Write a poem with me (in just 10 minutes)

Hey everyone, Kyra here! Today we’re gonna
write a poem. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a poet or you’ve been
writing poems everyday since forever, I feel like this would be a good practice
just to write something. So how this will work is that I will give us a prompt and
we’ll write a poem from scratch. We’ll spend 10 minutes just writing whatever
we feel like that poem inspires us with at the end of the ten minutes I will
share my poem with you whether I like it or not! And it’s up to you guys whether
you want to share your poem with me down in the comments, that would be amazing if
you want to do that, and if you don’t and you just want to keep it in your book or
in your laptop or wherever you keep your poems in your phone even then that’s
totally fine as well. So the prompt for this poem is “Apple”, you can take that
however you want as long as the poem has an apple or your interpretation of an
apple or what apple means to you then that’s totally fine! So we’ve got ten
minutes, I’m going to stop my camera, so you should pause the video now and I’ll
meet you back here in 10 minutes. And we’re back! How did you go? I hope it
went well I feel pretty good after that writing
session, I took a couple of goes of writing something and then this really nice
stanza came out and then I tried to keep going with it and it just didn’t go
anywhere and I was like “oh that’s bad” but this one particular stanza
I was actually quite happy with, yes. So I’ll read it to you guys and… “We lay
beneath the old apple tree, like Edison, except it feels like all the gravity has
been sucked away from the earth and we’re just here, somehow, floating with
darling pink ladies circling our heads.” So yeah, that’s what I came up with… I
hope this was fun if you guys – it was fun for me. And if you liked this exercise
and writing together let me know because, yeah, I’d be really interested in doing
something like this again. That’s it! I hope you guys had a nice time and I’ll
see you next time – bye!

3 thoughts on “Write a poem with me (in just 10 minutes)

  1. This is a great idea! I wouldn't want to embarrass myself by posting my poem but I look forward to seeing what other people come up with =)

  2. Red tart apple,
    You have us an understanding of how we stand, fall, sit.
    Falling off a tree that day.
    Told us how we lay.
    We cut you in slices.
    We give you prices.
    We Bite you,
    Fight for you,
    But yet we aren’t polite to you

    I’m a 12 year old writer, I write for fun

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