Write haiku love poems and double the love

I reckon that when you write a personal love poem, you get to double the love. In a love poem there are two people: there’s the poet and there’s the person who inspired the poem. So who gets the biggest thrill? Well if you write a love poem, you get a creative buzz You’ve created something entirely new entirely yours and you’re polishing it up until it’s brilliant. and you get this other thrill of giving it to the person you love. and ooh, that’s pretty exciting Now, when a person receives a love poem they get another sort of thrill, a different sort. If you’re watching them, at first you might think they’re just surprised or maybe even embarrassed but most people are deep down, deeply, deeply flattered. And you know why? Getting a personal poem that’s been written just for you it gives you a marvellous sense of being known, and appreciated, and valued because someone’s made this enormous effort to think about you deeply and put their thoughts into words. It’s a big deal! In my little video course I make it so easy for you and the course is also very interesting, and it’s fun Go on, take it! What have you got to lose?

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