Writer's Block – Team U.S.A. Hasn't Allowed One Goal

let's move on to segment 2 and talk about some must-see TV we'll find out if those NBA draft picks or must-see TV down the road but right now must-see TV Rob is the Women's World Cup and specifically the u.s. women they were the favorite coming into this thing and they have just demolished everybody including a Swedish team in their last group-stage match that you know was supposed to be at least some sort of contender to maybe you know beat them I just thought that the US team was impressive even at a 200 when it wasn't 30 no but 2o was still very impressive can anybody beat these guys just handle the trophy now right I mean we didn't actually had you know a reason to get up for this game and Sweden not I'm you know us did us Sweden knocked us out of the 2016 Olympics so you know there's a little payback and 200 is not incredible but they haven't a lot of goal yet the first two games against Thailand in Chile 16 to sit so look out I think Spain comes next and you know Megan rapaho said that that could be a little bit of a challenge because Spain kind of please this unorthodox style or I think she called it ticky tack out where they could possess the ball so that'll be a little bit different but all that means is probably they'll win u.s. went for Oh instead of maybe 1000 yeah it's hard to see the u.s. losing any time soon obviously now they're starting in the knockout phase and the loss means you go home so it's must-win at this point Spain on monday a late morning match at noon Eastern Time 11:00 central time is the start for that one on Monday and then if the u.s. wins an interesting potential quarterfinal match in that they would face the winner of Brazil and France two teams that have been pretty good but obviously this Women's World Cup Rob is in France and that quarterfinal no surprise here they're not playing in any outlying stadiums they're playing in Paris they're going to the heart of the of the you know French country to have that match potentially between France and the US I mean that could have been a Finals matchup and here it'll be in the quarters I mean when you host you have some advantages but this is one that you could potentially see I mean it's at least gonna be a big raucous crowd if that is the matchup in the quarterfinals absolutely I mean this is right in middle of Paris and they'll be rocking for that they'll want to knock off the u.s. the Yanks and the whole deal and I still think the u.s. they just play their game they're the most talented team they're well coached I don't see too much trouble there but that's why they play it and you know with the crowd into it it could be a little more more nervy than the US wants yeah and you know it's been interesting to watch as this Women's World Cup has gone on you know this is a team that if you think back to either the 16 Olympics which you mentioned a while ago robbed or or even four years ago in the Women's World Cup you know this was an entirely different looking roster you know whether you're talking about Hope Solo and goal or Abby Wambach on the attack there's some familiar faces obviously whether you're talking about Carli Lloyd or Megan Rapinoe or or those types Julie has played in the last four years eight years or so for the u.s. so it's not without some veterans on this team but this is a lot of new faces a lot of younger players you know Jill Ellis has gone with some with some younger talent even as Seiya Carli Lloyd sits the bench and comes in and reserved so it's gonna be interesting to see as this tournament progresses you know how the younger players that maybe haven't been in these big pressure situations how they react obviously thus far it's been without any incident of you know concern even really in these games they've they've really just attacted and been clearly the better team even in that 2o win over over Sweden the other day it just it didn't ever feel like they were threatened which you know it's just it's impressive to see at that level you know just how dominant they've how dominant can they be can they go another game without allowing a goal could they potentially get you know a couple more games without allowing a goal I don't know but it's I guess at this point after you see when they start 13 no Rob you start to sort of think how big how great and and obviously you know a lot of people are always around the u.s. gonna remember the 99 team the success that they had winning on American soil but I think here we are now 20 years later and you still see the strength of the Americans and I'm not betting against him I don't bet Rob but if I did I mean it'd be foolish to bet against these guys right yeah I mean you're doing pretty well when the biggest controversy in the most dicey moment is the way you've celebrated when you're criticizing against Thailand I mean if that's that's the biggest deal you have to deal with you know you're doing okay and it's hard to believe it's been that many years since we mentioned 99 I feel old and over yeah I know boy what a fun a sporting event that was though

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