Write Now 2019: Great Beginnings for Novelists with Joe Finder

we're having a seminar today not I'm not gonna be lecturing to you I'm going to be having everyone participate all right don't get nervous I know the first thing you do is you get nervous about it I know I talked for five years so I know but one of the things I wanted to do today is I want to give you specific concrete suggestions for how to open your book and nothing vague or general I'm basically giving you the advice I wish I had gotten when I started okay so what I'd like to do is does everyone have the handouts okay so she's passing out these this handout which is the first page of a couple of bestselling novels and we're gonna look at these first pages and decide what makes them good if you don't like it you tell me that that's fine everyone's got their own opinion but I picked books that are by major novelists who have written a lot before and and are very good and the first one is from the book gone girl by Gillian Flynn and what I'd like you to do Oh which way alright Harlan Coben first okay [Applause] all right so what I'd like you to do is to read the first page of this book right now Harlan cope this is from Harlan Coben book no second chance okay I'm gonna read it tell me if it grabs you or not and how what is it doing what the trick is okay so and when you've done it when you're done reading put your hand up so I can get a sense of you know how far we are alright I think we've got it most of you have read the first page here okay who wants to start actually participate here raise your hand what do they do what seed what's Harlan doing here right provocative opening and sentence right you could not get more dramatic than that right what else has he done yeah relatability exactly yeah what do you think yeah so so my translation what you just said you're absolutely right is point of view that is we are in the head of the main character so that is introducing us to the main character through his what he's perceiving his point of view and he connects with us with the issue of fatherhood my daughter baby he's a provocative opening sentence he's got a Dre dramatic scene he's got the point of view of the main character and the connection by a fatherhood any other take yeah you

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