the grace and peace assalamualaikum Shalom my ID Hotel namaste free the land beloved my name is Vicky Dillard and I am a fly nubian queen tv.com contributor but I'm pleased to be sharing the love from fly to being Queen right here with the your black world family welcome welcome welcome welcome to the Vicky show right here on your black world as you come in I do ask that you come in giving us the thumbs up please please come in giving us thumbs up thumbs up be sure to give us the thumbs up be sure to like and be sure to share like family thank you so much I see some folk coming in now again welcome welcome welcome keep giving us a thumbs-up the reason we ask that you give us the thumbs up is because when you give us the thumbs up you increase the likeliness of others being able to see our broadcast so we welcome welcome welcome you to the show today now family we have a very interesting subject and some of the elements of our show today seems like this you know it seems kind of benign are you hearing me but in fact it is quite important and this thing that we're going to be discussing today I'll be reading from a couple of different articles from the one of them is the Atlantic black star a lanta black star and the other I'll be referring to some things from BuzzFeed news where we're discussing today this black female transit worker that was shamed by a pretty well-known Leicester scholar influencer and author Natasha times and this Natasha times this influencer this writer shamed this beautiful hard-working black woman wait for it wait for it for eating for eating on the train this is what we're going to discuss and while it seems like that's too benign of an issue to even try to make into an issue somebody talk black to me are you hearing me while it seems like it's benign it's actually extraordinarily problematic and we're going to discuss why more in detail but just before I do that family your black world TV family I want to shout out Pamela Turner how many of you all have seen the footage that has made its way all through social media by now of this black woman a 44 year old black woman who I'm also told is a grandmother was murdered shot five times while a white police officer stood over her now there it's been reported that she took his taser and that allegedly tried to tase him or taste him with it but we know based on the footage that he was over her when he shot her and he released five different bullets and she was pronounced dead on sight I want you all to know that flood nubian queen is covering that and by the way for those of you who don't know we also have a platform finally between calm on facebook where we have over four hundred and forty thousand subscribers to make sure that you connect with us there because we tell the story about what's happening with black people and we tried to parlay our influence with these different platforms even with some of the problematic issues that are going on there with some of them while building our own somebody talk black to me but I wanted to shout our sister out Pamela Turner and one of the queens Jade Arundale she's already done a piece on it I may come in at some point and do a story on it as well but I want to let you know that she is another example Pamela Turner she's another example of the explicit ex alt on black women and what I'm discussing today is also in furtherance of the point that I'm trying to make is another example of how black women are being shamed are being assaulted are being targeted are being harassed by the powers that should not be so I will invite right now instagram family join us right now on your black world tv.com your black world tv.com we're getting ready to get into the subject right now see you there so family thank you so much for joining us shout out to our Mod Squad that's in the building the digital building shout out to the Mod Squad shout out to some of you beloved that are joining us Amina and Asiatic black man and Margaret and rich wrist and Tammy and Colby and Don D and so many others that are coming in Lisa welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome now family just as we getting ready to get started I want you to do me a favor on the count of three on everybody on the count of three on the count of three I want everybody to get ready to give us the thumbs up are you ready are you ready thumbs up family thumbs up one two three thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up beloved shout out to you Andrew Perkins for your gift may it be returned back to you a thousand four he says value and grow the black dollar absolutely absolutely we absolutely thank you thank you thank you so much black family for doing that now let's get into the story without further delay so here we have this story of this one woman by the name of Natasha times here is a picture of her this is my post that I put up earlier on this this podcast that we're doing right now this show that we're doing right now this is one of the pictures of this woman this Natasha times now I'm going the first article of going to read from very briefly as you keep coming in thank you so much is from Elana bekstaarr listen to what it says it says and the title of it is black transit workers shamed by author Tasha tines for eating on train Arthur could lose book deal after backlash so here we go it says a washington-based author is being dropped about her publishing house amid fallout over a tweet condemning an african american transit worker for eating on the train think about that family think about that Natasha tines a social media strategist and communications officer for the World Bank Group tweeted a photo of the unnamed woman who was sporting a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority uniform worn by employees of the transit system in the nation's capital she deemed the workers train ride meal are y'all ready for this she deemed the workers train ride meal unacceptable that's a quote family then tattled to the woman's superiors for breaking the authorities rules against eating you heard me right you heard me exactly right Natasha Tynes she does herself family as a social media strategist and communications officer for the World Bank Group this little nosy Caucasian Jordanian was so bothered by this black woman eating she was so irritated she was so agitated she was so bothered by that that she tattled to her superiors but she didn't just tattle to the superiors family and this is why I believe that this writer natasha teens who snitched on this black woman for eating on the train this is why I feel like that she deserves punishment she deserved very serious consequences is that she didn't just tattle to the woman's superiors and even that was too much somebody told black to me but family let me not say move too fast you're getting ready to hear what she did next I'm a read from the author let me read from the article actually did it specifically say that yeah she took a picture of the woman put it on her large social media platform for the world to see and the woman the beautiful black lady did not even know that her