Writer's life. Nerd talk. Pop culture- The Mash-up#11

[Applause] hey what's up you guys Baron gum this from the match up so today I'm Ryan and I'm Josh with me today Josh thank you for coming in thanks for having me you guys so it's really cool to have Joshua over because he's currently he actually writes for sci-fi and I actually saw some of your articles but your girl overall resume where you've been you're with The Hollywood Reporter I mean a Forbes you were with you know and myblueprint and Marvel mm-hm and like I'm like so thankful that Jake you know got us communicating oh no problem and there's a lot of trust going on right here because we just met for today for those of you watching at home so we could have been serial killers you don't we you know yeah i wouldnt know what was going on here yeah and he like I just gave him an address and they just could have just been so sketchy yeah exactly I wasn't I actually sent my mother city if I go miss out this is where I'm gonna be that's right now that's smart yeah just have you know have your locations on you but I mean like what's your background with all this writing and you what you're actually a local so you went to Drexel yes College and you're in communications so what drove you to actually do this I mean I've been I've been writing for as long as I can remember I can even remember when I first started writing yeah I know in grade school when you would keep journals every day and they give us writing prompts and it kind of just snowballed from there yeah and they just found this love for writing that you know I wrote for my school newspaper the triangle at Drexel and worked for all these worked for CNBC worked for marvel at internships and just continued writing continued building up my portfolio and luckily it lend me where I am today that's it's great to hear because you're doing something you're passionate about and when I got the information on you I did something like research so see who you are and like you obviously you're Twitter you're passionate about something and I loved your proposal for the what if the wall the water being oh yeah I saw that and I was like that would be such a missed opportunity if they didn't do that and I want to ask you like what you know what films or written pieces or where the key critical things to your life to start you like on your path to being a writer that's a good question I mean I mean I would credit my father for kind of getting me into pop culture I mean you have all the alien Funko's and stuff yeah so he would he would we would have these things when we were young my mom would be out for the night with her friends or whatever and would have mystery movie night and he would put on a VHS remember those and we would have to guess and if we guessed it right we would get a prize but usually he would put on a movie that was way beyond what we were used to you know we were young kids you know and I have three siblings and we you know one of those movies was alien and it's like I was a young kid and I was just terrified mm-hmm and just years later I rediscovered it I was kind of emotionally scarred yeah and it helped you down yeah yeah in the long when it kind of just stuck in my subconscious and then years later ice I discovered it and got into the whole alien franchise and that was a predator and yeah like what's your favorite alien movie it's a it's a good question I mean it's hard because it's they're so different yeah I know like I said to you before we started recording there's only really two yeah good alien movie he likes resurrection oh yeah actually you know compared to alien 3 that's a masterpiece but yeah written by Joss Whedon oh wow yeah I didn't even look into that um but I would have to say aliens I guess yeah only aliens was the main thing for me like I can quote so many lines from in like Hicks was my favorite character is it that's Bill Paxton right ah well Paxton is I'm Hudson Hudson yeah recipes Hicks was the one who died at the beginning of alien 3 yeah okay such a waste okay I hated alien 3 and the fact that just they threw him off like that because in the comic in the comics I were you know not Canon like Newton Hicks like survived and runneth roughly and stuff well they were in the original draft with alien 3 yeah it's and plus like I don't know alien 3 had a lot of issues because it was just like right behind the scenes stuff and like they actually wanted to make it a monk planet like a wooden planet right right Space Station mmm it had yeah I mean it has some good like even the finished product has a few okay ideas yeah you know the execution yeah David Fincher I know he we were just saying that before recording my David Fincher just does not want to talk about it yeah it's it's a tough you should get him on the podcast and force him to talk about it I know I am in breaking days breath breaking is David Fincher and held hostage so Chloe but uh you know is there any you have written pieces that really affected your life besides you know VHS tapes um I mean one of the