Writer Jonathan Maberry Talks Representation

finding an agent is is a little tricky and there's a lot of ways to do it wrong and there are a couple of ways to do it right the simplest way would be to subscribe to say publishers marketplace comm pretty much the only pay site for writers I agree with but it tracks almost all of the deals in publishing and each deal listing lists the agent who represented it and the editor who bought it and their names are clickable links you can do a keyword search say you wanted to write an action Western you can search action westerns and you can find out who's representing those types right now who's buying them right now you can go click through to their sites and see what kind of books are looking for how what their submission guidelines are and so on that's probably the most effective way of finding an agent to create a targeted list as opposed to the scattershot approach it allows you to be precise and not waste your own time so it helps your career advance a lot more quickly

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