yeah I want to I want to just speak for a minute here to the I know the moderates and the skeptics and I want to speak to you because I am one of you okay and I have been over the years I've been less militant than some other people I I know that strikes are are destructive and they're painful and they sometimes have a way of going on longer than you want to when you go into one and I've always felt though that it's a card we needed to hold and it was a card we would need to play when there was an issue on the table that just about every member would know in his or her gut was the kind of thing that we just had to take a stand on and and just for those of you because I you know I know not everybody works in the same mediums I'd spent about ten years in TV and the last tenant features just a personal experience last night I went on NBC com clicked on the office you can watch entire episodes of 10 15 series okay you click on the office what do you get you get a commercial for Fidelity Investments then you watch the called open and then you get a commercial for target they are monetizing these episodes already okay Carlton Cuse was telling me before lost does not run a second network rerun so so the writers on that show are not getting the typical nice check that you usually get when you're working on a successful series that goes right to the Internet they are making money on it we're not making money on those we must realize that that's the kind issue we can't let stand as the Internet becomes the way it's the way my kids watch TV they hear about a show they look for it on the internet soon when computers in your TV are connected that's how we're all going to watch okay those residuals are going to go from what they are towards zero if we don't make a stand now and I want to go a step beyond that which is this is such a big issue that if they see us roll over on this without making a stand three years from now they're going to be back for something else ok you know these guys to tell you I might have been the most moderate one up here when we started but I said they're in the room the first day and they read us those 32 pages of rollbacks and what they wanted us to hear was that if you don't give us what you want on the important thing we're going to come after you for all those other things but what I heard was if we give them that thing they'll still come after us for those other things and in three years it will be we want to revamp the whole residual system and in another three years it'll be you know what we don't really want to fund a health fund the way we've been and then it'll be pensioned and then it'll be credit determination and there just is that time when everybody has to see this is one where we've just got to stand our ground you

22 thoughts on “WRITER SPEAKS OUT

  1. You realize that after you hire these 12-year-olds, they're going to unionize once they find out how important they are to your business.

  2. Funny – when people disagree with the strike, they call the WGA a bunch of names (whiny, etc), but they don't present any counterarguments to their claims. So far, I've seen a couple analogies from the pro-WGA folks here, and nothing but ineloquent baby-talk from the anti side.

  3. Yeah, I did the same thing volume-wise. The sound is a little subdued.

  4. This is why writers should not be camera operators. I loved the pan audience shot that shows all the empty seats.

  5. regular people? Oo… you are separating people with what criteria? These are "regular" people. Just because they have the possibility (I stress POSSIBILITY) to make more than you financially doesn't make them anything less or anything more than just people.

  6. What a bunch of ego maniac over paid idiots..whining like babies..

  7. Television will be extinct in about 3 more years. All the sponsers will be going to the internet, to have a worldwide audience. If the writers make a deal they will have to write alot better than the tv sitcom crap they have been producing as worldwide they will not watch and mock them. I have watched some television programs in different countrys and makes the US look like cavemen…

  8. Wow, I'm glad I watched this video; I never knew the full length office episodes were on the nbc website! YAY I'm gonna watch them now!

  9. Right. Because if the writers settle for the producers' proposed contract, the war will end immediately.

  10. "why would you want to work any of those evil corporations anyway."

    Hmmm. Why would a TV writer want to work in the television industry? Gosh, that IS a toughie.

  11. The same can be said for your job. Many teachers complain about low wages and there have been many a time where there has been a strike for them. They were passionate about the service they provide and their product of education. Did anyone complain? No, and if anyone did, they're being quite selfish.
    Anyone would be just as "self-righteous" if they weren't being properly rewarded for their creative products and time.

  12. Yeah. The actors' and directors' run out within the next year or so, IIRC. So that's another reason that they're supporting the writers so heavily right now. Whatever the writers get, they'll likely end up with as well.


  14. Nobody gets *any* residuals on internet downloads. Writers, actors, nobody. It's just the studios pulling in pure profit.

  15. I have to admit…I watch all my favorite shows on the internet. I watch zero shows when they actually air.

    Those days aren't just coming…they are already here.

  16. Personally, I think the writers should ask for a higher cut on the DVD sales also. And, I agree on internet being a major factor. I don't have TV, so I watch all my favorite shows in the internet. I watch 5 commercials per episode of The Office, Journeyman, Chuck and Heroes. The writer's should get paid for me watching those Lysol, Clorox and Honda advertisements.

  17. He is a "writer" and a writer always knows what to say and how to say. I am one of those people who, when, watches TV and appreciates the writing on shows like The Office, Dexter, Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Those show would not be what they are without those awesome writers.

  18. Did you guys see PHIL HAY and DEREK HAAS at the end of that clip?

    It's almost as cool as seeing the back of MALCOLM SPELLMAN's head in the middle!

  19. Go Writer's Guild! I don't think writers deserve credit — they deserve CASH! Without writers, all TV would be a compilation of YouTube idiots hurting themselves in various ways.

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