Writer tells her story of how UFO abducted her relatives – Daily Mail

the craft was disc-shaped there was a row of windows on the forward edge of that disk Betty and Barney observed a blue-white light shining through those windows and when Barney stopped the car and walked in to a field to take a closer look at this craft that had descended to within a hundred feet of their vehicle and then descended further as it moved into the field Barney held the binoculars up to his eyes and he observed eight to eleven individuals looking back at him that he described as being quote somehow not human he said they were dressed in black shiny uniforms all but one moved away from the windows in unison and their arms went up and the craft then tilted toward him and two little red lights started to extend out from each side of the craft at this point Barney believed that they had a plan and that that plan was to capture him something started to drop down out of the bottom of the craft he became very very terrified he ran back to the car screaming to Betty that they had to get out of there or they were going to be captured he got into the car which had been left running the interior light was on at that time because Betty was in the car it was parked him directly in the middle of the road and they went speeding down the highway he told Betty to roll down the window to look up and she looked up she was expecting to see the lights from the craft she did not see the lights she said she didn't see anything she later realized that it was directly over the top of there vehicle and at that point both Betty and Barney heard a series of code like buzzing sounds striping the trunk of the car in the same location where they found the shiny spots the following day a tingling sensation passed through their bodies the car vibrated and the next thing they knew there were thirty five miles down the road south of that location with very little memory of what had happened in the interim the watches that they were wearing that night were wind-up watches they were working fine until they had this close encounter with a UFO and then those watches never ran again Barney was a meticulous dresser he was very perplexed and disturbed because the toes of his best dress shoes were so deeply scraped he had to use them for yard work and purchase new shoes the dress that Betty was wearing that night had been in fine shape when she put it on in the morning however when she arrived home the hem was torn down on one side the lining of the dress was torn from waist to hemline the zipper at the back of her dress had a 2-inch tear in the and the stitching and a one-inch tear in the thick zipper fabric she could not think of any kind of prosaic explanation to explain what had happened to that dress she placed it in her closet knowing that she would have to repair it the next time she took it out it was covered with a pink powdery substance she put it on her clothesline the pink blew away but the dress was discolored the blue dress had taken on a pinkish tone and in certain areas scientists later found out when they were investigating this dress and interviewed Betty that these non-human entities had actually held Betty by the upper arms and those areas of the dress were very deeply saturated with the substance no one has ever been able to identify what it is they know that it didn't come from Betty they know that it is unusual I spoke about this and in my lecture yesterday but no one has ever been able to identify what that pink powdery substance was I'm not trying to convince anyone who doesn't want to believe that this is real to believe that it's real I only want the truth and I want to separate fact from fiction because a lot of fiction has been built around what happened to Betty and Barney thank you very much you

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  1. I once seen a UFO walking home at 5am but was coming down from 8 ecstacy tablets so dismissed it, there was actually 2 and shot right over my head and looked more like cruise missiles but made no sound was definitely strange.


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  3. Little green men or Gray or white I have never seen a ufo or aney thing like that in my lifetime or never possibly will

  4. I think she is telling Betty and Barney Hill's abduction story, the title may be wrong.

  5. Interesting how does she know all this if she wasn't with them and then they didn't remember

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