photo was even taken by this woman this is the tweet that she wrote are y'all ready for this she says when you're on your morning commute and see WMATA employee of course remember that sense for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority employee in uniform and she put uniform in all caps eating on the train but the lady's picture she goes on to say I thought we're not allowed to eat on the train this is unacceptable hope at WMATA response so she put at WMATA response because that means families she then tagged and she tattled touch she tattled she's tellin telling tattle telling as little word we use when I was little growing up in Mississippi she's tattle telling on this sister when she makes the ED sign and she tags the Washington Metropolitan a Metropolitan Area Transit Authority she goes hope Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority responds so she sits that she puts that on there and she says she hopes that response but she wasn't done family she wasn't done family she goes on with her tweet in saying now I'm going to quote you but BuzzFeed BuzzFeed put out more of her tweet she so near this she added in the tweet when I asked the employee about this her response was worried about yourself does that make sense when I just said family here's another picture of her from BuzzFeed BuzzFeed put this picture of her in there can you all see it that's Natasha x that's the Caucasian woman that was having a hissy fit that was coming all up out of herself or shall we say she was actually being herself by contacting this employees superiors and then taking a picture of her y'all putting it on her social media platform to tell the world about it yall already know where I'm going I see the Vicky show family is in the building the flat nubian queen tv.com family is in the building your black world the intelligent black family is in the digital building why do I say that what do we say around this piece once I hash tag family what's ours tagged on Dee Brenda put it in don t put it in Heather put it in what's the hashtag family Benita put it in mind your own white we say that with all due respect we figure that you have a plate and it is quite full your plate is complete with white domestic terrorist your plate has a whole lot of pedophiles and rapists on it somebody talk black to me we talk about facts we're talking about sheer facts if the truth causes you to be offended then you better check yourself somebody talk black to me your plate is full of opioid addict your plate is full of wrong Street fraudsters that you need to help you need to address and hold accountable your plate is full with provable liars that are now Supreme Court justices your plate is full of credibly alleged racist incredibly alleged rapist in chief by the name of Donald Trump who's occupying federal a federal house a federal residential area known as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue your plate is fool you got too much going on to be trying to be out of an hour somebody talk black to me so we respectfully admonish you we encourage you to focus a little bit more on your own business on your own business your own business somebody talk black to me you got too much going on to be worrying about our hard-working transit worker who's trying to make it to her next location and so as not to make her customers wait and because the train was delayed she's trying to scarf down her food thinking about other people somebody told black to me so mind your own business got a lot of it going on not of an angle your statisticians your demographers we talk about this often they're telling you that your death rates are increasing naturally and self-impose because a lot of our has to do with suicides as well your your birth rates are decreasing it's not looking good for you biologically perhaps you want to be focused on that and perhaps in some twisted way you are but you're just miss directing your attention somebody talked like to me let's keep reading from this article it goes on to say again I'm back to this and leatherback star article goes on to say how eating and drinking littering and smoking are prohibited on metro trains and in stations the other said where she was when she confronted the employee about it the woman told her as we just said before to worry about yourself isn't that the advice that we just gave her only the employee said it much much much much nicer in a much more diplomatic way to this she says worry about yourself this sister was absolutely right to tell this woman this white woman to mind your own business she said to worry about yourself may I submit to you this is the reason why sister girl Natasha times came all up out of herself to try to get this woman in trouble to put her livelihood at stake then to embarrass her try to embarrass and humiliate her before the world to harass this woman for what again family for et I don't want you to miss this now for those of you who think this is this is petty but the white woman the only thing that was petty about it was this petty power play that this white woman took against the sister but the issue that we're talking about is by no means pity because it is a way in which white extremists try to flex they're white power somebody talk black to me using food even regarding food even I should say it is a means by which they endeavor to flex their white power don't forget yesterday when we were talking about Megan McCain from the view and we have been discussing several other white women that have been deployed in this war strategically utilized for the purposes for the aims for the agenda of white supremacy to attack and to arrest black people I told you that one of the reasons that they use white women is number one it makes what the white racist white racism which is really the only racism there is but it makes it more digestible somebody talk black to me because it comes in the form of a woman that feminine energy and white women as I said before there tends to be a level of credibility there is a belief and an attention that they get for no reason other than the fact that they're a white woman so this is another reason why they often use white women to do it because it makes white supremacy more digestible and because there is credibility and there was an attention that they are given for absolutely no reason at all somebody talked like to me before I keep moving for those of you are just tuning in my name is Vicki Dillon I am a fly nubian queen tv.com contributor and I'm so pleased also to be a your black world contributor we're sharing the love we're spreading the love I'm for a little bit of time here with the your black world family from Flanagan Queen tv.com so we're so thankful that you're with us today I'm asking that on the count of three that everybody gives us the thumbs up why because we know oftentimes the platforms don't notify our people like they should so one of the things that we can do to increase the likeliness that other folks are drawn into the broadcast as we keep giving us give thumbs up and be like when we share and when