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who's scruffy-looking what is up my fellow hoods and gangsters welcome back to the speaking murderer channel I am Denny yeah we know who you are now lately guys myself and a few very close friends have been trying to come up with an awesome character driven exciting sci-fi feature film movie that can be done for relatively low budgets if we find the money and we've been batting around a ton of ideas that are super exciting but that also are just not fitting the bill and we're not loving them no so I've been doing a lot of thinking about creativity and coming up with new ideas and I want to pass on what I've been learning to you guys beauty up and I want to talk about something called divergent and convergent thinking today now what is divergent conference thinking basically it's how to come up with a good idea now essentially it all starts with you and your little set a pro there which is a can in the brain trying to take over the world and divergent thinking is simply coming up with a ton of ideas now there are four steps to divergent thinking the first step is don't decide what's a good idea and bad idea at the onset just come up with the time and ton of ideas then don't worry about if they're good or bad that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard because if you sit there and think I'm only gonna come up with good ideas you are going to automatically exclude a lot of great ideas that would be very good if you didn't write them off right away studies have shown that people who don't worry about if an idea is good or bad they just try to come up with as many ideas as possible we'll come up with twice as many good ideas as people who think from the onset I'm only gonna come up with good ideas right now mmm not me step two is generate a lot of ideas to come up with as many as possible Pablo Picasso did over 20,000 works during his life yet you and I may only recognize a handful of those so the more ideas you come up with the more chances you have of coming up with a great idea that doesn't make sense another one is borrow ideas so that means make connections to outside things do a lot of research which I love to do and learn about different things combine ideas from yourself and others and you will come up with something that is novel and great the fourth step of divergent thinking is look to the sky guys think big think outside the box don't let your imagination be hamstrung by well what could I do with the budget ideas that bomb it's not coming out so now you've come up with a hunger ideas some are hopefully great others are probably gonna be straight-up horrible now it's time to find the diamonds in the rough and to converge onto that great idea now what's the first step well is to be positive about all the ideas that you've had don't automatically say oh that idea can't work moving on don't do that well how close are we to shrink ray technology 700 years and don't say well that's not the way Star Wars did it so we can't do it that way to remember Star Wars is the coolest but it is not the only good idea out there so don't kill good ideas before they've had the opportunity to become great ones step 2 is to stay curious about unexpected ideas if it piques your curiosity but you may not understand it totally or you may not know how can work it's worth thinking more about it because of a picture curiosity now is just a good idea maybe it'll totally dominate your curiosity once it becomes a great idea by all accounts it doesn't make sense the third step in this convergent thinking and getting to you know whittling it all down is what do you want to get out of your ideas do you want to have a great sci-fi idea do you want to have a great comedy idea for instance Bob Hope who was one of the funniest comedians of all time he used this exact process and what if his requirements was is that a joke had to make him laugh three times so if he was able to read it three separate times and it made him laugh each of the three times he knew he had a great joke not just a good joke oh now this is a hilarious premise so in our case the story writers do our ideas get us excited every single time we read it because if it does then we might be onto something now the fourth step in all this as you really want to look down is to stay focused stay on target remember the initial aha moments that you have and coming up with a good idea is only the beginning of the journey towards the great idea that idea that something great is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration is totally true when it comes to filmmaking there were a ton of drafts in the original Star Wars and if you've read the original draft it is not that good sorry George but I'm assuming you totally agree with you because you totally rewrote it into the that we have now so refined and refine your good ideas keep thinking about them because good ideas can become great ideas now I'm gonna include a little document that has all these steps in the description below so check it out so now I want to know guys what is your favorite methods of being creative how do you come up with good ideas that then turn into great ideas thanks so much for watching I hope this video helped a little bit and guys remember to stay spiffy and don't do anything I wouldn't do twice

18 thoughts on “Writer's Block? Me Too! | Creative Ideas | Divergent and Convergent Thinking

  1. Have you seen this Han Solo Star Wars story from Jamie Costa , https://youtu.be/BvPfCTyd3X8, could you maybe create a video on how to maximise your budget to create great films, like what you did with Vader and what others have done with other fan films.

  2. Terrific advice once again, Danny. Self-doubt with one's ideas is an issue that's often plagued me in my writing. Instead of moving forward and feeling free, I'll feel trapped by the need to make instant revisions. And these revisions just go on, and on, until my morale is quickly depleted and I've little written to show for it.

    I think the desire to create a script as original as possible can also be a heavy burden. Nobody wants to be told by a film critic that their work is dull, bland and uninspired. We all seek to be new and revolutionary like Nolan's Inception.

  3. Thanks for the advice!! I have ideas for my stopmotion like what should happen but i just need t write food dialogue.. lol Also What do you think would have happened if Luke stayed on the death star in episode 4 after kenobis death.. like if he didnt escape with han and leia..

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  5. I only here to watch Danny because he is the neatest. But this is the wrong video to say that on but you need to know because you did ask at some point recently.

  6. your videos are great. I know a lot of people in the filmmaking business and I would love to one day become a director and I love to here tips so thanks

  7. "Yeah. We know who you are." & the crescendo of music at the end – Top notch editing as always, Danny boi!!! ;P

  8. I've recently been having issues with coming up with ideas, but I've fixed that problem by taking some advice from Jared Hess and looking at my past experiences for inspiration. Since I've started doing that, I've come up with quite a few great and funny ideas for my movie.

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