Writer Problems–poem by Kaitlin Batik [CC]

I swear my shampoo contains some kind of fertilizer
that grows ideas because more often than not when I’m in the shower I find lines with the potential to become
poetry stuck in my head with the music that’s usually stuck there anyway. The fertilizer
is short lived though–the lines have a habit of vanishing once I get upstairs and get writing
materials. They haven’t invented waterproof notebooks yet and computers are even less
waterproof. I don’t know whether the fate of those lines
is destiny or doom; are they destined to be my private thoughts alone or doomed to always
be unknown? My waves of inspiration add to the frustration.
I have a habit of finding situations that can only be vented about through the mouths
of fictional characters. I keep hearing people say things that remind me that certain characters
need to start existing on actual pages as soon as they possibly can. If the characters
could leave my imagination and join ranks with Harry Potter and his friends, with Katniss
Everdeen, with Marcello Sandoval, with Liesel Meinger, with Mia Thermopolis, with Nancy
Drew, with Theodore Boone, with Maximum Ride and the rest if the Flock, with Whit and Wisty
Allgood, with Margot Roth Spiegelman, with thousands of other YA characters could change
the world. In the meantime, my “book in progress” folder
in microsoft, filled with half-started novels dating back to when I was somewhere between
nine and ten years old, remains full of manuscripts that are permanently in progress, never finished,
never published. They say lots of people can write but a writer
is someone who must write. I Understand the need the write better than most
Ideas are not my problem. My problem is the search for the right words The best introduction
for a new character, The best way to phrase what happens
The best line to end a poem with In the meantime I find myself overly familiar
with blank sheets of looseleaf and blank spaces in microsoft word

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