WRITERS: Busting Myths About Literary Agents

it is it's anna-lysa remember me I haven't spoken with you in a while but here I am live in the group once again and today I want to talk to you about a couple of the publishing myths that people have and specifically today I want to talk to you about literary agents this is something that writers have a lot of questions on and a lot of misconceptions about so one of the things that writers believe about agents is that they're impossible they're difficult to get in touch with you know they're terrible people they're awful that kind of thing I've heard all kinds of myths that people have about these agents and so what I want to talk with you about today is the reality of the situation so let's bust that myth around what agents are really like and what the real deal is what this story is so it might seem if you've ever submitted a manuscript but this is a really impersonal experience that it's a harsh experience and I totally understand that because there's a lot of rejection in the submission process you know we don't always send our first letter and get a yes in fact if that happens to let me know you are definitely the anomaly that's just not the reality of this situation so let's think about what it's like to really be an agent who are agents because I talk to them every day every week I'm on the phone and having lunch with agents to get the real deal for you so one these agents are super super super busy people imagine if somebody just gave you a library's worth of books today and asks you to read them all there would be a lot of work and that's what happens to agents every day and the mistake that many authors make there is that they don't treat these agents like the people that they are they're busy people you know they've got kids dogs lives wives whatever they are people and we can relate to them and we should relate to them in the most human way but the flip side of that coin is one of the most important points that writers miss every single time and it is this publishing is a business and if you want to get published traditionally well you have to understand the ramifications of the fact that publishing is a business and you know knowing the right things to say knowing how to address the business of publishing in addition to knowing how to adjust the person who is your would-be agent these are the rules to success these are how we get people hi nice to see you thanks for watching uh let me know that you're on and say hello let me know what your questions are about agents and the publishing industry so as I was saying two of the big myths and two things that people do wrong are not addressing the humanity of an agent and oddly on the flipside not addressing the business of publishing and I help writers to get this right every single day I'd love to chat with you about your project where you are where you'd like to go and how you can get there if you're a writer who's serious about publishing and publishing well I'd love to chat with you about how you can do that what I'll do for you is throw a link into the comments you can drop yourself right into my calendar we'll get on skype or on the phone for about an hour and talk about where you are where you'd like to go and how you can get there I look forward to speaking with you and happy writing

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