we engage so on the count of three everybody give us a thumbs up with you one two three thumbs up thumbs up everybody thumbs up beloved I see you doing it I see you're doing it keep giving us a thumbs up thumbs up keep liking he's sharing by the way if you would have received notification when dr. voice is going live and others right here on your black world I'll be sure to text the word boys two three one nine nine six six two word boys two three one nine nine six so family if you're not driving if you're not driving would you be so kind and be sure to just hit that thumbs up button slam that thumbs up button we see the numbers going up and we thank you so very much now this is a series really today's show you can really consider this to be a series a show in a series of other shows that talks about the dangers of these Venky's are you hearing me that the serious and very real dangers of these veggies because she was putting this woman's job this woman's livelihood and risk not only that by blasting her to the world she was opening her up to harassment from other folk other trolls and perhaps even other ignorant and unintentionally unstable people somebody talk black to me so watch this family BuzzFeed get some get some to it as well in its article when it says here entitled it that the a DC metro worker is hurt and embarrassed after a writer called her out in a viral street for eating on the train now one of the things that BuzzFeed points out here is the here's a tweet that I've actually already read but I want to emphasize a couple of parts on this this isn't black and white and you really can't see it good and I'm kind of glad that you can't see the black woman's face because I don't want her face actually to be seen very clearly but because her face isn't shown very good here that's why I'm showing it to you because I just want you to see the fact that she is in uniform but just want you to see that this is the snap that was taken by this nosy and very very horrible Natasha that's the pic that she took of this woman that the ladies didn't even know was being snapped of her and she certainly didn't know that a prominent social media expert and a communications person from a World Bank as well as a writer she didn't know that that individual but so that the individual that was harassing her that was badgering her she didn't know that they snuck and took her picture – now listen when your own this is a quote again I'm reading when you're on your morning commute and see WMATA employee in uniform eating on the train remember rather than looking to go I thought we were not allowed to eat on the train of course and then of course then I asked when I actually employee about this her response was worried about yourself see Natasha thought she was uncheck able did you hear what I said Natasha thought that she was unshakable I believe that she took this to another level when the sister told her man worry about yourself and she was absolutely right to tell her that her arrogance is what's it was what really set her off because you felt that this was the help somebody told black to me you thought this was a help you saw this sister in a uniform eating her food living her best life somebody told black to me and because she didn't bow down that just got on your nerves keep listening she got the article goes on to say what happened next is a complicated cautionary tale for those who impulsively use social media to expose behavior they deem inappropriate and/or unlawful are you hearing me listen to this times a Jordanian American so both keeps saying that she's this and she's that trust me I've done my best to do my homework before I come to you this article as well as another piece that Iran says that she's Jordanian times of Jordanian American social media strategist and writer has potentially lost a book deal for her debut novel after her tweet sparked fierce backlash on social media folks were accusing times of being anti black entitled and a terrible person which I agreed to all of that somebody talked back to me which I totally and completely agree with that assessment it says and while the Metro employee will not be facing disciplinary action for eating on the train because that's what the Union folks that represent her made that clear it says that she is quote hurt and embarrassed this is why this issue is not petty it's a very serious issue because this sister is said to be very hurt and embarrassed for being blasted on social media berry Hobson a spokesperson for the Metro Workers Union told BuzzFeed news Monday the spokesperson said in a statement that it does not comment on personnel matters however speaking generally this kind of incident wouldn't be expected to result in more than a counseling for first-time of hits it says but Hobson said that the operator who has worked for the WM 80 since 2001 a longtime employee family was unable to enjoy Mother's Day weekend with her children after being quote humiliated by tines on social media instead the operator spent Mother's Day trying to respond to multiple people asking her about her photo that went viral on social media the employee is not permitted to speak to the media per her union contract so that's why a spokesperson for the Union family is making these comments but listen to what article goes on to say it says that she has children that go to DC Public Schools Hobson said she's very embarrassed and wishes x had not done this it says that Hobson added that the operator that's the black lady whose picture was captured who was harassed by this white woman it says that she says that she would have usually followed the rules and not eaten on the train however she was aware of an email that Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik has sit may 8th just two days before tines his tweet ordering transit offers to cease and desist from issuing criminal citations in the District of Columbia for fare evasion eating drinking spitting and playing musical instruments without headphones until further and to further advise understanding this email our operator clearly was doing no wrong the metro union's worker union the Metro workers union rather said in a statement somebody talk black to me it also talks about the fact in this article feminists the operators had have on average of have an average of 20 minutes to eat and to get to their next access point to ensure buses and trains are on time according to the Union most operators did not have a sanitary place to have their meals due to rodents insects and in the system rodents and insects in the system and a lack of break rooms and some stations Thompson said that the operator ate her breakfast on the train because she was forced on she was focused on serving her customers in a timely manner why family also one of the others were reported in fact that one of the trains were late so she wanted to make sure that she didn't make the next group of customers wait so that she could eat so she was eating very quickly on the train with all of these things in mind knowing that the rules had changed in terms of folks being