WRITERS BENCH:The Evolution of Melbourne's (Australia) Graffiti & Street Art Culture. TRAILER

most train stations in inner Melbourne had political messages about the government or society at that stage you had territorial gain marquee going into the middle 80s it was a school about gangs down then he popped spread over the world no one really picked it up that hip-hop element magnetized people together we've got our markers and paint and we'd all just get together and run amok we're just unstoppable trains were getting fixed every day you're putting that color not on your life but into suburbia everyone after a while but their own styles and formulations richness for us it was the city and out of the merging of all the lines there was our version of the riders been to New York 88 it was the pinnacle of rafidhi in Australia and I think it was happening right here in Melbourne around 99 I started to see a lot more stenciling happening and a lot more street art this is kind of spreading so quickly all of a sudden that was just so many spots of pain and exhibitions happening graffiti stray dogs last bastion of free Street it's a great feeling to have found something that really represents the way that you experience life legally my personality was defined in those years growing up and graph is what I did you

26 thoughts on “WRITERS BENCH:The Evolution of Melbourne's (Australia) Graffiti & Street Art Culture. TRAILER

  1. Catching trains to and from school between 1989-1994 was the best. That's when I fell in love with Graffiti in Melbourne.

  2. Inside trains it looks dorky as.
    Dork vandals with masks over their faces.The art graffiti is very good though.

  3. Since when did paint damage concrete? We're just taking back the public space while you hang on nine limp inches of the state and system.

  4. Exactly, Bro, unless you're a writer, you really shouldn't comment on graff, or if you do, instead of saying "I don't like …." try "I don't understand…" it's the truth, and more appropriate if you're not a writer. anyone else commenting has all the authority of any other spectator- none, arm chair generals at best.

  5. So, when you like it it's good… and when you don't, it's vandalism. Sounds legit.


  7. SICK

    will this be released on dvd after the screening/put on youtube?

  8. The OG Melbourne FATBOY
    I cant wait to get a copy of this

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