Writer Nona Bishop talk her new book , Murder, Snitchs, and tips for writers

you [Applause] Tuesday's already turned up so look it's another Tuesday in the free world so you know we hear you can fight the style but you might break your teeth you bitch-ass niggas pay attention man I'm here with my motherfucking Bravo shit boy H and I see me in a building before we go any further excuse me alright people should bill be for real for real what introduced ourselves what do you know and our Bishop I love like dynamite also first time also that's what it is first of all we want to welcome you can't so you've got to appreciate that fact right that is true thank you you overspend your water for me because the niggas is not paying us oh yeah so look you already know we shout out the same people every week as we fuck with those that fucks with us so shout out the Chi Chi's kitchen cheese Chii Chii s kitchen on the grim fried crab legs we know when you're drunk in a club when you come at home we need something to fill that belly so you can make it then the next day that's where you want to go now ladies this is for y'all ice Bella Vita ice bellavita on the gram she got got mashes that don't fall off you heard me hold off eyelashes have all we trying to holla you know listen make it easier for us so we gonna get into the arm the dick head of the week before we go any further Oh mr. uh Yo Gotti Wow come on there's a DM listen man white boi himself mr. white so young Fletcher and stack money Empire gave him twenty thousand for verse of course mr. Gotti never gave him their verse so he turned around and said instead of giving you a verse I'm gonna give your deal fifty thousand so to try to play them you know it's worth more than you're gonna make all this money old man listen get out of here so he turned that down and they ended up suing them and they ended up winning the suit for six point six million so twenty thousand listen be real with your paperwork out there people honor your contracts you know Sam um we're gonna get into yeah yo gotti then we got miss Bishop with my fun fact I had a good fun fact for y'all too we'll get to that later fucking you go go right into miss Bishop make sense you would ever yeah it makes sense we know you with that so Miss Bishop your life influenced her yeah right yeah so break that down that's already you know some writers shit mad creative like Louis her oh my my personal place it's a very vulnerable place she is woman here her roar I'm not mad so I want to give it to the e Cochin just because AI think that super dope because technology is definitely where everything said it to me just you know being a layman it seemed like you took life coach and just be like electronic life coach is that fair to say so it's definitely fair to say i think people everybody these days i did not even once convenience right nobody wants the wait for anything I went to ignite rehearsal workshop and a woman speak of Brittany Hennessy said talked about how she used she buys these like your fillable toothpastes that's like little like pills to face did you just put it on a tooth brushing brush is no – you don't have to then you got to get there and then you got to get home and oh the travel time to get to your therapist and maybe an half hour drive from where you work or and now the drive so right what I did was cut out the travel time it's convenient I can Skype who you are can FaceTime right that's important and zoom whatever is your preference we can have a phone call but preferably a video but just to make it convenient for people who need life coaching and my coaching is in therapy so if someone needs to heal from trauma or some traumatic event I can't do that but if you're stuck and you're trying to move forward and maybe in your career in your professional life even in your personal life you just suck and need kind of some guidance on how to move forward then that's where the coaching comes now we will get into the writer thing guys want them yeah first of all promote your business yeah me spend some money with her it's not free fashion things Nona bishop calm yeah we definitely get to the side cuz that's super dope in itself alright so what do you think about the term street novel like how does that you know I favor well with you do you like it don't like it so I think anybody that writes a book and tell a story it's something personal to it so I think it's a it's kind of a catch-22 because it can be a good thing depending on what side you look you look at it I don't think my book is necessarily a street novel just because it's a true story but it but it talks a lot about growing up in urban area so maybe it is perhaps write a street novel but I don't think it's a negative connotation I think it's just how you perceive it to be but I don't want to never be stuck in like it's just a street novel just because I feel like anybody could get something out of my book right oh I saw boom what do you think about Telos like super head and neck not just user but you know I'll just tell all that type of thing so I think tells it between your truth then you telling your truth right and sometimes your truth and Clues other people and I mean that's the same thing like in my book what tell them I'm sorry I had to include all the people that were involved to tell it in a way that I brought dignity and integrity to the people that you know have been into Tron in my life but I think that as long as you it's true to you then it's just story now maybe you need to change some names and you know whatever because people try to sue you and stuff like that like and outside of people trying to sue you right I can tell my truth but I maybe you don't maybe you're not in that space where you want the world to know your business well more so than telling the truth is even if people have did you harm its protecting people and their right to privacy you have had to deal with situations like that so this is my first novel and I talk a lot about other