Writer E. Jean Carroll LIES about President Donald J. Trump #MAGA #TRUMP2020 #FakeNews #MeToo

presidential harassment continues and you know what I'm not going to take I'm not gonna take ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining me here at the New World Order the time broadcast I'm your host Patrick Walsh I'm over here at work and I'm going over some of these trending news stories over here and there's another lie or trying to harass our president the presidential harassment continues ladies and gentlemen the presidential harassment continues and now there's this lie from the fake news New York magazine pay for all these years all these years this a crazy lying woman is attacking our president mrs. Egan Carroll a writer that's been writing for years and years and I failed the write about out Hal Donald Trump sexually assaulted her supposedly allegedly – this lying lefty Looney tune and the president's under attack and you know it made us how I'm not gonna take it anymore they're not gonna attack my president anymore and I ain't gonna let this lying bitch say nothing they say you know believe survivors I don't believe any of these people especially in the loonie left because there's plenty of victims and men out there that aren't heard so why is this bitch so important huh I'll tell you why because the mainstream media is harassing our president this Jeanne Carol this lefty loony liar writer you know she's lying about the president she's harassing the president and you know I'm not gonna take it I'm not gonna fall for any of these lies the mainstream media anymore she is a liar and she's harassing our president and in my opinion it's treason there's no way this should be going on thank you everybody for joining me here in the new world all the time broadcast now this evil witch is lying about our president she's uh got this article from New York Magazine and I'll tell you right off the bat I don't believe off freaking things she's saying she's a liar she's a leftist hey Mary Tiggle thanks for joining the broadcast you know I'm just sitting here at work and I wanted to get ahead of this story because you know they're trying to create this narrative where all of a sudden you know uh just like they grabbed him by the pussy comments that they were going in for the president for they're trying to make the president look like a bad guy hello Carolyn Carolyn – Mary Tindall you know I don't believe these lies I don't believe this woman I don't believe this left-wing witch who's a writer and all of a sudden uh you know it takes her years and years as an adult she was attacked by Donald J Trump and you know what I'd like to know what makes her so important that all these years later anybody's gonna pay attention to it because my wife's a sexual assault victim she was molested as a child and not one goddamn lawyer a law person will do a damn thing about it so in my opinion and my humble opinion I don't care what happened this lady she's lying you know the president didn't do nothing why don't I you know I got one word of advice from the immortal Bill Clinton you know uh hmm I don't even know if I want to go there but let me read this story this this lie these excerpts from this New Yorker article it's about to hit on the sunday news you know they're gonna be lying about the president saying this saying that you know and this woman she's just upset probably because Donald grabbed her by the pussy you didn't stay with her hideous man Donald Trump assaulted me in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room 23 years ago but he's not alone on the list of awful men in my life Oh weeks oh okay after the big fat witch hunt hoax doesn't work okay and hey child let's go home Teresa champion victim fact them y'all I'm over here at work reading this story about this evil lefty loony witch that's harassing our president you know and I'm streaming live over on twitter twitter periscope YouTube I know we're on periscope they're not gonna like this video not one bit you know because this is a trending story over on Twitter right now and that's where I picked it up you know and this lady's she's on the front page of The New Yorker now and you know it's presidential harassment this woman is a liar and the big fat witch hunt hoax didn't work and they're all upset about it and so now they're gonna attack our president and all of a sudden after all these years this lefty loony loser is gonna come out and cry rape or sexual assault or whatever and I don't believe a frickin thing this bitch is saying mega mega I think they got to lock her up they should definitely this is presidential harassment in treason that this lady is committing you know and she was a grown adult you know it's not like this happened to a kid you know she was a grown adult she could have said something you know if it really happened but I don't believe a damn thing cuz why are you gonna wait from now like I can't understand some children and things like that when they get dilled they don't have nothin to say but this is all all and a line of attacks against our president like I said I'm not gonna stand for any of it you know if they're taking govern a threat Donnell with the race card you know they're gonna come out in there and call him a racist when all he wants to do is make America great again and I bet you this lady this lefty Looney writer that's gonna be a accusing Donald Trump of assaulting her is gonna be the big news story over there on Sunday thanks for joining everybody my first rich-boy count pulled down my underpants my last rich boy pulled down my tights my first rich boy I had fixed my eyes on his long face enough to know was a beautiful with dark gray eyes and I don't know what the fuck sorry this is but this is this lady or at least part of it this isn't actually even the art oh these are excerpts from the article so let me get over to the article I'm picking this this is trending over on Twitter writer Jean Carroll alleging that Donald Trump abused her all these years later you know and uh one of the headlines on there's I need a list of hideous men in my life it includes the president who has sold to me in the dressing room in Bergdorf Goodman 23 years ago and you know why I'm not sensitive to this because my wife came out and talked about 