I guess going back just the Harry Potter series is not a big fan of I just devoured those as a kid I'm trying to think what else like I would read the Charlie bone books remember those hmm those were kinda like a Harry Potter knock-offs yes yeah you liked the only other person I've ever met that hasn't actually read this here really who's the other one I see I didn't even know I don't even remember most of it but uh they should make a movie out that's like ripe for for a fantasy series yeah it's just like kids with powers right yeah like you got I mean miss Peregrine's was awful that my giant red house has to be big high piano and they have what's the other one I just had it and I okay I forgot I'm sorry yeah think about it if I if I remember it I'll let you know but I you know I was just thinking of Animorphs you guys remember those yes like they had the coolest cover yeah and I'd always have them out late on the library card or like I don't know where it is yeah ditches at home I would never read them I would just look at the covers yeah it would just be the cover he said I think they should bring that back I was just thinking about it that was a show too right yeah it was a show yeah it was a live act on Nickelodeon yeah it was a nickel or I think it was a movie like a one movie thing wow this is like hitting me I remember I used to read this books when I was younger but well that's the thing I think nostalgia is running a line Hollywood for surely no I was just watching ready player one oh all right he read the book it's really different a book is much better than the movie I heard it's more violent – yeah yes yes like you know yeah it is I just think yeah I mean it just has more kind of depth because obviously the movie had to make a lot of choices that make sense yeah when you read the book it makes sense I like ya know it's it's nostalgia Russian stouter from Spielberg was the only one who could have made that movie it was such a Spielberg movie too and I don't like it I was just like really there's Asian characters that still have agent accents I was just like really Steven it's the future it's like 2040 I was like whatever I let it pass but like with your whole passion behind pop culture and you know nerd culture I was telling you you know it's so mainstream now when Avengers breaking the records and they were I was telling you like a reason I do the shows because there's a lot of people that are low-key about you know this stuff and how do you think about the you know the climate today for nerd culture and how it is expanding yeah I mean I was I did an interview a few weeks ago for my my fraternity's website profiled me and I was just talking about how like everything has just become so accessible to everybody like look at memes they're so fast yeah exactly like I'm sure you're aware of the Thanos Ant Man yeah yeah famous yeah the infamous famous going oh yeah gonna famous is that um yeah I mean she's just like it's just cool house things like a movie comes out and days later if that there's just such a little lag time between their legs and audience getting it and then them taking it and turning it into something mm-hmm transforming it almost yeah and it's kind of hard because you're making this new environment where like these corporations or whatever they want to do advertisements they can't catch up a meme can be mold and my right half a day I don't know like you know it doesn't last that long because we're on to the next thing yeah some have better shelf lives than others yeah so you know I also want to reference back to you know your life it's just where did you where's your first internship and like like Marvel like sci-fi like what was the order for that so my first show at Drexel we had the coop system you guys know what that is yeah yes they're known for yeah that's yeah that business the business school and engineering so yeah so your inner you're interning for six months at a place instead of going to classes and my first two coops actually were had nothing to do with what I do now my first was working for the English department you know like social media publicity team for the school and the second one was for I was working for a bunch of different places one of them was like a b2b pharmaceutical marketing company that's interesting way out of my wheelhouse I mean it was interesting people were really nice just not what I was interested in doing and then finally for my third co-op I split between CNBC in New Jersey mm-hmm and Marvel which was just incredible that's had to be such a dream it was unreal and I got to go to comic-con with them I met Chadwick Boseman before like he blew up before this was like two years before Black Panther came out like you know he wasn't as well-known you got it in fast yeah it got a selfie you got a lot of pictures celebrities yeah I don't know how much they enjoyed doing it with me but I do it for the likes okay yeah he's a big Instagram guy but yeah I mean working at Marvel just a lot of really cool art hanging in the office and I was