people so in Wrightwood I had to be mindful of my kids right because I'm talking about their dads and even though these rocky relationships that was filled with ups and downs and more downs than up I had to tell my story in a way that my kids aren't like you know you're talking about my dad and particularly my son his dad passed away six years ago and I wanted to and we had our really bad marriage and but I wanted to tell the story in a way that my son is not like you dragged to my dad my daughter's father was still living and we kind of don't have a good relationship and I really want to like drag his ass like you know like fuck that like let me just like just of all over the book but in a first draft I really did drag him and then when I went back I'm like you know what my daughter has to read this book my grandson has to read this book and I want to tell my story in a way that she doesn't have to say you know well dad you had to you know just my dad when you had to you know drag my dad so I think that you know you have to be you know mindful of people that you're talking about it but some people don't have they don't be mindful about certain things and they just put everything what do you say that those people because be honest when people do stuff like that that's like controversy I think that sells more you understand why I'm saying oh we shout out to let me entertain hard to navigate because we're we are but that's part of the challenge but speaking to the mic so did you see a question I think that people have to tell a space tell us truth in the space at the end so if that's what they need to do look this is my story or this is this story right so they have the right to tell their story though in the way that they see fit now I think yes people should be a little bit mindful when you're including other people in your story and nine times out of ten you started will include other people right if that's the story that's the story period fact and you know if you are embarrassed about what somebody's talking about you there maybe you need to live a better life leave with love that's really that's really I so boom they're like a game of the question so we'll pick some of the best ones you know oh let's start down here first book you ever read now like dr. Seuss like the first real book like at least over over 1600 she got me that was she small she's a writer she thinks quick I got it first book the witches by Roald Dahl that was my boat miss ladies first okay I'm Marita so I think the first book I actually took about any book and see you didn't read my book I was mercy I'm a slow reader I'm Dyslexic my problems to the world shares you this is a story about truth so we also watching she cool this everybody so first book that I read that I would say made it impact was a book called strike ice cream and ice cream strike ice cream I read it in third grade just kind of browsing through the library and I was giving my teachers a break because I was a really bad kid and but not a bad I was a kid that was experienced in childhood trauma and it was coming out in other ways and so I was browsing the library I was really giving my teachers a break because I was tired of just you know fucking off the day and I went to the library and I'm just kind of flicking through and I come across this book called strike ice cream and it was the first time that I had ever seen a black kid on a book and many years later I found out the author wasn't black but I seen this black girl on a book and she kind of looked like me and I had never seen that and I look up and you know here's my book and I'm looking at the back of the book and I'm kind of examining the book and I ends up reading a book and I was able to resonate with the character her name was Becky and so I would have these really bad birthdays even though that but anyway a bet to the book Becky her family was planning a surprise birthday party and they were kind of being mean to her and kind of not recognizing her day and she felt really bad and really unloved and I was able to resonate with that and on that day I fell in love what reading that's a bittersweet truth because that sucks but at the same time it sounds like a bunch of comfort at the same time kind of thing so I was able to resonate with it and what I found in reading that book was I was able to escape whatever was my reality I could escape it in a book and I could be Becky and I could be whatever character that I read in a book that's dope let's go we're brought you to your first book which you just say the name Granoff well I just was at the library just one day and you know how like it like after school day they they tell you like yeah after school program they bring you to the library and stuff like that right so it was a situation like that so I just picked up that book The Witches that was the first book like I read like chapter book overall and I liked it you know I mean that's how I got to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because rolled or wrote um you know Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so that's how I got in today that's how my first book are damn good entertainment all your entertainment needs please shout out on a grenade but a monster on me abroad she was reading that you know I guess cuz of the content it just like she said resonated with me so I'm actually able to stick with the book that's the first book I finished I was probably like 20 he was actually the first chapter book that I ever said it was a reading books outside but but I grew up you did really for me I always was a great reader math was always you know the struggle or subject but patience to read right it takes my patience to sit down you got to put in hours to finish a book I'm more of a 20-minute grade discipline to do that and this is what I'm working on if you look at my brother bad now I got two books on my back just cuz I'm working on sitting down making time having a patience to read because it's