Writer's Block – PGA Championship and Tiger Woods

let's go to segment two and let's go by the numbers Cedric let's start with this one it's sixteen and this is a is it gonna happen sort of number is that the number of major wins Tiger Woods is gonna have by the end of this weekend PGA Championship getting underway he's already on the course as we speak in his first round not going so well so does he get to 16 this weekend no Tigers not gonna win this you can't expect Tiger to win them all uh-hum what was it 12 years between majors I don't even remember has been that long I think I had hair the last time you won one so he was struggling early at the PTAs looking rusty the putters on the fritz and he can't keep it in the fairway this is called the Masters what it was a great moment in golf history it doesn't mean that Tiger Woods is about to take over the sport again Jake our he was running things and early 2000s but now you have guys like Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy Rickie Fowler gods of a do George Spieth that that loved him growing up but they don't fear Tiger anymore type Tigers back in shape he's feeling good about himself but this is a tough sport to win back-to-back majors that's not going to happen this week I like his chances at the peak at the Open Championship in Ireland to end the season but I think you should have probably played another tournament after the Masters or two to get ready for this one yeah you know it said your guy what you said about how Tiger used to rule things you know when he used to go into these major championships you know people would talk do you take Tiger or do you take the field and even though it was one guy in the rest of me sometimes said well I gotta take Tiger he's just that good the field has gotten so much better Cedric what you said about those younger guys not fearing Tiger I mean I think that's in part because of Tiger being in a different point in his career but I also think you've got a bunch of guys that you know they've won a high-level look at Brooks koepka guy that doesn't get maybe the the widespread attention that Dustin Johnson or Rickie Fowler or you know some of these other guys get out there but fantastic players won a bunch of majors already very strong player very strong individual so I just think those guys you know they know what they can do they've been there before so it's hard to pick against somebody else coming out of this major championship but at the same time I'm not sure anybody really said going into the Masters that it was Tigers time again he's definitely re-established himself in a way I didn't know if it was possible so we'll see if when he gets to 16 I'm with you though I don't think it's this weekend

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