on their podcast a few times and just really great being in that environment and I write for them not freelance for them for their website wow that's amazing it's a so like being a writer so let's let's talk to the audience like how is how do you get these positions being a writers it is like a competition of like they see your work and you know they examine it because that's how I'm curious like how do they know you're qualified to do the way that so as a writer I mean it really is it's a mix of experience and connections I would say that's life you know it's it's when they when they say it's not what you know it's who you know it's it's not always that but it definitely does play a part but also you just need to keep writing building up your clips as they say so you have proof of concept basically if what you're capable of yeah and I had been writing for The Hollywood Reporter working at Fox News at the same time don't judge me I was working there for about six months after I graduated was not loving it so I quit went freelance full-time before I quit I got an email from sci-fi from my editor now he's like hey the guy The Hollywood Reporter recommended me to you or recommended you to me nice and that's how I got started with sci-fi and I'm just so so lucky and grateful I work with such great people get to do such cool things it's amazing so where do you uh where do these locations all right are you something of what East Coast yeah I'm here I'm local I'm I worked well I can work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal I was at a stranger things convention for work last weekend yeah I got to see Millie Bobby Brown I interviewed the little girl from last season who played Lucas's little sister okay yeah – but the like there was no Wi-Fi there and you if you had to buy it's like $40 so I'm like okay fine I'll buy it and but like you couldn't even get it so like it was just when you don't have Wi-Fi and you work in this business it's just it's been pain like I was working off my hotspot signal which is just not mmm ideal it's fine because I use the Hollywood Reporter so much for a new like movie news yeah yeah they're you know they're one of the trades that we you know hit them in variety are the two big ones and like you're honestly that hearing it your stories like a dream because you know I grew up with sci-fi – oh yeah before they change a logo – sy FY like it strings a bunch over the years yeah it definitely has so do you just throw out how many articles are you throwing out a day like is there a set you have to do it really depends for sci-fi like I'm a reporter but most of the time so I'm it depends really on the day so some days you know there could be one piece of news that I do or there could be 10 it really varies depending on what's breaking out there in the world of genre and you only focus on sci-fi fantasy and that's like easy for us yeah exactly in horror so you know no we're not covering every across the board so there's not it's a tight niche exactly but it's a fun niche and like like you I grew up you know watching this and I'm just doing what I love so like it's just incredible ya know I just I just think a lot of people do things in life and you know they just try to get by and just for money but like when I hear you and I'm talking you like in person like I see like you're just living your de life and you're doing what you love which is I don't think everyone has an opportunity to do and you know if you can tie your passion to that and your job it's it's just so critical and I wanted to get into and your I feel like you're involved in your Jewish like community right and actively involved so I guess have you've done anything for the community like hosted anything um in front of thing I mean not really I mean I I still keep in touch with my Chabad rabbi from college who calls me every week and we do like a two-minute learning session that's nice so it's just nice to stay connected and I'm a huge huge proponent of mixing my culture with pop culture oh wow so if I could ever tie like I recently did a story for Forbes on comic coming out in the fall about a guy hunting Nazis after world war ii so I'd love the kind of convergence of those two things and I'm in the middle of man in the high castle right now season 3 immortal late but I had just I just interviewed the head the effects supervisors earlier in the week so I got back into it and just seeing like the Jewish characters you know hiding from the Nazis and starting their own civilization it's just it's interesting and yeah I actually you know read that up on you like how you love you know if that blend is there any like other literature and movies that you've looked at for to really pertain to that like that combination of your Jewish religion and pop so there's so there's a few I mean I'm a big alternate history guy mhm so like a lot of it has to do with you know Nazis winning world war ii fatherland SSG be trying to think what else american eagle with a k' these are all great examples of the genre and I