important because this is how they get so many of us in everything we do we go places they give us a 40 page contract but it says you're gonna get money at the end so you'd be like okay that's fine man you're not reading everything what's going on come on if you're an avid reader you could sit down and take the patients about you know what not I want to read everything everything understanding even we're not trying to get a car a house whatever you do you gotta you got to be able to read cuz if you don't know how to read you're fucked out in this listen that's a fact it's turned out Tuesday you already know we usually do the rapid thing but when we respect here is underground and indie artists true right and artistry comes many different flavors Thanks so that includes writers and these are the reasons why you hood booger boobs I'm saying out there they don't really like I did it that's a fact should because like the homie said you might turn it or whatever you may turn into or just in your daily life have some type of contracts that you need to go over read and make sure they're maybe not for yourself maybe for you can your mom's whoever but maybe you should be a reliable source loving and taming what up CPP I want it down that's a big compliment right there yeah that's iceberg slim right ah so cuz you guys didn't read about no shots fired while lovely entertainment acts though it's like in the same way that gun lovely entertainer who actually read my indie and he will use characters from one book that makes equal with the proceeded characters so she just wanted to know what was the plan yes right so the book is called love like dynamite and this actually what a name my mom so we had a really from one to five or birth to five we had a really great relationship both my parents were heroin addicts I sucked my dad to jail at five at the cops were looking for him and I told him the correct that yeah you really was bad [Applause] she merged people attempted murders she's a snitch dog I'm a rat and Ed something right around yes I know seriously um the cops were at English my grandmother's door and they were looking for my dad and my grandma was like I don't know then this bitch up and I'm like yeah we live in dirty Richmond Plaza apartment 19 D and yeah a week late anyone who picked him up but anyway my dad was the function in Attica both my parents and my mom couldn't manage for heroin addiction and care for me and my sister Road and so a little story short you know a series of neglect led to BC W which is now a CSP removing us from the home and we went to live with my aunt who I had only met twice when we meant to live when we went to live with her but as I got older I developed a hate for my mom right cuz moms are supposed to be there and I'm not even a hate just that anger that was misplaced and I'm just because it hurts so much that she wasn't there and I mean it hurt too that my dad wasn't there but you know when you can in our culture dads often are these mothers are supposed to be there and when you have to explain why your mama isn't there it's a different kind of conversation and oh you know my daddy you did so anyway that's rude and because my mom was from the street she was Harlem you know from the street always fighting and just explosive personality I named her dynamite so the book is kind of like a double-edged sword it talks about my childhood trauma but it's really the root of the book is about my relationship with her and how I just couldn't get past forgiving her and all the pain that she caused me but all the pain that I really caused myself by not forgiving her Wow so where you guys now you a mom do I have relationship is me so sorry I put you guys on the spot but she passed away seven years ago your ritual fucked up I need an axe about that you are Peter dynamite cool before before she died we still had a really tough relationship that I just couldn't get past and I couldn't forgive and it wasn't for a lack of heart trying it just was birth through a lot of hate and anger in me that I just you know it felt better blaming her for everything that went wrong in my life and hate then to actually just say hey look you hurt me and she wasn't there and I needed to so we didn't have a good relationship when she passed away and just really by my own accord but I think I'm in a space now that I've forgiven her and hopefully and after life she knows how much that I appreciate all that she couldn't be in all that she was listen I stress bad but just transfers we were angry she stopped so I'm Dyslexic it takes a while just give me one sec a lovely entertainment just interjected we're real quick that I'm she was just talking about you know growing into womanhood and it's this book can be a great help to young ladies and in so many areas because you know young ladies are growing into womanhood so just sort of you was know because they camera so what lovely is talking about is in the book I talk about I wouldn't do you know as everything most girls do I was you know tomboy and you know I didn't realize I have I had curves and a girl in my building had gave me some bubblegum G's at the time that was what they were called and which was yeah which was really like some stretch pants and you know I had to put the morning I'm like a a little tight but then I went outside so I went from being unnoticed to like being noticed and one thing we need to that I talk about a lot on my facebook pages that grown men at that time was like oh you gonna be bad or oh she got a fat ass and that's just not cool like that is not cool and sometimes I saw a culture right you see the grown men and they're looking you know they see a girl body but it's just not cool if it's under ages under ages men talk about the rape culture get ya look at a kid and say you know and so that kind of happened to me and I kind of liked the attention because I went from being invisible to like and it was the wrong kind of attention but nonetheless it was attention and