Writer's Block – OU Softball on 39 game winning steak

here's my number though Cedric it's 39 and this is a sport that may be under the radar for some people but not in either of our necks of the woods that being college softball Oklahoma softball team right now on a 39 game winning streak it's the all-time longest single season winning streak they start NCAA regional play this weekend Oklahoma's hosting Oklahoma State's hosting Texas is hosting a regional down in your neck of the woods Cedric lots of really great teams but Oklahoma has elevated I mean Texas is having a resurgent year Cedric under my quite the new coach there but boy Oklahoma has just kind of run away and hid from even really good teams but Texas they got to be feeling good about their chances to to leaves an advance out a regional play I would think absolutely they had a really bounce-back season in Mike White's first year in place of Connie Clark a Kirk Bo's and I had Mike light on her on second thought podcasts of this week which drops which dropped to day Thursday and he talked about how big oh you was he said are we on the same level as Oklahoma right now no we are not very few teams are they are great they are deep and and they're proud the program is is set they are where Texas aspires to be and as long as the Longhorns can somehow a host serve this weekend with Sam Houston State on Friday and then I think it's an M in Houston playing and the other regional if they can come out of here with a dub and get to a super regional and Mike White's first year I think that's going to go a long way in getting them back trying to lessen that gap between them and the Oklahoma Sooners and it's a pretty big gap and that's nothing to say that Texas is isn't very good it's what all you is doing on a national level they are having historic type season and anything but a national championship at this point will be considered a terrific disappointment yeah they seem to have a little bit of everything going for him or a lot of everything going for him great pitches the grace that grace Greene she's a stud mayor great hitting I mean they've got fantastic hitters up and down their lineup and then their defense is unbelievable you know SportsCenter top 10 plays type of great so you see it in all facets and then you add in the fact that they've been able to carry this winning streak to such great heights it is impressive to see some other great teams around the country UCLA Washington defending national champs Florida State those will all be powerful opponents come Women's College World Series time but you know Oklahoma has shown a lot of toughness a lot of tenacity sort of a you know getting into that conversation for the best teams of all time and if they win that championship then you can really start to say where do they belong in that conversation

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