loved it so much that I wrote my own book but I'm still trying to get published nice that's a genre and the main character is a Holocaust survivor oh wow so it's again bringing them bringing together what I love and yeah putting it out there in the world this is like the podcast for me it's like I love talking to people because you know everyone has a story and you know sometimes I don't have like big names yes gasps well maybe some of you have you know so what am I chopped liver I got Tony Stark over here but but uh yeah but you know the point is I'm when I'm here everyone has a story you know I had some mental health advocates and you know people would message me like oh I really helped knowing that someone like you know someone who is looked up look too highly it's struggling just as much as I am you know cuz I when I originally made this podcast it's for recent graduates like us and that weird little funk of a time it is you know because some people are doing grad school and they kind of feel like their self-worth is down you know because you're just like what am I gonna make it we're like you're graduating jobs not guaranteed you know everyone wants like a masters or something so it's like it's cool that we're doing the same thing just linking these passions together and I truly is a mashup I'll shed it think they said the trade offs a we just well that's the reason we're in the endgame now yeah I see how many points we get this is the but maybe in the mash the reason why it's called the mash up this case it's a life talk and then it's a movie talk right and people like why don't you just like cuz when you try to get your brand out there and you market it they're like are you have to niche down and really narrow and like you know what I'm just gonna do like a two in one right I mean how culture is it's such a broad abroad thing there's so many it's a mash-up of instead again of so many different topics and genres and people it's it's great ya know it really is and I've actually just read speaking a Jewish culture like I read taxi with some OSH wits you should look into that yeah it's our story sitting on my mother's desk right now at home and I've been meaning to read it yeah I hear it's good no it's really good it's like a New York Times bestseller yeah you guys are looking for a quick read I feel like we kind of brushed over the fact that you said you wrote a book and you're trying to publish it right yeah what does that details detail yeah I'm eeeeenh it's it's it's a it's a neo-noir alternate history murder mystery set in Los Angeles in the late 50s okay and the main character is a Holocaust survivor who also works for the LAPD I won't say any more than that trying to solve a mystery okay but the process I mean it is is pretty hard to get it out there like if you're not self-publishing it's hard because you need to get an agent then they need to you know get publishers interested and it's a whole process so right now I'm sending it out to agents and seeing who's interested nobody's bitten yet but hopefully I just I just hired an editor she went through it and I went through it myself so it's I think it's stronger now mmm knock on wood this isn't wood so the actual how long were you actually writing this for about two and a half years at least you're not George are Martin yeah yeah do you read the books no I think I read after okay you know cuz I whatever fuck it I'm gonna spoil it because in the books where they left off Jon Snow just got stabbed oh wow so there's no their way our way off and George are Martin the fun fact he gave him you know he gave DB Weiss and reducers just the skeleton of like what he wanted um you know but yet again it's so different because Catelyn Stark is like a reanimated Society I wanted that like I heard that she comes that would have been awesome badass to see her killing I mean Arya killing the phrase is also really cool but seeing Catelyn come back and getting revenge yes she's a whole different character and she's not like she's not a good guy in the book she's like she doesn't talk cuz a throat slit she's kind of like this angry vengeful spirit I don't like did they missed an opportunity for that right and I mean what are your thoughts in the season so far uh you know I'm I'm just happy like I you know people are entitled to you know complain about don't like complain about I'm just happy that we have more Game of Thrones it's been two years right two years year and a half whatever it's been and I'm just glad to be back in this world and seeing all these kind of fanservice moments all these characters coming together and you know battle against the night king and the White Walkers so I mean yeah there definitely are things that are it's a shorter season so they have to really condense and you know once it's over next week people are going to complain that it's no longer here so isn't that crazy I know well we have the spin-offs come on there's three and I'm like I guess but like George just get the fucking looks Nadia I get the book style it's funny