I wasn't getting it from my parents I wasn't getting it in my home life this pleasure what did you yeah I was welcome I definitely did God definitely dig it okay if you didn't right right I have a job an HR director I work a daytime job we're talking about you know in a perfect world I didn't need to work for money in a bank section oh I'd be a backpacker in Africa like I just you know sleep in villages and in forever I'm seeing the world help you write the book that is an inspiration to the pages so I do travel quite a lot and it was the last place you went the last place I we're about Madrid no I was actually at Alicante Spain oh yeah got travel yeah going a different that's like an offbeat impact right so the interesting thing about a Laconte so if any of you really a LeCompte Spain so it's like the south of Spain like five days and I didn't see any black people I'm just about to say I'm not trying to go to Spain you know like not all Spaniards all Spaniards so a real yeah the real failure it's not the longer that left them of them what was the cook what was the vibe how did you feel feel like they were you know your people how was the vibe so I didn't nobody necessarily made me feel unsafe but I didn't feel safe because I've never in my life and Counting we're five days ago I never see anybody to look like me and I literally didn't see once they can stop buying you they was like nah we good and I don't know if you can have reverse racism right because no I'm ok no anything but I didn't I felt how white people probably feel about black and I'm like clutching my purse I'm like I'm not gonna be outside after 8 o'clock because know what could possibly happen to me and nobody did anything like nobody sure sure I didn't experience any races anything in there but I did I didn't feel as safe as I've felt in other places and I've inside they bring together I've been to Bali I've been to Thailand I've been to Malaysia I've been to Singapore I've been tons of places how many passports you got oh well I'm on my third Passport can I get out please Engineers that's the third passport I'm on my third pass wrapper shit I learned there a really long time ago that I could escape and travelling and it's a place where I can mentally decompress it I can get myself straight I can myself I can be like you know you're toxic and you need to fix that so I usually use you're very honest as a form of healing so yes I the book is a very honest place that's a very vulnerable place okay so have you ever got not writer's block readers block um I think I have Rita's black now like it isn't so easy for me to read a book and and I think just because for so long a book has been my escape and I no longer need sex game is it because it's not your book no it's not because it's not my book cuz I actually love to read I think just I'm not in a space where I need to escape and for so long books have been my escape it's been the one place I can go and I can be anything that I want to be and from like 20 to 40 I'm 43 so probably from like 20 to 40 I only read biographies and biographies people that are wealthy people that are successful because I wanted to know what's that in fact them what do you have that I don't have so and now nothing yeah um and now I know no longer need that escape I'm just in a different place so it takes me a little bit longer to get through a book but somebody telling a story that's super rich we should escape man traveling yeah right I want to travel more I need to travel more because you absolutely right because when I go when I travel when I go to different places I don't know I just being a different zone and I'll just be at peace where everything would I without what I do I don't be thinking about other stuff what's going on where I live that and stuff like that and you know I like I like being in that space and that's just like every time I travel somewhere I go somewhere different out of New York State I don't know I just I like that I like that vibe and I know unreal hey that's my brother Ben he's a hater all right who's your favorite writer favorite right I don't know who's my favorite writer but some of the best books that I've read that would have impacted my life of course stripe ice cream Ted Kennedy true compass is the name of his book felt like it was it was really well written and even though he comes from a privileged background it's still I was able to relate to it believe it or not George Bush's George Walker Bush and I know people hate him and I don't even hate George Bush you know boy and what I was gonna say no no only these are mom saying that it's because Donald Trump makes George Bush like let me be clear I'm not a fan of George Walker Bush but I am a fan of his book decision right and he kind of explained the whole FEMA situation he's like look although I'm not elected president is it's official is your New Orleans officials that was supposed to handle FEMA coming in and helping the basketball so I wouldn't say he passed a book but I feel like he was really honest and I can appreciate honesty right um I feel like he didn't like not take responsibility but he said it's a bigger picture inches down he goes take responsibility possibly but the game the game decision points is George Bush's okay here we go guess who's coming to dinner man that was eighth grade that's not the miss Caldwell she made sure we know about that but I think it's important like cuz at one point I remember maybe about 25 years ago I would only read black off this and I had told on was that I only read black off this I don't want to read anybody that isn't black but she's like what are you like that that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard and then go yes you definitely the black native sons the mouth masses those are all my favorite have forever made a mark on my life I love my people I love our story and I'm just glad that I can join the world off doesn't share my story big saloon fire man it started up Tuesday you already