Writers in Residence Application Video

hi everyone my name is Katie woods ik and I'm an external relations manager for hedge Brook this is a short video encouraging you to apply for our writers in residence program the writers in residence program is at the core of hedge brook over the past 27 years over 1,500 writers have come to the retreat through this program the best part is a fully funded residency of two to six weeks that means that once you arrive at hedge Brook we take care of everything you have a cottage of your own with a huge writing desk and our chef's craft delicious meals with produce from our gardening the application is available online through slide room and you have until July 28th to fill out the application this is a shorter application window than we've had in the past so make sure you make note of that July 28th deadline if you're wondering whether or not you should apply for a hedge fit residency you totally should we accept applications from riders working in all genres with all levels of experience our selection process is completely anonymous so if you've applied in the past we encourage you to apply again a roster of alumni readers rotates each year and you never know who will resonate with your work here are some tips for filling out the application read the application guidelines carefully now this might seem like common sense but each year we have applicants who skim through the instructions we've developed these questions over the years to elicit the most important information in evaluating these applications choose seven to ten pages that best represent your work as a writer our readers are looking for strength of writing and authenticity of voice take a chance on yourself it's true the application process is competitive but your application has just as much of a chance of advancing through the selection process as anyone else applying only you can tell your story so fire up your computers this summer and apply for a hedgehog residency you can find us on Facebook and Twitter and please reach out to us if you have any questions about the application or any of hedrick's other programs thanks for watching everyone and help us spread the word by sharing this video you

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