Writer's Block Reset: 15 quick tasks to boost productivity and train your brain

hello Raiders I am Karen Agravaine from spa moorim and today I'm talking more about writer's block when you have writer's block a lot of you worry that you're wasting your time and I get that it's so hard to actually put time aside for writing in the first place that when you've done that you feel like you've won a major battle and then the writer's block just gets you right back where you were and you think oh my god I'm not making any progress and it's so frustrating and it's actually really dangerous because it tells your brain that writing or sitting there hoping to write is an activity that is wasting time and that is the last thing that you need because your brain needs to be trained into knowing that writing is a great use of your time so what do you do if the words just aren't coming out and you're sitting there at your desk I'm gonna give you a list of a bunch of things that you can do in one minute or two minutes at most that are going to further your writing career or your braiding platform it's gonna get you further than you were and it's gonna also retrain your brain into thinking okay I got something done and now let's start writing again so it's a little reset I find so let's get started before that don't forget to sign up subscribe comment below if you like what I'm saying or if you think I missed something and also don't forget to hit a little bell so that you'll be alerted whenever I have a new video coming out because I'm gonna get you guys all the information you need to go from aspiring writer to successful author so what are these things okay let's go through a bunch of them they take no time at all thing number one that you can do I really recommend it's super important people forget to do it back up your computer so many of you lose valuable files and it is a tragedy especially when you're a writer you'll never get those words back so why don't you back up your computer your writing files at least to an exterior tribe and it's gonna feel a lot better because sometimes you have this panic about losing your work and you don't realize that that panic is in the back of your mind it's a real relief when you know that you've backed everything up thing number two why don't you answer a writing related email we all get those emails that are these opportunities from either you know things to market your book or opportunities to write articles some or you know notes from your editor whatever that may be we all have some emails we haven't addressed about our writing find one answer it and you'll feel a lot better other things that make you feel better is clear your desktop both your physical decks the desktop if you have drink containers food containers and your computer desktop these things again in the back of your mind it kind of signals that your thoughts are gonna be disorganized your work is disorganized it's a little bit anxiety-producing and I'm a messy person I get it and I know that cleaning stuff up does make me feel a lot better and I'm sure it does for you as well and it takes no time it's just a question of doing it and so when you're sitting there all desperate with writer's block couldn't be better another thing that is good for you and that we forget to do is hydrating why don't you go get yourself a glass of water sparkling water any kind of beverage alcoholic or otherwise it's fine hydration is key it helps you to think walking to your kitchen and back is gonna help you to kind of clear your mind and you sit down and you've reset you're ready to go also another thing that you can do is you can use a plank do a plank for a minute that is greats gonna get your blood circulating it's gonna get you know and believe me if you do enough planks you're gonna be a you'll be in better shape B you're gonna be so frustrated with the planks that writing is gonna be a great alternative another thing that you can do is you can go I'm giving you permission go onto social media and you know do a few things that are going to further your writing platform whether that is posting something of your own or commenting on another writers account in a positive way it's great to build community and you know every little interaction counts and put something out there into the world speaking of social media in a minute or two you can literally fill in a whole calendar with a months worth of content so just thematically just brainstorm those things and just fill in the calendar about what you're gonna be posting about and you'll feel a lot better because you'll have a plan you can also unsubscribe from unof central emails so go through your email unsubscribe it's just like cleaning your real desktop or your computer desktop it feels really good when you open your email box and you don't have all of this stuff that no longer interests you in there and it takes such a short time to do it that it's great to go do that but the other thing is when you're unsubscribing you might see another message from somebody you know that you are so used to getting into your inbox and before you're about to push that unsubscribe button you might get a little nugget of information from them so it's kind of worth revisiting those and deciding whether you really want to get rid of them you can also read a page from one of your favorite authors or journalists just reading a page is gonna get you a little bit more inspired it's gonna take your mind off of your own shitty writing and onto something that you enjoy I think that's a major major positive thing to do another thing that you can do is read a news digest often the news is gonna be I mean sometimes you know reality is stranger than fiction you can get a little idea and also at least you'll have something to talk about at your next dinner party you can call and you know check your prescription or something for your medication if you have one you know a TB medication or you know depression medication taking care of yourself is really important and sometimes we don't make those appointments you know for your doctor or for your pharmacist and that's a really good thing to do another great thing to do is why don't you call up a writer friend and tell them listen I'm on a ticking clock let's talk for two minutes and catch up securing their voice hearing what they're up to is major or set a couple texts to them but really I think that picking up the phone and talking to them is major it's a good change I also recommend for a minute dictate just pure drivel into your phone and you can use that as a jumping off point for a chapter but or for even a whole completely different story but it's a really good thing to do another thing you can do is speaking of calendars I've talked about your editorial calendar look at the local bookstore or a library calendar find a list of events that you can attend that are you know based on writing listen to an author speaking or go to a book signing go to a book group but it's great to get some literary events that you can attend in your calendar you don't have to do them all but it's great to have the option another fun thing to do is that you can go through your calendar and cancel one non-essential appointment it feels good and it will save you time in the future that you can devote to right as well even if you were to do all of those things you would still have about 1,400 minutes left in your day to devote to writing I don't recommend doing all of those things at once because I think it's good to keep them in your back pocket it's just kind of a mindless thing where you're thinking okay you know what I wasn't wasting my time I actually took a minute to do something that was gonna further my career as a writer I didn't have to think about it too much even though I had writer's block I didn't do nothing and that's a great feeling just psychologically anything that makes you feel better and be less fearful of the fact that you're failing and what you wanted to do is gonna be a successful task so that's it you guys I hope that helped comment down below if you have any other things that one can do in two minutes or less and I will see you guys next time in the meantime keep writing you

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