Writers in residence's reading June 16th, 2019 – Ecrivains en résidence, Lecture 16 juin 2019

it's called a brief history of the southern sloths they knelt upon the land unable to walk any longer less the ground named the river flourished and multiplied had a God for each season it had only one God the winter God broke their faith upon a stone divided the tribe died standing up hidden the hills from tax collectors slept fitfully through dreamless nights grew cunning reaped the harvest raised pigs turned landlords when there wasn't war passed down in song how they lived how they suffered how they were thrown upon but overcame rebelled against Kings rebelled against the weather against the heights of mountains and was stood beyond the divided blood formed the stage for the war for another thought one more were invaded we're enlightened were betrayed or progressive shoes put on reactionary hats whispered and the presence of books became prisoners of ideas that arrogant like all non-believers than violent like all who regained their faith then I'm gonna have a story called translator from the Bosnian it's made up of letters like the main character writes a lot of letters to his family but most of the letters start with his son at the end of the story the son writes a letter back to him by that time the character it is that he has committed suicide so I'll read a couple of those letters the first one which he writes for his wife and the third one which he writes to his own father so this is translated from the Bosnia 7 June 1993 dear Arabella they came for me like for any other in the morning knocking innocently that freckled boy the Baker's son frowning like a servant and going on looking away and smiling the smile they turned we blameless I took what I could what was left in the apartment a suitcase of clothing and essentials and walked in between them down the stairs the courtyard was full of men with suitcases or rifles and indistinguishable cries of women they were rounding up the whole neighborhood herding them onto buses young and old what a scene Arabella what a terrible and familiar scene with the terrible and familiar disorder with which we do everything there was three days ago I am sorry I could not write to you sooner but there isn't much to write not really the bus drove us to hell he had Rome and after two nights in the sports hall I was put into a room on the second floor of the Military College they have boarded up the only window here but sunlight pierson through the cracks in the wood there are too many of us in the room but that is to be expected along with the smell the heat the restlessness and boredom Mira son is with me as I'm sure she's told you he's doing fine but I can feel my age against his impatience he paced us like a teacher today they brought in three more including Meza who stood in the center and asked what corner we used to piss in we laughed and so should you there are toilets in the hole there's food and water enough and Goran is careless with the cigarettes life goes on but the right about life here in more details seems pointless as absurd as describing the weather – you do not misunderstand my silence as a story queer folding and do not believe the card gossip of Mira and other women they exaggerate it is their right there are many of us here but I keep to myself so far I've been spared any labor at the front because of your uncle he says it is the least he can do and I'm beginning to even my back only occasionally flares up from sleeping on concrete Arabella I missed you in the morning and I miss you at night I miss the shutters of your body when you sleep the murmur of your breath and its comfort the animal sounds your stomach makes in the dark I miss waking up to you still asleep on your side with both hands between your knees in the silent radiance of our bedroom I miss this morning when you rouse yourself with a sigh and can into the living room where I read naked the whole smallest length of you carrying in your hand your non arms fish heavy and singling with pain I miss how you would let me straighten it out and rub it back to life then kiss you from elbow to palm Arabella I missed you in the morning and I miss you at night I miss and – keep writing to me often take good care of the baby by taking good care of yourself and after every breakdown gather yourself and stand firm Arabella I love you and always will father the silk is cool against my skin and I'm satisfied with my front and back views that is the service of the transit you can understand why women pay exorbitant sums for the closest if they work on their bodies 1349 euros I repeat the number in my head and at the same time the justification for it I concentrate hard on the value as if the sensitive tailor has thought his way around the travel spots of the woman in her late 50s Oh as if he knew that the straps had at once to contain and lift to the bottom that the back section had to be cut high and to distract attention from the rolls of fat and that there's hem of the skirt has to end just below the knees with their sagging skin how the tailor must have tenderly guided the scissors describing curves quite absorbed in the knowledge of the metabolisms sluggish speed post menopause and in times of over bounce over abundant food the scissors cut even more generously and nimbly around the impossibility of being happy and straight through the heavy side as long as designers like these exist everything seems possible I turn around and walk up to the mirror the fact that my bottom has been lifted comes at a price the valley between my breasts has become a steep ravine and in its depths lies a whole snake pit of wrinkles I step closer to the mirror as I do so my eyes fall on the chest of drawers and that the basket in which camellias emanate necklace lies cruise I take it out and put it around my neck the emanates its colors definite over the offending spot and take a few steps back and trace the spiral channels with my finger then they take off the dress and hang it in the wardrobe and linger naked behind the curtain perhaps it still can be learned shamelessness and the lust for the anchor mention even at my age like playing Vienna or speaking Italian I think about the pity words in the leaflets