20 professional wrestling pedophiles and nobody fucking cared so you know what what makes her so important is that her last name Carol with two owls does that make her more important than everybody else it probably has something to do with it you know and just think about it think about it I need a list of hideous men of my life she says and she says Donald Trump his attack in 20 other hideous men you know nice to let us know 23 years later and this is a from the New York magazine he's an excerpt from her book and this is I guess the part first part that she said she says my first rich boy pulled down my underpants my Lance rich boy pulled down my tights my first rich boy I had fixed my eyes on his face long enough to know was beautiful with dark gray eyes and long golden hair across his forehead I don't know what he grew up to be my last four it's boy was a blond he grew up to be the President of the United States and you grew up to be a lefty loony liar propagandists it's attacking at our president you bitch and uh you know sound angry and hateful but you know I'm sick and tired like you know they finally got Donald Trump to the point and you remember when the election he was stating it that he could go out on a Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and everybody would cheer and celebrate at this point I'm at this point I support this president 100% and all these attacks of all these women that are crying and whining because he probably maybe or didn't grab them by the pussy and didn't stay with them they're all upset you know and this upsets a lot of people this is that you know a controversial subject you know and I'm sorry if people get offended out there if you don't you know if you don't like me standing up for my president you can stand up to change the channel I'm here to protect this president and to support this president 100% and I'm not gonna let these liars continue to attack him this is a witch hunt and this is a witch right here yet look at her face now that's hideous I agree and Kirkup the Grove thanks for joining the broadcast Larry Norton Superfest dictum packed on everybody thanks for joining the broadcast Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne treats the champion everybody out there in the chat thanks for joining but we know this is just another lie of the loonie left to attack on our president and FM it's time to throw it right back in their faces he's our president he's getting our support we're about to be a nation at war there ain't no way we can let these lefty loonies tear our country apart with their lies and their socialism and you know this New York magazine and this writer you know I'll to do a little bit backdrop on her because I never heard of this slut my life whoops can I just show that you know but I defend the president and screw her this is the front of the New York magazine in the New Yorkers fake news through the enemy of the people more fake news she said this was what I was wearing twenty three years ago when Donald Trump attacked me in the burgh Gulf Jordan wrestling room haha Yeah right I'm not gonna believe it why are you gonna wait till now why would somebody wait till now why you know especially for the president you know you know I don't believe it because you know what the mainstream media covered up my wife story about her attacks so you know what fuck your story bitch that's what I say I straight up saying that I'm evil want to hear it you know especially from a writer from a journalist you know from the fake news media you know in its next week's cover story eg and Carol shares for the first time her violent encounter with Donald Trump the coat rack she was wearing that day that hung in her closet ever since she word again for the first time in her portrait well you know what she better have some blue dress mess all over it if she wants to prove any of that you know cuz it don't prove nothing and I think he's being set up again who knows what the thief state got involved in there trying to take this president out you know and this is the way they're gonna do it now now it's a rape accusation okay okay this is why people should be burned in a New York magazine you know and all these lefty loonies in New York they're really asking for it by attacking this president and I think they get exactly what they deserve you know it's time to continue to stand up for Magga and stand up for this president and I don't care what they throw with the president I'm here to support him 100% because they've been attacking him like no other and you know they crossed the line just like I said if he were to walk up and shoot someone on Fifth Avenue I would applaud and say magum Agra nice shot president at this point the way he's being attacked by the liberal loonie media you know but it's just another attack on the president it makes me sick to my stomach yeah the CIA had to save bullshit ammo I'm sure there's more after her yes you know you're totally right dictum fact them that sounds like a fact ohm victim you know mister Mid West al axe she's nothing president Trump would go for she'd be lucky if a blind drunk pulls a move on her and you know what I agree with that too you can't that's that's you know what that's a very intelligent and I mean look at that it'll Donald Trump he likes women with big pits he likes porn stars he don't like these like this chick looks like frickin olive oil I mean come on no way he's banging that oh I just say that it might be in brood it might be in rude am I not a believing they're survivor you know we're the actor or with a writer or whatever you want to call this scumbag who's attacking our president you know and I just I just want to know is wise she's so important you know there was a lot of women that came out against Bill Clinton you know we all remember you know we need a Broderick ather he did what he did the heart he said put some ice on it well why didn't she put some ice on it and just keep her mouth shut you know you know why because it's a lie to begin with you know I mean i 100% believe everything about bill clinton but that's what they're doing they let the looneys they know that bill clinton was a nasty dirty rapist so now they're trying to make Donna look the same way and I don't believe it I don't believe it one little