Writer Wednesday with Weirdo – Party Hard and Writing Tag

oh jesus christ that's ridiculous so I guess I'm live but I'm on the wrong stream now because I had to make the stream over because the other one really did crash alright hopefully I will get people here eventually but that's the same stream it I can't get to this stream now I hate everything I'm streaming somewhere but I don't know where it's not showing up anywhere where send me a link I don't have a link to it I can't find my stream my youtube doesn't show it anywhere here we go good god make me want to go post one YouTube alright thank you guys yeah we're gonna play some party hard and I'm gonna do I think it's in the trenches tag I was tagged by I don't actually know his name over on what now so yeah but I am trying to prepare my food because I didn't do that because I was having a nervous breakdown because YouTube and I were fighting so that's exciting yeah I might yellow games I yell a lot oh man let's see here turn that one off now turn off Twitter and I need to pull up the tag okay I don't know what level I just entered whoops have you guys seen this one I don't think you guys just say I think I've beaten this one maybe I did though alright I did play for a while over on Twitch I think it was Monday and that was exciting and fun but I played all by myself nobody watches me on Twitch I'm so lonely okay and I legit have not looked at these questions at all like I copied and pasted them into my post-it and I didn't actually read it so it looks like stripped coverlet is the channel that created so thank you do you have a sweetheart novel short story poetry project a project that turns you into a serious writer uh I don't know that I have anyone I would consider anything that I would consider like oh that was my great idea I just got busted carrying a body around oh they ran me over well I guess that took care of it fast um yeah I started writing short stories primarily everyone like a babbling in high school but when I really was taking writing seriously was in college and I was writing short stories at that point did you become so I don't I don't think any one of those was substantially more influential to my life than any other leave me alone stupid bouncer okay oh goodness I don't even know what I really did but it killed some people and people are very upset what this is oh I think I have a change of clothes oh yeah okay change clothes how about that didn't even see that coming all right fire I will crush you you're too drunk let's see what we've got here welcome at sabotage II this the next one will come back stronger stop frightening me somebody has been over-served but I go now that I'm in regular clothes alright so the next question do you or do you ever plan to work on a series length project um I don't have any series particularly in mind I don't have a problem with the idea and realistically at some point Griffin Dale may turn into a bigger story than it is we may start to have additional stories attached to it but I don't know that for sure at this point and so I don't have any plans for it yes is the long and short of that thoughts on mixed form projects short stories that contain poems novels that contain short stories I don't have much of an opinion on it it really comes down to whether or not it's done in a way where I even notice it like if you do it well I won't even notice it's there but you know if you do a garbage job then yeah it's probably not gonna flip anybody's trigger but I think that kind of goes for almost everything in writing we don't do a garbage job but dance with that lady Oh smacked her with my knife where is the phone someone is dead how could this happen wonder if I dance it's always I'm a bad person dropping Forks on the place where the hell am I nope there are real upset about what's going on around here oh no officer you need to see this what the hell is going on around here there's dead people all over the place this is crazy I'm a fan of the white shirt pink pants combo it's okay good luck for him just stab that doodoo stealing stuff did they seem nice daddy I don't know okay ah seriously hit by a cop car now that's dumb dumb dumb dumber real sorry I deplore the rest my food onto my rice it's like a videogame mukbang over here I mean let's see what am I getting I eat all the time Oh hurry hello Tamara welcome back all right I'm so bad at this game you guys have no business playing this game I have fun and that's all that really matters okay the next one is where do you picture publishing in 10 years um I don't really think about that it doesn't really matter in me all that much I mean I don't believe for a second that people are gonna stop reading books I mean that would be very strange and I don't think that um I don't think it's likely that one kind of books is going to just become obsolete or anything like that like that's just that did you make any sense so I would think it would be pretty similar to how it is now I would think that traditionally and self-published will probably come closer together and how people view them because most people I think are starting to come around that self-published authors are not just garbage so yeah so that's what I have to say about that if you could have