Worst Season Ever!!! | Mad Writers of Game of Thrones Season 8

yes you wrecked our shit disagree with you we headed everything about it yeah how are you characteristic everybody was it's almost like the drivers didn't like the show no more right it's almost that way it's almost as if they hate us I think they hate us cuz here comes episode 5 you're up yeah that's hands down dollars after two day period we're not down Sunday for episode six pier yeah episode 5 at Caesars hey the worst that episode not only killed episodes and seasons after the future don't care yes that is it right there in the coffin what is he doing hybrid Qyburn that was awesome that was worth doing that was that was I keep saying it sorry USA but that was the USA she really was that shit was terrible it was like it was like here's a character you've been watching and following him and looking at his deceit and lies all this time and he's in the way really are you serious it's like they sat at a round table decided holidays rash these characters to the worst parts imaginable and they came up with episode 5 and though before we can see where at the end point maybe start on your own I'm the man like that's supposed to mean something and what was that fight about that the weakest fight I've ever seen the including Ramsey on the beach season 7 as much as I'm hating I'm gonna go reek as much as I'm hating on all of this I gotta give props you're not hating on it I'm not hating on it I hate it right I have to Haiti I have to give props I have to give props where it's due the writing is terrible oh but but but directing the the episode and that's how it was shot hi Luna for beautiful the a beautiful Daenerys portraying she's mad and beautiful everybody's doing a stellar job with this shit script have you ever seen a chocolate cake where the chocolate wasn't chocolate it was caca every beautiful chocolate everybody did a good job like trashing themselves there's all right my characters aren't shiny yeah so John is shining like a mofo and I don't like it because you're not a fan because I know a lot of people say maybe they could say go back right right you're just mad because Khaleesi goes with man and yeah yeah that's not why I'm Matt well Matt because you show traipsing for six seven seasons of her being awesome and good you didn't show any madness where's the madness right you got bad tension you weren't looking good buddy clammy oh it's there's no arguing fanboys

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