given citations as well as the train being late and heard not wanting to make her next customers wait now let me just say this is a side note let me say this as a side note do you know one of the reasons why we advise folks to join the black business school comm chatter to the mod squad hopefully the my squads putting this information in there do you know what the reasons why we emphasize starting your own businesses and doing for self like when you go to fly newbie in business comm and investing by going to fly Nubian money.com I'm looking for my moderators I'm looking for my moderators to put this information in there there might be a delay in my device that I'm on today but the reason why we enter you going to the intelligent the intelligent black school calm the reason why we emphasize slide nubian money calm the reason we emphasize fly Nubian business.com it's for the same reason why we see manifested in part the issues that our sister is dealing with in this case what is that it's fine family I worked in corporate America for many years all kinds of job side jobs our second jobs while I was holding down the first job working at a day you can utilize those your main job to fund your dream to fund your business right see that as a resource to use as the startup cost to fund your business or to fund your dream but let me tell you having to be to work in these kinds of conditions if it is not your blessed if it is not your passion and even if it's your desire to do something different this is why we emphasize it why because this sister has what on average of 20 minutes to eat and the article says what in unsanitary places it says most operators do not even have a sanitary place to have their meals due to rodents and insect you can imagine when you're on those trains that big rats and mice and other things are going on there and they said it's some stations they're not even restrooms are not even break rooms and some of the stations knowing that you can't eat in peace because someone might try to take your job and embarrass you before the world that's another reason why if you feel desire you should begin to start your own business come on somebody it might take you a while to get to a place where you're self-sustaining it doesn't mean quit your job tomorrow but I'm saying it gives you a reason to start today somebody talk black to me you hit the gavel on that one you don't even control when you can eat and a little bit of time that you have and then to add insult to injury the unsanitary conditions that you're forced to eat the food in somebody told black to me then they keep giving us a thumbs up keep like and keep sharing keep liking keep seeing this is a very very very interesting an important subject to discuss listen it goes on to talk about the fact that tines left Jordan around 14 years ago to live in the US and spit nearly four years writing her debut novel they called me Wyatt that's the name of her own novel she was working on family which was set to be published in June according to a 2018 interview in the Jordan Times my novel is based on my life in the United States and Jordan is my life my novel is based on my life in the United States in Jordan and it's about being a woman in the Middle East now one of the criticisms that Natasha tines has gotten is the fact that saying they said the in the pants that she's been talking about minority women in the past she's talked about how important it is for minority women to have voice right and to be respected and so forth let me help you out with something this woman we're not just respecting her because she's from Jordan but let me tell you our something some of you that's coming over here that have immigrated to the United States put some respect on our names when you get here even though this woman was advocating for minority rights and so forth clearly in her mind she wasn't thinking minority for black people or black women somebody talk black to me she didn't have us in mind she had folk like herself in mind perhaps the LGBTQ community but she didn't have black folk black women from America in mind because she would not have felt so comfortable badgering and attacking us but y'all better put some respect on our names I understand that you and some of your families come to America seeking the American Dream just make sure you know you're experiencing their dream based on our black nightmare somebody talk black to me this is not anti-immigrant what I'm pointing out is that you better go sit down somewhere Natasha that's an interesting name by the way for you to be from join Natasha Natasha you don't come here disrespecting black women and apparently you're made to believe that this is okay this is a worldview of yours that you have when you thought it was permissible it was okay and she did it with such ease listen to this hang out with me give me a minute while I'm doing that family keep texting make sure that you text the word boys 2 3 1 9 9 6 so that she receives phone notifications make sure that you like make sure you to share that you're subscribed be sure that you're subscribed to sorry between comm on fly nubian queen calm and fly nubian queen TV calm the network for militated women like you go there as well because we're putting contact content all over the place and we're sharing the love with your black world family and we're so thankful that you allow us to do this on that on your platform again my name is Vicky Dillard and you can follow me by the way on Instagram and Vicky X do it now watch this it says here it says here and I love this because this is I thought this was interesting it says that the publishing company rare birds books a publishing house that was set to distribute to distribute the novel announced that it had canceled the books distribution and urged the publisher to cancel its publication altogether are y'all hearing me it says that the publishing house which is rare books rare birds books shout-out to rare birds books a publishing house that was set to distribute the novel they announced it was cancelling the books distribution shout-out to them for that in a statement rare birds books said Times quote y'all wanna hear what they said the publishing company says Times quote did something truly horrible today in tweeting a picture of a metro worker eating her breakfast on the train this morning and drawing attention to her employer they continued and I thought this was so powerful this is why this isn't a petty issue this is why it's a serious issue this is why I say family that white women in this instance racist white women racist white women in this instance they're using something as benign as food they're using that as a means to flex white power by tattling by not only talking to her superiors but by taking it to the world using her social media platform to humiliate to badger and to embarrass this hard-working the publisher goes on to say this listen family black women face a constant barrage of this kind of inappropriate behavior directed toward them and a constant policing of their bodies the statement added we think