cuz he did like a 60 minutes special that aired before or after the season season 8 premiere and he said that the books ending won't be as different as the show's ending so it'll be interesting to see how it ends next week I mean so he has to do two more books he has to do wins a win tonight and then something the spring song song a spring yeah and I this is what I think he's gonna do and I please guy let me be right let him drop the books at the same time like that's why it's taking him so long you know right and he's old too and he's not in the best shape yeah he's like going back and forth between writing books like he's writing a little bit of uh was it winter and then well he does he does a lot of side books – yeah you like dropped it next week that would be insane just yeah I think there will be on say tit yeah to see it work for a week yeah yeah yeah you show yourself up in your room yeah I can't yeah you write no letter your vol that's like I can't share without the night king is back but Jon Snow is he coming back I don't know I got a read that would be genius though like they did with the Cloverfield paradox those ago I mean it was a shit movie but thank you the marketing was genius it was genius because it's just like Oh what is this and they spend you know they spent QWOP for that that position in the Superbowl that's that's that that shit that movies just horrible yeah I don't know I was a big fan of the Cloverfield the first Cloverfield I still AM there were so many theories about it yeah and the second one was good yes okay that's a it's a multiverse whatever they were actually supposed to do a movie or Overlord was supposed to be right it that was rumored I believe me I mean that was like one of my favorite movies somehow 2018 it was really good and you know Kurt Russell's kid in there yeah I am not to name-drop too much I met him once at like a press junket for when you keep name driving it I met her once it was cool guy when he did that Richard Linklater movie everybody wants some hay and he played like the stoner guy on the baseball team he looks like a stereo he looks like a static but he talks like his dad – he looks like his litter rustles yeah they should really like just remake and like Big Trouble in Little China oh my that yeah are the rock the rock yeah this guy's everywhere yeah I just hope it's good cuz I rich I love any you know John Carpenter movie whether it's vampires you know the thing right you just shut up yeah you just sparked something in my mind why don't they do a sequel to the thing and have current Russell's son plays Macready that's a good that's a good point or yeah and then he could like Rick I don't know if he survived or something yeah Aaron is cuz he's so not super old but like yeah father-son yeah I'd be down for that why not no it's so many ideas see we're just like riffing in there yeah alright are you listening Hollywood yeah yeah you should we're not even asking for money here just take the ideas and make them see listen you guys fucked up Sonic like this is like how you know they're you know the guys in the nice jackets and like they don't really care about the property like Sonic it's just I mean I wasn't I wasn't on the I was like whatever the trailer like you know despite it like it comes out in November I think so the special effects aren't even done I thought it like you know you have to bring him into our world so making him kind of look more I mean I know they're gonna redesign him anyway yeah yeah the director should design um but yeah like I wasn't like I was waiting to just see giving the movie a chance I know Jim Carrey's gonna yeah knock the knock it out of the park is dr. Robotnik yeah and that that's like the cellar for me cuz I yeah Jim Carrey's back at a movie I'm gonna watch it yes Sonic like I'm not a huge Sonic fan but still I call Oh watching you know Sonic we talked about this before in other episodes like Sonic was known for the music and stuff and it's weird Sync gangster's paradise yeah I'm like I didn't like the rings were like Doctor Strange portals yeah yeah I would never you comment like it like it's a video game you got to build out the universe a little bit like have you guys seen detective Pikachu yeah okay I just saw that last week anyways it was great yeah I heard I heard it was fun and it's let's remember it's meant for kids you know and yeah I heard there wasn't a lot of Pokemon battles yes I mean it's more of a noir movie I would say it's a Pokemon movie which I liked because they're not like relying it's kind of I'm not I don't know how to verbalize it but it was fun like it yeah it's it's not just for kids I would say it's for everybody yeah it definitely has a lot of heart and if you're a fan of the franchise you should go see it and I heard like you know the world-building is amazing yes and this is good because the possibilities are endless yeah and the sea and the sea jet is incredible yeah this is what we've wanted like if you played these games and you wish that you had like a pet Pikachu on your