Writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers reveal the creative process for Spider-Man: Far From Home

we have our incredible writers here with us you guys are so funny come on why are you guys working together making each other laugh all day or are you writing back and forth to each other yeah Chris and I have known each other a long time and I that's one of the many pleasures of this job as we make each other laugh pretty much every time we're working on something we're making each other laugh we come from the world of community and American Dad and comedy in general and so being able to come and inject our sensibility and has been really you know just an honor how do you what is the writing process for the two of you do you sit in a room together or do you separate places and texting back and forth different ends of the earth we thank God for the Internet we yeah we can be in no I mean like the creative process I mean we sit in a room for months and months with John Watson Kevin Feige and Marvel and and Pascal and Rachel O'Connor and we all just like work together for months coming up with the story and then when it's time for us to go off the script it's usually right around vacation time for them you know good enough get out of here see you into it with a beat sheet over January 2nd so but no it's so collaborative at the hole with all of them it's just so and then you know yeah okay now we actually need to put words to paper and he and I go off and a lot of time once we're writing we're separate and we'll just working in our own places and then we trade work with each other back and forth back and forth and you know we've known each other for so long there's just a lot of trust and it's like you can rewrite my stuff I'll rewrite your stuff would you go back of our bedding for that we we text all early any animosity that joke that I put in that disappeared gets right I'm putting it back in oh it disappeared again on the third go-around squirrels and if anyone feels passionate enough about something to put it back in well then we'll just leave that out when they win I'm almost curious when you're writing dialogue who is the character that you're the most excited to write dialogue for personally it's so hard I'd say Pierce Pierce Hawthorne from commute know uh Chevy Chase I would say like when these is so great every senior never you know never going out and I have to write this senior always like oh now I can so write a nick fury scene now I get to write mysterio see now I get to write another Ned and Peter scene now a romantic scene between someone what's that anytime you have a bunch of fun characters it's a pleasure and and if you find yourself writing a scene and you're really bummed out by a bunch of the characters you don't then you got to go back to the drawing board and say are what we need to change this so we just felt really lucky we had a lot of great characters whoever you're writing for it was fun and the dynamic of all the kids together and everything was all super fun and we're really excited about it no it's like you get to do like a really great high school comedy in one scene and the next one you're doing isn't impossible it's it's just a really fun mix of different genres and characters that again we're just honored to be a part of I'm a journalist so when I write I tend to read my words out loud and before I move on to the next part do you guys read your scripts out loud or do you read them in your head wife is witnessed a lot of just the worst acting you've ever she'll come into the office and oh hey honey I need something I'll be like in there like Oh what or I'll be like just talking to myself or acting things out you never so she's a lot of terrible's that that super personal play about your family that you do look forward to that but enjoy the film tonight we can't wait to see it

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