for pendulous that have recently started turning up in our house from the health insurance people are the federal pension funds take up a new hobby free time it lasts so many suspicious exclamation marks as if the reader was hard of hearing we like this tentatively sole factor to allow say elective and a you know we have a rule a select delete meet prudent of an under present a video to other considers mister Stane we desist monument believe installers a vanished – tox tests benefit to our shores the county does it first then the mercy – and you can clean up quite most matter of the dust the skinned asking him miles east with him anga boot Falls another me but we were shootin and character it master I've noticed don't meet often if Suzanne my Manasa box Allah and the freakiest is a libel to ask abscess on them ton of Aveda homes often due to a hostile vector T VT a toaster from planar tile until it moves over two hours we were through to the others like a shell – maja Alexian is about to do that only hungry me and meet one of only two circuito just want you to know how to default okie dokie d le so let's use imaging noise karate was far different on the last he lost his own an Italian opera do in the stigmatised at home already searched mail if I was not the relative she going to hide a movie or video debris shield on Halloween is a file with a horny at least in a chorus problem so never have a real possession when I carry eloquently when you comin through that any Omaha the Treaty of ambient stage a cabana so long as Americans currently appearances on hi this what he was who believe in everyone – Neil : mechanically me same same amino acid pool hopefully different get a parody nearly seven innocent men Natasha the contrary that's a very positive one here in and who's the third oh really a few poems I'm interested in environmental writing as a literary critic and I'm interested in the way we are shaped by our environments and how and how we shape them really things my father told me the Latin for do your own homework you bastard that's like a be a line from Virgil has six feet the German four are those sultanas or do you keep rabbits new to the counter the king's college pinkos would sell me to the Russians engineers make useful husbands the way to check tire pressure pump through vines willows cypresses a method for telling if goons are living in your camera's Naismith's rule for paisans gradients that in his day you hiked 267 miles on beer and Kendal mint cake and were grateful Munro charted the Highlands by night livid uncle Anton Wainwright loved his dogs more than his wives the Lubar nomads in the desert calls your mother a swine you reply stick your head up her dead bears ass so I've been quite preoccupied with the oil industry and how it creates so many things we take for granted including ink but nobody seems to be writing very much about is in the UK so this poem is called the gift I wanted to write speak but it's loaded with cartridges it rested on the desk no one dropped it or should the tip but its tricks screw underhand I try to write this resolve n it spoke for itself I unscrewed never from body inside a core sample of what stirred in the cretaceous fretted and volatile oceans the drill bit will get to burn liquid to solid carbon black and change state back to ink indelible gloss my hands smoked shirts doors tables each murky fingermark printed a tiny blue few lines for persian gulf to Gulf of Mexico a newspaper flat to the doormat slicked those wings the headline everything is written in fuel and a view of a blazing pipeline was it's version of my line – brilliant he is now mom she spoke that's a bomb yeah plus it's element except the absorbing of must contain an act that's easy touch dating even embed shout of Mahanta exact at least to be mom Samantha's nice person alleged in a clean title be befouled sees st after allowed man expenses or enhance axiom 10,000 and this is not too big to email my sister's given the dualist asagi bility kavita's how it must collectively they rainy field but summation sign which I forget missions and electing Bobby Johnson led to a mystery to secretly with far away at antimony geofeedia open bottle of our best wishes yeoman service via see a tab that you know prevalent mega just replay Deepika visual Vespa Dinesh Kumar any element C sharp D d mythology – trip home warranty warranty card Alice Erica photo Natalina today Cupido regional yeah eternity is it a Ben Sira avec toi avec vous n'etes a massage de partir de la luna SE hace photo cajun you see des nos epistatic more poncho a so fishy presenta Omar Judah a famous monkey Simone voiceover kadamba parte de Chalons evasion case a LP reduce support sis real reform honker oh mama usually our to remove parasites so Sutra found an order that is really in my lessons and senior sunnah wa-l capiche was the living come up in the animated dead on a pillow beyond poor pigeon peas you're so silly I don't feel at all Johnny flan strip on history bomb a tomar la yarda Italian if I said oh yeah young in what can you see it comes help Nicole pommel of ACP Sony a dosimeter kujo-kun memo moto in one shot driven Depeche the dishonest and emotive Tommy's so initiated yeah we see what we saw off Thunder that I thought the bedtred battery not a businessman that's the only likes only stupid people you may be – tomorrow false she pass the only talk don't know what emoji or cannot calm is it your fault don't love history fell on top of the video you see sir we move Yahoo is so yummy food Gillette miss your best souvenir rebound mister please ash you know place – male officer for Metallica is a place to live upon sir the mouse is visual coordinated float on this dish mother nature perhaps Missy because usually a mechanic to see Hawaii of La Belle with Bobby on his saucer in black develop that he said repeal it pebble is your Natalina at all Nasser Al Khalifa Jerry Lewis elaqid the Z modulus invasive mi Placido hey dawn Morton Tony Montana naw naw naw naw naw naw sterile other sheep are too devoted fan is me the accountant – well usually account a Sun SPOT system was safe obviously very man Jose it's a little image a week and again okay then yeah what's wrong [Applause]

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