one booktuber review your work who would it be a funny story I don't really watch book – I don't love book reviews in general it's kind of a thing I'm not terribly into so I couldn't tell you the last straight book – where I watched but I watched plenty of author troopers who are also do booktube but there are writers for all writer squirrels or things and of legend what author alive today would you want to spec I mean I don't know I'm not much of a confrontational person sorry I'm eating and talking and I swear I'm going to tell some more people um but yeah I don't I'm not much of a fighter so that's an exceptionally strange question Burnie next question have you ever been part of a writers group uh yes I've been a part of collaborators groups unfortunately my opinion of them is probably borderline offensive to some people um the only things I've ever gotten out of writers groups is cattiness self-importance and wasting my time I just reading someone else's work when they're only gonna barely read yours and you know pretending that you care more about their work because otherwise they're gonna be rude or it's just you know some people are just assholes and you don't want to be around them and those people are always in the group it's just it it's just too much I don't one of the writers groups I was in one of the people desperately wanted to be the boss essentially so so he would try to manipulate other people and he would he would quote unquote sell like spots in his books like you could you could sign on to work with him on a book and he would then publish it and you were more than welcome to buy a copy like you're gonna do all this work and he's not even going to give you a copy of the book so I find that that's probably my favorite thing about author Tube and I think it's probably the most effective thing about author – I just got picked up by this house um is that if you don't like this group if you don't fit in with this group there's another one over there and I think being able to identify with and like the people in your group is at least as important as what you actually get out of it because otherwise you're just gonna drive yourself bonkers it's just not worth having a bunch of people pissed off all the time and be like garbage so rather than letting that happen I just choose to associate with people who identify with better you know and I don't know that that's ever given me a bit of trouble so you know how can you argue with that I'm glad you're loving offer to CJ it's good to hear because I always hope other people have a good time with it I'm always nervous especially when we have like Obama Fame but everybody's gonna be like I don't want to get involved in that and that's kind of so do you have a favorite writers craft book um yes and I realize that it's like the most common answer given and author to maybe is Stephen King songwriting I I've just always really enjoyed it I don't know that it's necessarily good because the craft advice is good so much as it's good because it inspires me to work and for me that's at least you know that's at least a portion of the battle so if that's what it takes how do I get arrested what did I do I didn't do nothing I only killed like eleven people that's almost nothing sorry ICJ snapchatted me and then it made squeaky noises because you snapchatted me as I'm sort of small iam oh yeah I think there's trouble bunch of rice in my face I don't really know what's going on here oh there's Robert trying to fight there dude leave me alone didn't even notice drop them right there we're just gonna light this place up we'll see how that goes lease will take care of what I don't know what happened in the other room how do I get to be a murderer denied you stabbed somebody accidentally whoops well I've done my scam BA whoever I can get my hands on at this point they're coming for me puppet Oh somebody's somebody took me out I'm Dean oh no I'm walking again well let me stand the tops that's dumb if I'm going down I'm going down fightin hello Dana welcome and the next one is do you have a least favorite writers craft book um how to be your own hashtag goals I probably shouldn't say that that's probably inappropriate I don't care um I've never read that but I wouldn't my life depended on it so there you go from what I understand it's barely in English so you know I didn't make the news I'm just reporting it okay sorry I got a stir on the food again my rice is getting gloppy nobody's looking for floppy rice yeah I'm shady as hell y'all you know I don't care for money here it's not really a writing book anyway so then that's not meant to be shade that has meant 100% to be to allude to the back that it's apparently more of a self-help book in general so oh the cop friend right past me this time I am innocent bitch let me get out of the cop cars way before they smushed me again dammit he's a lot of beat me up in front of the bar and the cops are fine with him just beating me to death I feel like that's inappropriate well I'm glad you're awake now Dana to watch me run around here and fail I did learn yesterday on the Twitter Monday on the twitch stream that it's a lot easier if you if you actually hide bodies but um this is not set up for hiding bodies really so so yeah