know how it getting hot go down man you could fight the style my nigga but you might break your teeth you bitch-ass niggas man you said that shows soft today because we got it right in yes I couldn't even go so hard good boy but this the point of this show where we like to say you know let the people know where they could go they can fuck with you and spend that bad yes so um because I'm on on Nipsey Hussle kind of thing there's a little money in no money out you only can get the book from my website at some point it will be on Amazon but I'm all money and no money out right about now so you can go to all things Nona bishop comm click on the love like dynamite link and it's a simple purse just as a simple click I'm not mad at that direct sales are here hand the hand to say yo what's that lovely okapi cool oh you wanna take a five minute job I say no more so look man it's turned up Tuesday you already know what it is and I was going down chuckles – lovely entertainment break she working five minute break for a second I'm saying but we will be right back we got a couple more minutes with miss Bishop so please stick around fuck with us how we fuck with you rich you got anything before we go on this little break real quick um I'm not in love life and we had all right so we almost more bogeys including miss Bishop user turns up Tuesday do not involve miss Bishop that's just a strawberry took a shit you already know it's TVC the podcast fuck with us subscribe please um YouTube is the channel me forever spell out everything don't be lazy check us out we know this is the episode that all you ladies do your entrepreneurs you writers your creatives out there this is the episode you want to see usually we up here drunk with rappers just talking about bullshit this is the episode where she's this young lady is really dropping Jews and um when we come back on the other side we're gonna get more into publishing monetizing your work you know the real meat and potatoes oh I was going on so I'll answer that we good on it we got on the Brent we out I say that [Applause] you hello anybody you I'm creating my website you think you already have a stunning website that's cool you're welcome to skip or create your site now at wix.com there are hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from and every part is completely customizable i'm professional and my website should be – i just need to pick the right image okay that's perfect Wix video is an awesome way to showcase your work perfect for my reel I need that feeling of newness I do as an actor getting noticed is a big part of the job [Applause] the second half so you know it's past 11:00 so we're low saucy but we got a lady in the village so we're gonna keep it classy you heard oh we're not gonna ask the question that we usually axe everybody now we ain't gonna do that all right now I'm curious so what's the question now you want to know normally I wouldn't give a fuck I'll say what I want to say but I gonna do that it's a different type of different type of episodes relax because this is a lady but um how do you pick we also positive shit today like we gotta be honest a positive like we don't that's it so how do you choose the names of your characters um I think I just tried to for one keep it closely as possible today name so that I can keep up so that I can keep up with the names as you're writing as I'm writing because at one point because it was so many different characters I had to kind of just write on a separate piece of paper like this person is this person this person is the first thing but if you read the acknowledgement she can probably try to even figure out you could shot something love the entertainment she cracked the code on one I miss Jamila ah yeah so she what was the question you said do you want to know which one was cuz she's knows as well so jimil is my cousin and she wrote a book too and she actually want to show i'm thinking of another to perform stupid yeah yo shelters jamila that book is dog yes i'm dyslexic took me a while got to it muffled a please jameelah your cousin so I heard her name in the book is Jamel but although I have a lot of characters in the book I really tell minimum about them just because I feel like like how you was talking about earlier itch that I don't want to tell somebody else's story we're gonna tell my story so I although I include them it's really vague other people are really big in a book cuz I don't want to tell anybody else's story or you know just you know possibly tell something that maybe somebody didn't want them to know so we're gonna get a little bit into like I said the monetization of your work right so for the writers out there that out there writing you know daily just got these you know notebooks on top of notebooks of work what do they do how do they monetize their intellectual property how are they generating the money it's all right about it yeah but like what made you start like cuz I don't meet a lot of people like to be honest I don't meet a lot of people that's answer stuff like that you want to write a book or like going hard to put a book or no on a you know on a shelf and I'm keeping it a honey with you still for me this project started like seven years ago but I just wasn't in a space to tell my story seven years ago cuz I still was on my healing journey and not that I'm completely we Hill because Helen can be a lifetime thing but every day I discover different things about myself but seven years ago I was kind of talking to my dad and we were kind of just figuring out he one it's like entrepreneur Road and we were kind of figuring out like okay you know he had got deported and this was like the fourth time he had went to jail came home came back to the US illegally my mom will hustle up the money get him back he you know he would call that occupational hazard right you can't break the law and not expect to go to jail so he would say you know Nona its occupational hazard I'm gonna run back up here