bit you know Donald can definitely get hotter chicks than this and I know she's like you know she's little yeah and definitely skanky skanky ho yes she's shaving the clothes remembrance for good times yeah and I think she's just upset because you know no and she was a grown adult it's not like this is a child here like a real victim you know but even then though you know here's the thing like you know my wife was sexually assaulted by all these fucking pedophiles in the WWE that have jobs with Vince McMahon right now and the mainstream media didn't even care but you notice the mainstream media they care about this you know why cuz its presidential harassment you know this kind of attacks happened the regular people every day and you know what the mainstream media and the law enforcement usually says to real victims and real people crimes like this they say put some ice on it just like Bill Clinton said you know but this is the story it's from the New Yorker and get ready because you know all during the Sunday shows are probably gonna have this woman why did they cry and you know already over on Twitter the people that are attacking the president they're all saying Donald Trump's are rapists and all this stuff out of nowhere you know just like he's a racist he's a rapist you know I mean I just want to find out their necks they're gonna be saying he's a freaking serial killer who knows what they're gonna bring you know but these lefty loonies a lot of them are losing their minds especially in New York because you know it doesn't how much Donald Trump's doing for Israel and don't forget that that's what's driving the lefty wound he's crazy more than anything is that he's supporting Israel you know what Jean Carol from the New York you know she thinks she's got something to prove over here on Twitter this is trending she says as the as the riot is sickening stories of me to search across the country I like many woman could not help but reminded of certain men in my own life and that's what happened to my wife you know the whole me to movement who I think's fake like I think the whole me to movement is put up there just to attack people politically because my wife talked about all those WWE people like that violent child rapist Paul Heyman to the WWE and Mick Foley and a lot of other people out there like Arn Anderson all pedophiles in the WWE she had heard me to moment and you know what happened they ignored her so it's very easy for me to ignore this trash accusing our president okay because real people they don't get this kind of attention you only get this kind of attention from the media when you're attacking the presidency I believe in me too movement is actually a honeypot for Hollywood lawyers you know anybody goes out there and opens their mouth about actually really being sold any regular people you know these big-time Hollywood lawyers they come after you the lawyers they'll send you a cease desist and threaten your family you know you don't end up on the New York Times on the New York you usually get threatened by a big-time Hollywood lawyer you know but you know they left their support nest and here's one here's one of her quotes many women my age just don't get with it too it's how to handle things chin up stop great thing we do not case ourselves as victims because we do not see ourselves as victims while the strategy has worked for me I wish I had waited so long to say something about two of my hideous men and you know what you shouldn't wait because you were an adult it's not like you're a kid you know Mike my wife's been trying to scream the high hills about all the professional wrestlers that are pedophiles with no one month to listen and those guys get close to children every weekend just think about that but since nobody cares about you know my wife's problem I don't give a fuck about this bitch mainstream media she's a liar EGM Carroll is probably a communist and probably a liar she says of receiving death threats being driven from my home being dismissed being dragged through the mud and joining the 15 women who have come forward with credible stories about how the man grabbed badgered belittled mauled molested and assault of them only you see the man and turn it around deny threaten and attack them never sounded like so much fun also I am a coward you know but you know that that's what people usually do that's what that the Hollywood lawyers over at low blow threatened my family so you know I do get triggered by a these stories that come out here but now they're attacking the president with one and my voice is going to be heard and I think the mainstream media they're gonna try to run with this and you know you're gonna have more feminazi protestors out there but it's all fake it's all a show because I'll tell you right now have something like this happened to anybody in your family and see if anybody in the fucking media cares see if the police care see if anybody ever gets brought to justice we got Hollywood pedophiles running wild and writers like her New York know all about all about the pedophiles running around screwin little kids everywhere and you see that in the news now it gets covered up it gets covered up by the lawyers but you're gonna hear this old hag come out and tell a bunch of lies about the president and the whole mainstream ad is gonna bend over backwards to support it they are liars yeah it hasn't hit the mainstream media yeah it's still trending you know by Sunday it's gonna be trending big-time and you know and this is the way they're gonna attack him the other way they're attacking Donald Trump is over the the Central Park five they're getting all the african-americans all riled up because Donald Trump won at the Central Park five executed back in the day you know but this is still a breaking news story not really in the mainstream media tonight but you're gonna hear a lot about it but screw her I don't believe a damn thing I don't believe the damn fake news or attacking the president again bitch bitch is lying and I know the left they're gonna get triggered when they hear me saying this that's why I'm saying it because you fucking lefty Muniz are not gonna get away with attacking the president just like I said he could walk out on the 5th Avenue and shoot someone in the head and I'd say