WRITERS: Are You Letting Fear Get In The Way Of Your Publishing Dream?

hey there are writers and news daters this is an impromptu live this morning I want to talk to you about fear and whether or not you're allowing fear to get in the way of your publishing dream so last night for the first time ever someone hung up on me on a call right at the point where we got to the solution to the writing problem and the writing problem was not finishing the book right having that book perpetually on the back burner not finding time for it procrastinating because it was hard because this person wasn't sure what to write next or whether it was any good these are things that I hear from writers a lot and so once we got to the point in the clarity call where we were talking about will here are some of the things that can happen for you as you know in the clarity calls we talked about where you are where you'd like to be and how you can get there and so when we got to the solution he just hung up now look if you've tried to book a call with me you know that there's usually a wait time of three maybe even four weeks before you can even talk to me right so my calendar booked him in at nine o'clock on a Tuesday night and I held that appointment I held that space for him because I feel really strongly about helping writers to get clarity and to find solutions to their writing problems so I kept the call and talked to him anyway for quite a long time actually so that was outside of when I usually talk to people also in the last year you may have noticed here in the group or elsewhere if you've been following me on Facebook or Twitter or any of the social media outlets if you've read my website read my book whatever you've seen that the writing Jim's work my work has been featured by writers digest it's been featured on four episodes of a PBS show called life with Sheryl Borden and on dozens probably into the hundreds at this point of radio shows podcasts blogs magazine articles that kind of thing why why because we get results right we're doing business in a whole new way to help writers get results to finish books to publish books to sell books and the world people have noticed right people don't have noticed so what are the results that we're getting that are causing people to notice well people are overcoming their fear every single day and they're finishing books and not just any book but a publishable book right we're keeping in mind the publishing standards and the craft standards because I'm spending time with industry professionals every single day to get you the latest up-to-date information so that your manuscript place as well in the marketplace so these writers are overcoming their fears and they've got them all right they've got all the fears that people have is it any good well people like it what if people liked it too much what's it gonna feel like to have fans can I really put my message out there am i any good at this is my dialogue any good this is hard should I have him go left or right all of the fears they're overcoming and they're finishing books in eight weeks take a look at the books that have been finished in eight weeks or less in the range in this year take a look at this shout out to Hannah who didn't finish her book at eight weeks she finished it in seven this is Hannah's book by the way she's no slouch take a look at all those pages she wrote in seven weeks shout out to Aggie who didn't write one book in eight weeks she wrote – so did Chrissie J and Brendan wrote take a look at this this is Jason's wrote that – gigantic epic fantasies we're talking Game of Thrones people Steven don't two books in the raining Jim barber zero and Jeannie both transformed screenplays into books in the writing Jim take a look at the results from this year this is about two and a half feet maybe three feet worth of books I mean I'm not that tall but you can't even see me behind the stack of books that we've created in the writing Jim this year so here's the question for you are you gonna keep letting fear get in the way of your publishing dream or are you ready to step into courage and allow yourself to have the support you need to get over the fear and get into right relationship with your inner critic and finally write that book I open time in my calendar every week to speak with people but this isn't for everyone this is for people who are tired of feeling frustrated tired of having a half-finished project in their life look I don't want to get too personal but last year a business acquaintance of mine and I had lunch and he said I want to write a book I want to leave a legacy for my kids and I want to tell them about my life's work and I thought great absolutely I can help use that I can't do it now but I'm gonna do it in January and let's touch base again in January this is really sad but my friend my acquaintance my business acquaintance was diagnosed with cancer it was terminal and he died that fast before January ever rolled around and he died with his book inside of him it was one of the worst things that has ever happened for me to watch happen for someone to die with their story inside of them and I don't want that to happen for any of you so if you're ready to get that book out of you and get real results if you want to hold your manuscript in your hands and say I wrote this I did it let's check I'll throw a link to my calendar in the comments of this video

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