so we were trying to figure out like well how do we get you back to the US but we don't get you don't have anymore occupational hazard experiences I mean so we were brainstorming he was like you know you should write a book so he would call my own house where I lived it was my heart had 12 kids and a lot of people lived in the house hole and he'd be like you could write a book on all them characters in the house so he kind of encouraged the project and a few months later my dad passed away but I wanted to tell and and also the main reason I told my story is I believe that sometimes you go through generational trauma right my dad was abandoned by his dad my mom was a being about her dad I was abandoned by both for them and everything in my life has happened happens in cycles so if you read the book it's a point in my life where my mother father and both my children's father everybody's in jail and I'm trying to hold this together I'm run into this penitentiary that Finan century and I'm putting money on this person look I'm putting money in this person's book and I'm kind of just you know and survivable like I can't even take time out to say just work head down yeah ten feet planted on the ground because if I think about it I'm gonna fall apart right if I just state tunnel vision you know yeah I can get through it and so my dad really planted the idea but I figured if I tell my story I can change my trajectory like my dad is from Trinidad Trinidad yeah we go and it's it's home Trinidad is home I haven't been back in a long time but it always feels like home for me so it only makes sense the sun is shining the beach is nice the look is good no I got a rebound definitely well read that book oh my so cool we got a couple minutes left um first of all is there anything that you want to let the people know before we get up out of here and I get on my bullshit and we got a little game you gonna play but anything that maybe we missed oh you know that you just want to make sure that you get out there bar so I would I guess for me the only thing I would want people to know is that if you can live your truth right you're truthful and if it sounds so cliche and you know corny but the truth will set you free I think since I've told my troupe I felt so much lighter a lot of times we walk around especially in black coaches because we feel like you know our parents our grandparents don't have people in your business nobody's going out there telling folks my business and you feel you know you feel shame about the things that you go through people can relate to it right well talks about so many things about my parents back and forth under 90 on my parent's credit card scam was right there was scamming people in like 1976 not nice not nice but they were scamming people and like 1976 like no school you know they would sometimes on mala be in jail my dad will be taking me some time like that would be and gentlemen I'll be taking me in Oh as long as they both was in jail and just you know my trick you did took me I just didn't see them then and then one time my mom's friend at 16 took me to see my mom mom asked me to bring us and bring some heroin to her in jail yeah so you know because I had been gel so many times I kind of like knew like how they would search me and so I kind of had this turtleneck on and I taped the heroin to there like the seam of the shirt and you know I get through the search procedure I'm in a visiting area and then and I didn't plan that part out I didn't plan how would give it time and my mom's God sister had took me and she's like you got what she watched me write out the visiting room into the bathroom she's like give it here give it here right now and understand and that was a big part of me painting my mom right because I'm like what kind of mother would acts her kid to bring drugs start and job but it wasn't her not being my mom asking me that it was her addiction saying I need this high and you know there's a resource that I couldn't get it gangster so I think the takeaway would be for people who kind of feel like they're responsible for their parents actions you feel guilty and shameful because of what your parents are I would say you know you're not your parents whatever you know people's journeys are different the one highlight is that I've been able to forgive my mom and to say you know I don't know what her story was like I don't know what abuse she experienced as a teen as a young adult and I wanted to win a war against draw up drugs it wasn't designed for me to win that's the only thing I can do is change myself trajectory by telling my story are you at peace with that yeah yeah I'm at peace I love my mom and although it was really hard for me to love her when she was alive I know that everything that she did was in love and the things that didn't feel so loved and had nothing to do with me and everything they do a hard diction I had nothing to do with her yeah alright so boom we're on the way out the door right now we're gonna get over to a little game then we out of here alright so it's either or okay chicken spot chicken spot hopefully you have this chicken satay listen man we had some why it's actually berkland Chop House but they only own the same owners though Oh so still wrong answer supposed to be the chicken spot so Nike or adidas WI who's been coming out with some shit lately for the past couple of years sure shelter to work outers oh yeah Tupac or biggie you could change that to two writers let's change that to Donald Goines there's another great street you know Kuan Yew familiar pawn yes okay so let's go legend new guy Donald Goines our Kong I'm saying don't go aunty long now you've been free spirit so he's gonna run with it and go with it asset it easy fast there we go cats or dogs neither neither that's a dog you don't like no animal not even not able to champ easy or like yeah we get into that let's go get it sit down on the way out the door for real so last one no scooty two more turkey bacon