this is unacceptable and have no desire to be involved with anyone who thinks it's acceptable to jeopardize a person's safety and employment in this way shout-out to rare birds books and it's interesting that the name is rare birds books because this is indeed a rare thing that corporate companies do darling you got it exactly right we are at and we have seen news footage flooding the airwaves flooding digital the digital Airways showing what mostly white women we thought about facts here we're not trying to target anybody we're talking strictly facts mostly white women are the ones that we found that called the police on a black woman who's in a university that she attends studying but goes off and the white girl calls the police owner talked about she didn't look like she belong there it's a white women that's calling the police on black people three black people that's barbecuing in a public park somebody told black to me it's white women that have been calling the police on young little black boys whose book bag bumped up against her and lying calling the police saying that this child sexually assaulted her it's white women that's called the police on black folks that are holding the key to their apartments claiming that they look suspicious and should not be there somebody told black to me it's mostly white women they can't hide their own business that caused the slave patrols also known as the police also known as the slave catchers because they are white and they say so the rare the rare birds books the publishing company for this woman who did such an egregious act against her sister they got it exactly right they know that black folk are at war and they know specifically in this instance that black women are at war you know why listen again to a part of their statement while you're listening family keep giving us the thumbs up for those of you that's just coming in be sure to give us a thumbs up be sure to like be sure to share we appreciate you doing this because we want to make sure that others are able to hear this broadcast we're very clear that some of these our social media outlets they don't always send out notifications like they should so we want to be able to do things to pull our people in so that they can hear the message because black media manners listen again I don't want you to miss this point again the publishing company issued a statement and said that black women face a constant barrage of this kind of inappropriate behavior directed towards them and a constant policing of their bodies we think this is unacceptable and we have no desire to be involved with anyone who thinks it's acceptable watch this watch this this is the power of what this Becca did they said that they don't want to be involved with anyone who thinks it's acceptable to what jeopardize a person's safety and employment in this way and this woman knew that's exactly what could have taken place with her blessing her photo blasting her picture before the world on our large social media platform that's now deleted because the woman had the nerve to eat it's an extraordinary you're right an extraordinary invasion to humiliate this sister because you said she wasn't following the rules you know what I wonder about this natasha lady how much of her time and energy does she use to call out what white supremacy in that way does she follow up with the offender's superiors does she actually reach out to them in the way that she reached out to this hard-working black woman who was trying to eat quickly instead of making her customers wait at the next stop because the train was late does she do do you think that Natasha spends that kind of energy using her in her platform using her other powers at her disposal to call out white domestic terrorists for example do you think she does that do you think she did the follow up that she did with this sister that was just easy I want y'all to think about that one of the responses one of the somebody tweeted in response to this by saying I'm a resident so not on Twitter as I often as I often as she probably meaning probably you probably she's trying to say it's often that she usually is just learn what Natasha Tynes who is a Jordanian American did anti black racism is shamefully all too common among non black people of color I would ant classism to the list of bigotries that we must fight to this was about lady named Mona i'ma late a lady de Mona said on Twitter someone else made the comment that Natasha tines apology which has zero detail about accountability is another effing reminder of the anti-black sentiment that non black people of color commit of people of color communities never assume your narrative is done or you're done learning until you practice uplifting black women you're not free someone else say about the name of Roslin given that Natasha tines threatens a black woman's livelihood this is an appropriate and pleasing response checking our anti blackness and misogyny is an ongoing process we should be held accountable when we ass up that's what somebody named Roslin just said these are some of the responses that people have made I think it's very important I hope excuse me that we are giving you further evidence of the fact that we are at war and here's what here's some of the solutions for you get out somebody talk black to me get out somebody says what do you mean Viki get out I understand that the systems institutions that this matrix that we are in is inextricably connected to white supremacy I understand that it is not easily and we're not gonna be able to easily untangle it but if you don't start today investing in black businesses if you don't start today educating your own children whether it's home school whether it's putting in the black black schools if we don't start today making those investments we will never get there in a substantive way may I tell you that there are people that are actually doing this stuff today they're black folk that are already policing their own communities shout out to the other Minister Louis Farrakhan whose brainchild is the 10,000 fearless and the 10,000 fearless it's not just for folks that are registered members of the Nation of Islam therefore black people that are concerned about and are dedicated to making their neighborhoods safe and decent places to live they are groups within our groups that do conflict resolution in some areas like in Louisiana do you know them when they're certain gangbanging issues so called gangbang rivaling and disputes shout-out to brother Willie Mohammed in that area that they go to folks like my brother Willie Mohammed they're in a stance of taking the life of their brother instead of making an attack on a rival quote/unquote gang they go to folks like brother Willie Muhammad to resolve their issues conflict resolution is somebody talk black to me we are capable of doing these things ourselves because we're finding as we found everybody I started the show by shouting out our sister Pamela Turner the story of this 44 year old black woman that was gunned down by a racist pig a racist police officer that's good