side or whatever this is the movie for the car that looks badass yeah I said e tail yes instead of him like you know just like the little details they have on them like I'm like okay it's still a video game movie but you know I'll accept it right and I think that it also it has the it doesn't it's not just rolling on the on the video on the video games it has the show as well it has all those movies so it's not it doesn't have the challenge that some video game movies have and it does make a few references I won't spoil anything but two things we've seen before in the animated universe mm-hmm so you get those little Easter eggs yeah I mean I want to ask you this what are your what's your favorite video game huh f1 you know what's out like we have Super Mario Brothers oh it might just be that cuz it's just like the story about it is just so weird after what's such a weird movie and the making of it is even weirder isn't like John Leguizamo yeah John Leguizamo Bob Hoskins Dennis Hopper Fiona Shaw I forget what the actress Daisy as a husband Annabel jankle and rocky Morton I think of the names it was a husband-wife team they were like fighting on set but they wouldn't even talk to each other I think like these are like yeah don't take this as fact but like TMZ is on line one yeah but like John Leguizamo has gone on record saying like that him and Bob Hoskins take had to get drunk all the time just to get through the shoot like it was just it was insane but what other like what other moms are out there I give you my answer in mortal kombat okay so fun yeah I have not seen it oh my god I don't have to get on that I was never big Mortal Kombat guy I really like videogames he but when I did like I played you know Mario 64 dk64 I was big on GameCube Mario Sunshine Mario Party and then when the week came out that's when I started to kind of stop I think a pension and I don't really have a way game he was prime that is like my favorite that in Nintendo 64 my favorite consoles anytime I think my top games on the Gamecube was like Luigi's Mansion yes they should make a movie that yeah like melee this was a good one when they had Resident Evil 4 come out for the game cute and like the fact that the graphics could hold up on a Nintendo system and it was a violent game see I never put like my brother was the big like yeah shoot him up horror game yeah and I was kind of the more lighthearted yeah yeah yeah that's funny so like so I was gonna ask you that like Dee Dee like horror movies as well I didn't use to and I'm sort of I'm developing a taste for them I've been developing it taste for them over time I see some recommendations I think the 90s was really a good time for horror movies really established it with what are some more favorites I love Halloween I think it's Halloween the the main bad guys like Freddy Krueger and you know Michael Myers Jason Voorhees I'm not really a big I mean I think Halloween's like my favorite slasher type of old-school movie and then Freddy Krueger it's like a whole different thing Hellraiser it's okay I don't make it a new one yeah finally because they're they dated so many side like spin-off movies and I'm like alright but it's the era of rebooting yeah I mean I've never seen a Hellraiser movie and to be quite frank yeah well they're doing Candyman have you ever watched it I have not watched Kenny man I've been doing some reporting on it yeah and learning more about it as I as I write about it yeah well it's game produced by joining Peele right right and they have a female african-american directory which is great to hear yeah and and I watch this vision is gonna be in it the guy from get out and sorry to bother you know they casted the Candyman the actual villain it was the guy from Aquaman made Black Manta yes I cannot pronounce his name's are long Yahoo yeah yeah yeah I've seen the second or something like yeah awesome name just can't like I apologize for not being able to pronounce it if I ever meet him I'll ask him yeah che sorry but yeah that's the you know I like I said this is the era of remakes which i think is great but just make sure you like you have passion behind it mm-hmm that's yeah Hollywood but I do want to hark back to so I want to mention fresh ink for teens like are you still a social media manager like that no I have not been them in New York blueprint I'm no longer working for they're both to Jewish publications rushing for teens it's like a high school online easing I guess for Jewish high school students to write about stuff you know pop culture to op-eds anything anything really like we could do cartoons poems yeah but how long was that I could be very loft-like two and a half years I think soon a half yeah they they switched editors really great editor right now Lilly Weinberg who's in charge of it thanks up Willie and New York hey yeah a New York blueprint actually they all they work out of the same office which is funny and that's kind of like a more it's for like Jewish young professionals in New York so it was more focused towards like events