or pork Bacon's I try not to eat either these days but I'm going for begging okay last one tacos a pizza tacos tacos chicken tacos from Taco now before we leave we gotta get now first of all you guys gonna go buy this book so you can get all the good juice but but please give us a little little piece on this murder story like were lovely entertainment again she walks in took him aboard yeah what is this so I don't think I planned a murder in the sense but me and my sister went to live with my aunt and we just really wanted to be with my mom we wanted to be back and we're really miserable and and so one night we figured if we kill my aunt who was my kid together we gonna get to go back to my mom so we dumped all this board asset she had made like a stew or something we dumped the whole bottle of acid forward asset she ate the food and we waited and we waited in the next one and she's up and then the next night she gives us the same word I said true for dinner so that's how I know she's from the South America yeah and then I don't know if we intended to cuz when I think about murder now I'm like like we could have taken her life I just go along I know unfortunately she passed away but not we didn't I didn't kill her I didn't go oh no she never knew this is the first time I've ever talked about it happen so it's confession like that that's mean so we didn't I don't know we necessarily thought like kill somebody but we did think if she was out the way we'd be able to go back to my mother thanks listen and you need any more reason to mess to read and just follow this young lady I don't know what to tell you she she's a creative attempted murderer yeah some kind of a snitch in ways or another a strong black woman and survivors all alike listen guys this is the type of writers you need right for you it was to even be a writer or musician these are the two professions and I hate to say this but listen my parents dabbled and when they dad would and we all got our stories like nice right and these it I swear these create the best creatives I'm sorry because you've been through so much in your life there's not much that you're going to shy away from so that broadens you to a whole new level thank God you travel to earth so that again broadens your running into another level and then when you write it and then put it in a way that you did you package it this is how we digest books and where I'm from I don't really see my people walking around with a Allen Poe oh those type of guys I see them walking around with these kind of books entrepreneurs ndnd writers putting out their work I'm saying so listen y'all a fuck with her work because she has a story to tell ok be make your own shit this is just another inspiration for all your creatives out there right materialize what the fuck y'all doing if it's a podcast get your shit on YouTube get you some views get you some ads make you some money if you're a writer get your shrimp what what's the minimum for a book 15 tips how to survive together and I mean this is the best way if Miss Bishop could do it if we can have the podcast lovely entertainment could be a PD your bum ass could do it too Thanks no fault you're amazing ask intuitive yeah some of y'all are amazing somebody got some niggas listen man listen listen listen you know you know but anyway this is turnt up Tuesday you wanna think miss Bishop for a time anything well thank you for Doreen was like shaving mine alone rich what you got well I took it easy this week because we had a rightist Edition but you know we'll be back we'll be back acting crazy next week but I'm gonna calm down shout out to everybody no no and I'm here love life and you know I say miss Bishop on the way out the door anybody you wanna shout out any projects future projects coming out that you want us to put us into a wick without future projects I'm actually creating a case study got to love like dynamite it'll be two separate study guys one for collegiate level social work mental health classes that will to be a guide to process and trauma and how it relates to urban areas and other goddess for a high school girls 1912 grade to kind of just talk about self-love and identifying when they're not being so loving to themselves we couldn't find it when it does drop oh the site so yeah on the site but probably Barnes a noble with that oh let me solo see yet though bones your Nobles oh then I need to kind of include some other people but for right now come to the website all things Nona Bishop book a life coaching session I can get you right so of you stuff you thinking about right now book and you don't know where to start come to me I also go goes right so if you like the way the book is written got your story about trip me up down a road is known as Mobile Notary so I'll be attending be North's have you notarized I'm actually doing the training next mine but just coming down the pipeline I don't see why not you do every fucking everything I can't see a reason why not oh listen it's T UT we brought you a whole nother one um fuck with us how we fuck with you were YouTube fuck with us subscribe 5 a 9 5 we in the building turn Texas treatment services right now you've got a lot of stuff going on right now what's going on will be doing well we'll figure it out so they plan in the plan that's the Missy next week is brought you all will you credit clothing so check in for that we've got to get fly next week yeah yeah right yo my bad shout out to my man djay scrappy yeah yeah dad shout out subscribe man everywhere man today we gonna get you scrap next week don't worry about know that know that I know I'm big stuff at the Miss Bishop yeah Oh again I might just cuz you a lady anything else before we get apart uh I would just say lead with love lead with love to you tear we out on that you already know that was don't only have one copy but it's my here ah I like your style that's three yeah you need some help you smoke

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