over her claiming that he tastes that she tastes him that still pales in comparison to the fact that he murdered her and based on some of the footage it seems that that was absolutely avoidable it's problematic when we involved the police in our black affairs somebody told black to me it turns out in too many cases to be fatal to be deadly it's a literal life-and-death situation but we're also seeing the macro aggression the micro aggressions actually we're seeing micro races microaggressions from white people from within corporate america from within the plantations and from without but they're still interconnected with it because it was a rule that had been modified system the sister was aware that the rule had been modified but this miss knows the arrogant natasha was that aware of that and evident that wasn't the road if something about black folks living their lives like those black people they were enjoying their barbeque in the park before a white woman called the police on because they was having too much fun or that sister that was studying but she was studying so hard she fell asleep and somebody said that she didn't look like she belonged there so they called the police or those black men that were in Starbucks awaiting a upcoming meeting but the police were called on them and were arrested shout-out to you Reina girl for your gift may your gift be returned to you a thousandfold this is so important and family too many of our people are delusional what do you mean what do you mean Vikki to many of our people are delusional you know why I talk about this kind of stuff all the time as I say often it's because we're at war and someone who forget the real world you're too you're too comfortable in your oppression you've learned to cope with this sickness but this hell that we find ourselves in some of our people are so delusional because you fail to acknowledge that the behavior of your 464 year-old open enemy has not changed and they are showing no signs of changing and so because of that we must change what do you mean we must change because they won't change yes meaning instead of trying to beat down their doors to work for them instead of begging your open enemy to change laws and rules that are going to benefit you instead of begging them to do our babies right in education in educating them you've got to wake up and say you know what what's wrong with us to believe that these people that hung us that lynches that chopped off our body parts and kept them as souvenirs shoutout to you sir sir come for your gift instead of you acknowledging these people that are mowing us down right before our eyes that stands over our black Queens eye black mothers and grandmothers it kills them for those that grab ahold of our men who are unarmed and saying over and over and over and over again I can't breathe and they put him in a choke hold and murder him right before our eyes something is wrong with us when we are standing but when you continue to believe that these people are all of a sudden you want to be nice to you and right by you when you keep begging them to do stuff for you not because we don't deserve it yes of course we deserve it yes we should still make righteous demands of our enemies but at the same time we've got to live we've got to preserve ourselves and the way we do that is we got to get out a little bit about a little bit piece by piece and that is when we start to remove our babies one by one to educate them out of their school systems and we start to buy black in a more aggressive and meaningful and substantive way because it gives us a greater level of liberty of our own selves that removes us some of us from some of these extremely racist companies and organizations and environment moreover when we removed from the so-called plantations corporate plantations that gives you more time and more control over your schedule so that you can do more liberation work if you so choose somebody talk black to me we have to begin to incubate ourselves because they are showing no signs now going into the fifth century of oppression they're not showing any signs of slowing down black family it took me a while after I first heard about our sister Pamela Turner Pamela Turner that's a 44 year woman that said that she was pregnant before the office a few seconds later the officer murdered her some something that they're not sure if she was actually pregnant or not but they're looking they're expecting the autopsy to reveal the veracity or the truth of that or not but it doesn't matter if she was pregnant or not if she says she was pregnant this should have been even greater restraint whether or not she was pregnant at all if that's not justify murdering her the cheeky Xia Clemens can't go into a Waffle House and not be number one charged for plastic where she was just that recently and she wasn't charged and she was asking for the phone number for manager she saw folks on the phone and she assumed they were talking to the manager and instead they were actually on the phone with the police and when the police got there they put their hands on our owns I put their hands on her neck and they put her to the ground and they exposed her breasts before everybody in the restaurant and they didn't stop there with the abuse they didn't stop there with the violence they upped the ante with another kind of violence they use the system to bring charges against her and found her guilty right now sister Chiquita Clemens is looking to appeal looking for a new appeal date to overturn it but still we deal with these very oppressive systems we still have black political prisoners from many decades ago still locked up in American prisoners prisons we're still not getting justice family there's still red lining us shoutout to you Keith for your gift maybe the answer may be returned back to you a thousandfold are you hearing me we're seeing top doctors top researcher top doctors that work within the CDC that was blowing the whistle on them because he was exposing autism that's disproportionately found in black boys because of vaccinations refining again that the red lining that has to do with discrimination related to us discrimination related to homes purchasing homes hurt are having loans from banks it's interconnected that is when they try to prevent you from getting a certain house a property or when they use banking policy to discriminate against you then they gerrymander you which has to do with hijacking and stealing and manipulating your political power like voting when they incarcerate us in such large and disproportionate numbers separating families destroying neighborhoods removing the men from our homes making the families making the women and children more vulnerable to the world we've got to get out family voting can be effective in some ways but there are a whole lot of ways that were able to prove a no limit of time the ineffectiveness of some forms of voting every time black folk appear to advance in some way we start to see signs of white rage shout out to sister Carol Anderson the writer of the book white rage get that