it makes it difficult cops need to leave me alone the police why never I always think it's me yeah we don't have I mean we have drama though we don't have anything near Lake oh that guy was sexually assaulting people or you know and the beauty community isn't even the worst like or isn't even like the only one um you know there's drama and like the movies and music and in every YouTube community so I mean I think it's just that people like drama that's probably a hi Shannon we hit by copter again now that that bouncers dead just leave these bodies laying around it I'm just out there like swiping at people's boards and stuff nobody got time for that cops we need cops don't we always hey who would still be here at this point what kind of idiot us still hanging out of this bar I don't think this is worth it burn it what am I gonna burn the place to the ground kind of that voice I think there's one more question but let me put some food in my mouth over to it yeah it's not a mince from 2005 maybe it's not terribly old was not terribly new either I mean I play games from like the 90s so to me it's not that old oh the last one is to tag people I don't know who to tag there's tank everybody if you haven't done this tag then do this tag full of questions I didn't really have answers for it which is pretty exciting I'm glad you all have to hear it this is why you should look at the tag before you do it although to be fair Oh Stanton it's like I needed where is my guy there he is I lose sight of them and everything goes free they kill Zul over there that's what you get for telling on me snitches get stitches damn it that's alright I still killed the bitch you called on me no I was just being a smartass Dana sorry there is not new drama I mean the old drum isn't solved but there's nothing new oh it's the in the trenches tent I made sure she didn't even need stitches Tamara see and this is how I get caught I just leave a body over there and then everybody's in a panic if there's body oh it won't be right away cuz the back I didn't even make it in there he died when I exploded from the thing I did who's shooting what's not me hey shot oh that was that thing I don't even know they're robbing the out of this place I wonder if you can stab a cop when they run by you calling the cops I'm a text list good lord you guys I'm terrible there's nowhere to hide the bunnies yeah there's like two dumpsters but I can't like carry them through the place to the dumpsters dammit I was forgetting that he's there because he's not there if I do it right I come in killing faster every time I hate the damn bouncer if I get too close to the door inside he'll see me too what's your project I probably only be carrying a body when somebody walks in dad okay I just want to tell you this all right now I'm all dolled up look how sexy I am sexy killer I'm no such thing I'm Prince well they caught me but I still burn down the kitchen my phones doing weird things over here I only ate one crab right move you guys who wants some Oh hold chat have some yeah I don't appreciate their would there try the tutorial all right um continue able to try with the other guy the electric guy who I don't know how to work needs to be best or dead okay I apparently didn't turn just select the other guy whatever I'm pretty special that's right all that to kill the one bouncer so I can walk in and out the door is being naughty stay away from poisons people it's great I just wanna set that up to explode poison that and then take off how's that sound nope I can't stab him and he doesn't even notice I was trying who's gonna see me nobody apparently anybody acting all crazy for I think till that guy in the middle of the phone oh that guy over there well smack I bust back I get him what am i under arrest I did you you guys I am an innocent person and they just keep blaming me for all these terrible things that I would never do what are you guys doing sprints okay well you know I'm confused tomorrow oh that's that's well I'm at work I see sometimes I came to an inn well and it works other times I cannot I don't know what's the easiest way to like what the best way to do this is just there's like nowhere to hide bodies hope that at least distract some people for a minute Tim picks I'm so bad you guys so bad try the tutorial I really beat the second level like real pretty pretty easily yes Monday and now I feel stupid there we go take out those people hanging out in the front so like at what point do they start to realize that I'm into it like I don't understand see this is what happens is I get careless and I just start stabbing everyone I'm just like let me see how many people I can stab before I take it out it's apparently three I mean I killed nine people but it was three people that I'm just like outright just started stabbing then I keep closing the chat instead of clicking on to open the window you can't just stick them under the car though like that's not an option that's the problem see I close the chat again this hunting thing yeah I think this is a pretty bad part of town oh that guy caught me immediately but if I set the room on fire and then take office and give it you costume on you're too drunk to find too drunk let's be real yeah the cops aren't taking their