your story only occurs in this behind our world build an island that's where you need to start you don't need a building a world you can just use the physics of the real world and maybe basics of the world world and build from there just ironed inside that world that you story occurs on you don't need a rear vent physics to world and I remember start as far back as you need to to place those ideas if you're writing a story that curves across entire world build that world but if that world does not need you to give it an earth well build a world like Earth the cons can be different but the basic structure of their world the size of it how gravity works on the physics that cannot be about the same you don't need a build what's always been built build what you need now maybe you're struggling to come up with a world well what some interesting ideas around do you think it'd be interesting to have a world which has explanation why it's like a video game why was ancient ruins that were filled with artifacts of Noah is collected and people know about a bigger world around them maybe ask for an impact destroyed ancient civilization and now he manages rising back up – and so they've to retrieve what was lost or maybe in your world there were animals slaves that your societies use that Rosa blue-bellied at the same time of the great famine drought and then at time of a great park and corruption that collapse all of civilization so that humans and those animals and our free from slavery and now just lousy backup to rebuild civilization who turn to those ruined cities build from the ideas you have after that remember while we're going to key right yes you might not have enough to write that novel you guys short stories maybe I knew shoot stores will help you build your world well will Bain I sorry I know because I can't work at my na VI didn't fully understand my magic system I still yet have a complete they figured out that point that my self declared God how they gained that great power is by standard drawn the magical energy from the spirit realm I've been placing them to place a high so they have hearthstone their supply of power that we moving into heart stones will kill them then 92 a mortal also writing lost the world but will help you improve your writing as you want you write this good as possible so remember these things you go about world building and writing like and subscribe

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