book if you get a chance white rage she talks about in the book white rage how it's usually a white rage tends to rear its ugly head especially when there appears to be black advancement and then we make our righteous and just demands for reparations that's a debt that's a bill that's owed that services is we rendered that's not charity it's not a good idea it's a debt it's a bill that's owed they got the nerve to get mad after benefiting all these years shoutout Gregory for your gift this is a problem family it's a very sick twisted problem let me take a quick moment here for those of you that are just tuning in my name is vickie Dillard I'm a fly nubian queen tv.com contributor and we're sharing the love with the black family on your black world meet me here meet me here Monday through Friday 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time we're going to share more of the fly nubian queen team with you I'm not the only fun to being claimed by the way if you think you have what it takes and you would like to be one of the Queens be sure to send your information to produce it's fun to be a Mediacom and I also want you to know to subscribe to funny bean queen calm in front of you clean tv.com I know I'm saying several things at once but just know that our moderators are on top of it and they're gonna put the information in the comment section we have so many other Queens who contribute who talk about our community issues who talks about our business issues who discuss family issues therapy that gives you the counseling issues that are applicable to your family to your marriages to your relationships to your children it's a plethora of information lots of wonderful content for the military women like you make sure that you subscribe there as well shout out to you Fred for your gift shout out to you William for your gift maybe I'll return to you a thousandfold family Natasha was being herself did you hear what I said family Natasha when you ask yourself why are they doing this why did she do this she's being herself she can't help it she can't help herself we're seeing this pattern that this is exactly who these folk really are and so instead of trying to change somebody's nature and their pattern of behavior why don't you just have enough black love for each other and yourself to say you know what I'm getting ready to get up out of here not making my own dream come true so that I am less susceptible to these micro aggressions from our open enemies Cinco men shout out to you back to basics for your gift shout out to you the key for your tenacity thank you so much beloved may yo Gary give return to you a thousandfold this is why it's important family why are the Becky's so bothered and jealous about us y'all you're the most privileged woman on the planet somebody talk black to me are you hearing me you're the most privileged woman on the planet but instead of you enjoying your privilege for the day think about a family she was getting ready to have her book published and distributed by some pretty prominent publishers and distributors right live in her best life working for a world bank corporation I believe that was the name of the organization let me get it right let me get it right let me see yes the World Bank Group your social media strategies and communications officer for the World Bank Group and you got this book coming out you're enjoying all kinds of privileges you acknowledge the fact that you're from Jordan you think your book was supposed to be about that experience as well as your experience here in the United States you should have been sitting around somewhere enjoying your privilege but instead she's so bothered about a hard-working marinated sister sitting on a train headed to go work some more so I talk black to me you should have been enjoying your best life girl but instead you said you're obsessing about mine and think about this family let me help you understand something when you listen to her tweet when you listen to her tweet i'ma read a little bit of it again listen to this tweet I'm fixed to point out something that's I'm pointing out something keep giving us a thumbs up family for those of you that are just coming in and though folks are coming in and out tell that the regular notifications didn't go out but we want you to know that you can cause others to know about this broadcast here on your black world tv.com family keep giving us a thumbs up on the count of three I let our new people that have not done so if you have not done so on the count of three would you do it give us a thumbs up one two three thumbs up family thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up family thumbs up I see you thank you so much keep giving us a thumbs up be sure to like be sure to share family let me tell you something let me tell you something listen to her tweet again I'm fixing to point out something that you may not have noticed when your this is a tweet that this Natasha woman put out in part when you're on when you're on your morning commute and you see @wm 18 employee in uniform she presented all cats eating on the train I thought we were not allowed to eat on the train this is unacceptable hope WMATA responds when I actually employee about this her response was quote worried about yourself family when she wrote this tweet when she tagged the Metropolitan the DC the yeah the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority she was expecting to be congratulated family girlfriend was expecting folks to Pat her on the back what circles do she does she what circles that she held from who is she hanging around who is she talking to what kind of conversations is she engaged in to where this lady felt comfortable attacking a hard-working black woman she was expecting to be congratulated family she wanted praise y'all for this good deed that she engaged in with a horrible terrible terrible self let me tell y'all something real quick let me tell you something real quick and real fast your black world family I refer to the movie the help often times especially when I'm talking about the power differential and the power between white women and black women and I do that not even because the movie the help does a good enough job explaining and demonstrating the hell's the daily Hales the black women had to deal with on the domestic front to be sure from the man when they were there but mostly from the white woman because the white woman had to do with the fact in many cases that her white man was attracted to the black woman let's not forget fact while I'm making this point let me know how many of you are actually seeing the movie the hill if you've seen the movie help put ones in the comment section for me if you've seen the movie he'll put put ones in the comment section while I'm making the point listen listen are y'all hearing me watch this I often refer to the help because it shows you it gives us a little bit of insight into how black women were treated if you see if you've seen it let me let me think of another emoji because sometimes they try to block folk when they put a woman