Writers Bullet Journal in a Traveler's Notebook

hey I wanted to show you guys this and this is it's like a bullet journal but in our travelers notebook and a travelers notebook issues are just something like this um and it has three note doesn't have that in it it has three inserts and it's just what I've been using for what I've started using area just from my bullet journal because it sections it off this is for my writing obviously and sections are off and to sort of workable bits if you see what I mean and this is actually when I made myself because Midori's are usually the name of like the more popular travelers Norbu this is called a for dory because it's a fake Midori I mean this is just a picture and that a laminated and then I've you know made these answers and the good thing about these inserts is once I'm done with one I can just replace it you know I can just archive and replace it so anyway let's get down to what this one is so this is just I've put the month of me I need to put in more details here but for the moment that's all it is and I've just decorated oh and here this is like week 18 well it's the 18th week of the year that's how I kind of work it out and I've just put what chapters I want to work in so this is my newest project far side of night and I've mentioned that in my story idea tag and what my plan is to try and write about three chapters a week so you have the chapters there and over here it's just for every 500 words to write and in each chapter or what tired about 3500 per charter I wouldn't always be that up sometimes it might be more sometimes less but it's trying to buy that and then each tile 500 parts and I just did that for chapter 1 2 & 3 and down here I've just put the books of read that week and this one here I forgot to put outlining and there my dragon book they had problems rather than need to change the story so that's just what I've been outlining and then just put a little stickers of dragons because I actually mean there were two with the one and this is just like week 19 there's the same again now to chapter 4 5 & 6 outline in these chapters the books red red rising and theft of swords and you can see there's a squared paper it just makes it easier for me to you know do the problems in that and this here is for the social media and this is just what well this is what I plan to do want to try and do three different videos we it's probably not going to turn out that way but I'll try I've already done one and I've done it I do I'm gonna have to put something in for this sort of miscellaneous videos I did like it just did the story idea tag so yeah I'll have to think about that and then just ideas from a blog because a sample website again a hard going so I'm not going to use it and then I was like no I need to have a website so I need ideas for my blog because I'm really bad at my blog and it's the same with Facebook I'll just put this sticker over here because the anchored blade through for the other side so yeah just put that in there and Facebook is another one I want to try and utilize a bit more but I'm really bad I've said before I'm not good with social media I enjoy using it but just doing it regularly is say that's what I'm bad I'm bad sort of meet or fall together so this is them this week week 20 and I've arts are already finished this one I because I finished the outline and I want to start my car NaNoWriMo pray um so I need to come on would come up with from brand-new so that's what these is just to choose the project breezed on the cartoon world build this doesn't necessarily have to be done this week and I can come back and take that off and the book of read this week is all systems read so then we have next week and that's that one and this one is just for my social media just what I want to try like I said YouTube and what's a proper schedule and all other sorts of things and this will be for ideas and then for Facebook it's the same thing and this will just save moolah for like my personal page so it's not as rating specific in not writing specific but from a writer's life soo the sort of mundane life and then this is just an image of my page avatar and then just something from my page as well and then this one is for Instagram Twitter and Pinterest as you can see it so that was just other time no idea what I do Twitter I've got some hashtags but you know how follow so maybe you start with and I don't know so interaction with conversations more together what are they in just Pinterest so that's that one this one I won't really show you but this I used for the lakes of when I'm working on a project when I first for the day what I then do is write down notes for the following day and this was something that I learned in like Rachel Aaron's to cater tanki was it so saying you've just had a bull's-eye right 5c maybe just a fight scene so you'd write a bill point just saying escaped to somewhere to somewhere safe and the next thing could happen is seek medical attention you know if anybody's been injured so you get the point it's just like little bullet point of what you need to do for the next C so when I finish for the day I do a quick less of what I need to do for the following D so I'm starting from a point of knowing exactly where I'm going so it's like a little good map sort of thing and this has been this has really been a valley both just to keep me on track remember so that's what's in this one here and this little insert so yeah that's why I do just fell in these little things as I'm going along I find this is because this is easy I've heard different boots but you've seen you know I'm always chopping and changing into all different things but this is one it's easy so there's a little elastic that just goes around it and it just goes into my bag and because it's cheap and cheerful I'd make it myself so I can make it anywhere I've got all different ones I've got ones you know some of the sci-fi covers all that sort of thing and this one is just I've not used this year well that's just a little insert that I can just put in put it in there and that can be like a little extra notebook sort of thing and that I made too so there you go that is what I've got to keep my rating on track hit a rate of bullet journal slash travelers notebook and it just keeps it much simpler you have seen all different variances of what I've had in the past but I think there's a streamlined it down to just what I need it's just to the BLSA see it keeps me on track I don't do what counts and I said before I was just there's something about them that just doesn't jail with me how prefer doing the chapters because sometimes the work you're doing is not about the word count it could be something else you're working on and I also know that don't never do something extra note that down here and then I can look back and see exactly how much work I've done so they I hope you enjoyed that little video I'll give you ever give you some ideas for your own one and how to keep it simple okay bye

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  1. I love your system. I'm always experimenting on how to organize my writing stuff and unfortunately everything ends up scattered in a bunch of different notebooks. Also, you're Traveler's Notebook is really cute!

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