time to do this part they don't like to go to the back of the building come on firemen try and go through here little die those game likes to kill me what is that where's their box yeah you can't hide it under there me I'm dance together lady see she doesn't care everybody else doesn't like when I do that well not everybody but other people don't like she doesn't care at all dude what off that's alright I'm having a good time I don't care if you guys like it or not everybody's mad am I telling the police on me for being too awesome why do they call the police are they coming to kick my ass for being too awesome oh no they're gonna know was that thing exploded yeah I may have done that hopefully I've gone too far for them to follow me yep come back here / I know you're not / you're somebody's dad come here copper's let's go wait on the stage I don't know if they're gonna catch up or not uh uh no they got in their car and they did not run me over despite the fact that I think they might have wanted you don't think you need cops huh see where they're going they may still keep following makers they're supposed to keep going longer no I don't know who that dude was but I don't mind telling him see crazy where's the phone someone get the police in here I don't even care no they're gonna catch me I don't like it I don't want to be caught and I want to go to jail it wouldn't be special stay home damn it I closed the chat again this goddamned YouTube okay doo doo doo so yeah this level was not being kind to me and all what I'm gonna do that and I'm gonna go back to see what else is going on over there and main menu because I did look and there are like fan-made ones so that's kind of fun so let's go look at the workshop these are all like suggested ones let's try killer snow part now these were made by fans so they probably have a lot of people in the scene so yeah where is my guy there I am that's something I hadn't thought of that will tell me where my guy is it might come in to dance dance bitch thinks these caters are not helpful we need cops what are we gonna do with tops or I actually have to start killing people in a way that let's kick some ass okay where are we going or do we kick is that a drug yeah that's a person I'm not sure just take some people out that's helpful I know what this bowl over here does gobo you didn't take anyone screw this they say seeing me is are places I can hide bodies but not when there's 400 people standing here dreamer you can't just jump on people I don't don't understand why dreamer is so pushing me oh well that's me that's me trick I got there I don't know but I trust you okay I trust that you're being honest by scratching this groin my feet yeah I can't deal with that how long will what way out there if you guys see me suddenly dance for a second because I lost my character and shuffle just there like he'll be walking alongside someone and so I think he's still walking and is not doing that let's just get out of this room I feel like that's the best Matt I can't seem to do it at all all right flipped myself in it bitch please yeah kicked out of what Nina okay but your tailpipe rolling my food damn it hater my ass so I opened my wallet today and there was $15 in it I was pretty proud of myself damn it I did it again never done it before done it twice now Oh weird I don't want you to kicked out of my chat that's not how this works I just really so we'll leave that one alone let there not be a bear trapping I mean I would prefer for there to be a bear trap but what the do I know I'm just in charge it's just my game I'm playing I mean I didn't pay for Travis paid for but still same difference oh I just have to stand further away that one over there oh so now I can hide in places that's exciting this is a lot to process which i think is part of the reason they're not quite this busy when they're made by the company because I think they understand that this is actually kind of overwhelming it makes it hard to focus on what you're doing because it's hard to even tell what what actually needs attention because it's just a bunch of screaming and red blinking dots me run over back up turn to run over by my own thing well I am special yeah I don't know when that money got in there though like that's the thing is I don't know where it came from I don't know when it got there am I hooking in my sleep I don't know I mean if so I should you'd make a better money I'm like not doing anything right now cuz I threw my teeth and I get out that's problem with broccoli it's a problem it's broccoli problem I can't like get anyone to be close enough to something to push them into it oh really yeah like I can't catch people buy things push them into them just not that go to this yeah this is this is a little much did you have to say there's a lot of options for like fun stuff and I don't necessarily think that I couldn't enjoy it I just don't think that it's I don't think I'm good enough at this games to play at this level I'm not very good at this game in case you missed it yeah I sleep walked for quite some time and didn't know about it because my roommate worked night shift full evening shift and I worked morning shift and I'd get up in the morning in the door wouldn't be locked and I yell