I don't know what's wrong with this platform and why they were tried to block folk from showing the number one um if you've seen the movie cuz I see some folks trying to show that they saw it by putting the one in there but then the the platform is is trying to prematurely block them but anyway family I see the several of you all are familiar with the movie but anyway the movie help discusses black women particularly in Mississippi that were maids that worked in domestically as domestics as they were known as maids working for white families during the height of the Jim Crow era and it discussed it revealed some of the daily hell's that black women had to endure and one of the things as I just mentioned before did you understand the fact family that white women had to contend with the fact that their men in many of the cases were attracted to us that's outside of the movie that's just a reality okay that's just a reality but then you had to deal with the jealousy of that particular housewife right then on top of that you have to watch the daily brilliance of this black woman manifested for you every day what do I mean if you who are cooking that's an expression of love that means that you're taking care of the family you're cleaning you're fixing things but guess what the black woman was also a type of therapist for the children as well as even the white woman in many ways somebody talked black to me and because they often the black woman reared the children raised the children there was a great amount of love and affection that was often shown to the black woman that was not always shown to the white woman somebody tell black to me are y'all hearing me does that make sense family tell me that's making some sense to you tell me if this is making some sense to you now are you hearing me so you have this white woman that's jealous now in the movie the help so many of you have seen it right in the movie the help but I need you all to tell me if you understanding where I'm coming from today black family in the movie the help you see some of the white women had a real problem with the black woman using the restroom in the home they were very particular about the eating because one of the maids she was rearing her daughter who was preparing to be a maid in the house as well and she was telling her daughter look you have your own separate plate your own separate utensils you put it up in the cabinet you be sure she said you tell that white woman this is my plate this these are my utensils this is where I'm putting it because they always wanted to make a big deal about it because they wanted to make sure that you weren't eating after them or eating from the same place and so forth remember there was one white woman in particular that was beside her silly sick twisted self when the black maid had to go to the bathroom because I remember seeing that part of the movie she didn't want her using the restroom to the point to where they built an additional bathroom in a separate area to make sure that her man didn't use the same restroom as them in the house y'all saying yes you remember that right watch this watch this any little thing like a maid eating out of line using the bathroom out of line that bothered the white woman because these were signs of life and in the mind of a white supremacist they don't believe you have the right to live or to enjoy your life so much so they will try to get they will put your job in jeopardy and your very safety in jeopardy by exposing it to the world on social media somebody talk black to me you got to say to yourself what kind of sick twisted person are you to be so bothered not that let me help you it's not the real quick thing let me give a little warning I don't believe in violence I don't have that history so they talk black to me I do not believe in general that we should go after or that we should be the the aggressor that's the word we should not start fights in other words we should not start problems which most times we know black folk hardly ever do somebody talk black to me is that right family but I want to warn some of you who have a problem with black women eating and working hard I want to ruin some of you that have a problem with black folks existing the move of the help gives us some great insight somebody said what are you talking about Vicki the maids knew how to cook how a ready for this did you hear what I said one of the maids in particular knew how to cook real good she was known as the best cook in that area she was known for her fried chicken somebody taught black to me I'm a girl from Mississippi I eat chicken now you brand new vegans and stuff shout out to you ain't mad at you I don't eat no swine I don't eat no pig it's important that we have as many fruit some vegetables in our our our our daily eating regimens as possible but I eats me some chicken some of the top black to me you can boil it you can make it there are many other ways that you can do it but in this instances sister was bad we're cooking at Fried Chicken it's all black to me I'm from Mississippi for real for real so I resonate that resonates with me now watch this watch this that sister one of the mains was a real good cook but she was known for her fried chicken whatever meal was she known for family what other dish was she known for black family I want to know some of you that claim that you've seen the movie the hell what other dish was our sister in the movie what other dish what other food item let's say that one of the food item was she known for I'm waiting for y'all to tell me I'm gonna wait for you black family tell me family what other food was that black cook known for looks like I see one of y'all's responses somebody talked black to me I see it she was known for her pies family she was known for her pies y'all play too much back to basics is laughing at me I ain't even told you yet what's going on she's known for her pies let me help you out with something let me help you out with something let me help you out with something she was known for her pies one of the white women fired this sister that was the good cook the sister ultimately ended up finding another job but she tried to humiliate this woman on a daily basis she badgered and harassed and disrespected this woman on a very regular basis and the sister knew how to cook she could cook a pie so good how did it make you want to slap somebody in your family cuz black folks no door where you been I slap your mama watch this she ended up putting some experts will call it in the path and she served the pie with excrement how many of you know an extra minions family how many of you know an extra minions family excrement is that stuff that comes out of your body from the backside she mixed excrement into the ingredients for the pie and she served it to her oppressive former employee this white lady that daily harassed her badgered her in disrespected her that's exactly right beloved then she called the terrible she did something terrible awful that's what she said did she remember


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