magum a great shot president I don't know a lot of people feel like that now especially with everything this president's been through you know I got the result and see him all the way and because this is an information war important the information war is fighting back and tell him the leftist and the liars to eff off and that's exactly what I'm doing right here you know I don't know this lady you know I don't know I wasn't there when it happened I wasn't a fly on a wall but fuck her for piling on the President and going after him in this time and our country where we need a great leader Donald Trump the best president of all time will not be stopped by this nasty nasty olive oil looking home and that's all I had to say about that yeah we do not promote violence there's no violence we don't need no violence you know we need justice this bitch maybe needs to get locked up you know we can find out who put her up to this and you know what what she wants to make a big deal about but you know I just don't believe any of these me two stories because I'll tell you right now me too is fake news all the activists in me – or fake you know people like Melissa Milano they're fake activists they don't do anything for anybody Emily Lynn lit over a team bug all this meat – stuff that these feminists have created they're fake all the rape organizations and the rape support organizations like the rape and incest national network in Washington DC they're fake they're scams con artists you know and the women's movement is completely fake like you're gonna have every feminazi out there screaming and yelling about grand by the pussy and eg in Cairo and Donald Trump for the next few weeks you know when all these same woman out there you know the same woman that are out there promoting not so-called feminism or the first one to murder children in the womb and screw them and that's really what this is all about all this fake is in this leftism this fake feminism you know I love Christian women like my mom Christian conservative women screw these leftist Jezebel's out there's all I gotta say screw them there ain't no way they're gonna get away with lines about my president yeah they want someone to run the GOP against they do they're probably get Mitt Romney shit Romney you know dr. Freud and Cavanaugh yeah whatever happened to that one Gloria Allred yeah and Gloria Allred she's the biggest fake lawyer had her and her daughter Lisa bloom my wife was sexually assaulted as a child violently by Vince McMahon's employees and we written letters to Lisa bloom and Gloria Allred nothing because they're fucking fake they're Hollywood actor lawyers me to a steak that's what I'm trying to get out there to everybody it's all fucking fake it's a bunch of Hollywood Jewish lawyers that are playing roles they all work together everything sticks they're all connected when this kind of stuff happens you know everybody from Gloria Allred to Alan Dershowitz they're buddies they're like Illuminati lawyers that's the way it works and they're all deep Staters Gloria all right all of them they're all connected they're the lawyers you know so and that's what it's a dial is under attack by these people you've seen how quick freaking creepy Alan Dershowitz I flipped on that but Alan Dershowitz Gloria Allred Lisa bloom all fake fucking Hollywood lawyers in my opinion and the me two movements fake it's a honey pot for lawyers just like that to shut down stories about all these horrible people in Hollywood in my opinion and my humble opinion but I don't believe what they're saying you know I don't believe what they're saying about the president screw them you know I think this woman should face justice lock her up lock her up maybe this is the next one we got to lock up this uh writer eg in Carroll I know I know they left this when they watch this video it's gonna drive them crazy that's why I made it this way so everybody thanks for joining the broadcast I join me a little bit later tonight well maybe talk more about this this is still a breaking news story but don't believe the lies of the fake news lamestream media you know they're just attacking our president and mr. met with mr. Mid West al X thank you for children chat Lipscombe arc Slade bcq dictum factum Kirk up the Grove in the house jerilyn dynasty menace you know Teresa champion marry Ted Nona I hope all the women out there didn't get offended because I'm not trying to offend all the women out there that I love and all the great Christian conservative women it's these lefty loony baby killing witches so don't get offended by me I'm not talking about what I'm saying all these nasty things about women it's about nasty women like Hillary Clinton in this one and people like Nancy Pelosi people that lie against their president you know I love conservative a great women like the FLOTUS the first lady you know and I love everybody that watches the show don't get offended women you know I'm not trying to offend you I'm just trying to trigger the left that's what this whole video is about so I thank you everybody out there for a watch and I'll be back a little bit later soon as the Pete Santilli show's over I'll be streaming live maybe we'll take some phone calls I don't know what we're talking about or what we'll be breaking but I'll make sure you join me a little bit later tonight everybody chat thanks for all the support a Bruce Wayne I seen you all in the chat and everybody thanks for joining you know uh Carolyn a Teresa champion art Slade bcq everybody you know I mean yeah Mary Tyndall dictum factum super feast and thanks everybody you know I'm over at work ot plays from the live Teresa champion hello thanks for joining okay okay I'm getting to know all the names you know but I'll be back a little bit later tonight as soon as the Pete Santilli show's over I'm still at work I still got some work to do thanks everybody for watching but I'm gonna log out right now and I'll be back later mega mega mega and like I said I'm gonna support this president he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and I will applaud him it's gone that far thanks for watching everybody mega mega mega support the POTUS best president ever president Donald J Trump don't believe the height

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