at him because I like why are you coming in not laughing our door and he kept saying that he wasn't and I was like no go yourself you totally are and you just don't care and yeah I'm being a jerk and turns out I was getting up when unlocking the door I had my shoes on and everything when I found myself standing there so not really sure where I was going but I think it stopped after that like identified it and it stopped happening so I don't know I don't know how true that is or how that happens or whatever but that's what it seemed like oh that's weird sound what is this thing that was like a giant waffle all the place to hide a body had a body in the giant waffle nobody can get to the phone now huh is that the that what's going on here don't take care anything else just keeps going on people so what happens if the cops ever show up can't nobody get to no phone I'm just hiding in my little peekaboo spot so people stop screaming I think it does look like the only phone was attached to that building in act up yeah I um I took that klonopin last night cuz I was trying to go to bed early and I was felt really anxious and I was just like I'm just gonna go to bed and I got up this morning and like went out to the car couldn't find the car s Travis where the car was turns out I was in bed dreaming about being at the car um then I thought I was awake but I was still in bed dreaming about being wink yeah so that's not my favorite way to live my life I dreamer Ella hi baby hi dreamer ow oh my god you lunatic my cat is insane why do you do these things dream there I'm just stabbing everyone walks by me nobody seems to even care there's almost every way dad Barney the bodies are ruining my party mood that is a goddamn shame that's what it is nobody got time for everyone party mood dude where is the phone yeah nobody's gonna help you they're screaming at me to help you from the murderer who is me I like this there's no phone thing yeah call the cops that turns me off do a wear shirt when you will die Oh die die what is that quick quick step no no you ran you're trying to get to a phone there ain't no phone there is no phone only Zuul this guy doesn't want me to stab him that's too bad so is the idea here that we're gonna go hide on the side of the building we catch up to you guys in a second I'm coming not much in the way I speed but I am someone should call the police yes they show who's gonna do that it's not gonna be you you just now said what the hell you walk through all the rest of these bodies didn't and now you're worried ah good level hard level okay you put your tail in my food again we can't do that driving me crazy this cat is insane and she drives me nuts I like to killer small party let's go see if there's anything interesting happening all right I don't really know one more let's see if we can catch any before he walks off links yeah this is like a player built thing I'm using so someone made that so they could just run a bunch of people over a car trying to see if there's anything here that's super interesting liz is the highest rated one called it's hot in the desert see I'm not gonna be able to finish this is no way I mean wasn't everything what stop me I don't even know what I'm doing that just like set a trap oh sure I'll set a trap buy me back that kitchen is a hot mess now what have I done I mean not me someone else obviously I wouldn't do that I'm just a knight and they went masked figure wearing coveralls no need to look twice oh I'm in there yeah I was in the cabinet hidin oh sorry groomer she was on my chair and I kept her why can't I get oh and let me walk through it now don't let me walk my fingers were greasy and then my keyboard is greasy and that's a cool ass let's call the police do you think I just feel like that might be a little excessive at this juncture I mean how many people are really dead 32 and if we give it another one or two before we've said police need to get involved that's everybody yeah that was fun I like that one all right you guys well I have been on here for so I'm probably gonna wrap up uh and like I don't know do something that doesn't involve having my cat have her butt in my face despite the fact that she thinks that's my favorite but um so yeah that's I did the tag it was very exciting so this might be what I do on Wednesdays for a while maybe not specifically Barbie hard I might play other games too but I think every other Wednesday when I'm not doing the new tubers I might do a game and a tag so let me know if you guys think that sounds like fun and don't forget that if you enjoy watching the game and top then go down and subscribe or follow my twitch channel I guess I think it's called follow I don't know it's different with every social media anyway a live stream on Saturday Saturday Jesus like I've never done this before I have a live stream on Friday at 7 p.m. central if anyone's interested in joining sheet via message on Twitter or Facebook to let me know that you are interested and I will try to get you a links that you can join us and everyone is welcome to come as long as you are able to like have a camera and mic it's really the only requirements so yeah but uh I'll talk to you guys later bye

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