in New York and stuff that you could do but I was more focused on you know pop culture news talking to cool people with a Jewish spin yeah now that's good I mean it's a you know talking about your religion you're really tying and you're being involved in that community and I definitely want to bring that up because that's cool you're being involved cuz i'm like a horrible catholic after confirmation i was just out i don't even you know in the church everybody's on their own path man yeah a judge and yeah so what's the future for you you know being a writer like what's i 5 Wow future I hope an Oscar one day yeah and well for right now let's get the book published yeah if you're a publisher and agent listening let's get it done but yeah I mean you know see where this goes I'd love to kind of become you know the screenwriter or something I'm just kind of cruising right now hustling doing what I love I think that's the best way to live your life you know go as is but have a little bit of a plan right because you you never know what what will come your way like I never imagined that deep freelancing right now or even honestly fucking yes but happy to be here yeah thank you for coming um do you still blog or anything like whites over rice I do I do that's that's more recent that's just kind of the place where if all of my if a certain pitch gets rejected by all of the places I write for that's where it goes oh wow so it's usually yeah it's you don't know usually whatever I feel like writing I just did one the last one was about dark Phoenix and it had a Jewish pin to it because the directors Jewish Simon Kinberg was murdered he's burned so you know it's Jewish and he was just sorry about how magneto founds like this mutant Haven Kenosha which is in from comics and he was kind of comparing it to Israel and posts Holocaust years like so it was kind of just me fronting like that's really cool so I want to write about that so I did yeah that's very interesting I didn't even think about it because I heard Simon Kinberg and everywhere yeah I mean he's been in the you okay this is for his first directorial debut this is director LW that's interested but he's been producing and writing x-men movies for like since the beginning yeah well your thoughts on x-men coming to Marvel studio I'm excited oh yeah oh yeah I mean I think they're not gonna do it for a while but it'll be interesting to see how they kind of incorporate them into this universe yeah how you know if guys you guys are just should've seen endgame by now like the way they wrapped it up like I don't you know I want them to have the full lineup mixed with the mutants you know right well have you seen the new spider-man trailer that came out yeah a few days ago so yeah I mean with Mysteria I mean they're hinting at a multiverse so there's you know some people are theories and that's how they'll bring in the x-men that's all the bring in the Fantastic Four and Galactus and all that but I think like this is next year yeah the big bad but you know they're also saying Mysterio's unknown liar he has been since he first debuted in the 60s I think it was some master of illusion so he could be lying yeah I don't know I'm actually excited for that and the possibilities are endless right now and it's just you know the earth-616 and he's from another one right and in the comics like his universe has the spider-man you can he's like a British version of spider-man and like with into the spider various like right and we shall I it's a ripe it's ripe for crossover and it's it's the hot thing right now especially after it won the Oscar yeah okay and Disney's just taken over the world it's just that's where you want to start working people it's such like it's good for us content right but it sucks these people like thousands of people are losing their jobs yeah I mean it's it's give and take yeah sure but um you know once the dust settles I think it'll kind of give us some exciting things yeah there was actually a lot of news this week cuz here avatar and there there was like a Disney Fox release schedule yeah I wrote the story on that first eye and they pushed off avatar all the Avatar sequels but they also have like three Star Wars movies on there untitled so it'll be cool to see it's cool cuz they actually interchanged you know avatar has this year at Christmas Star Wars has this year right I'm like Disney you were goddamn smart all right just like all money for that make gangbusters yeah it's up to avatar five and we only had one movie I know like what's I don't really know what's been taking so long and then has anybody really been asking no I'm gonna see it in theaters well yeah as I say like I like a hedge hedge what I say with ya nobody asks for this but yeah I'm gonna be in in the seat opening opening yeah of course yeah James Cameron can always have my money yeah he deserves it you can reach into my back pocket and take out my wallet yeah it's funny is that yeah let's say you know Terminator he's producing that onio dark fate with my face I don't silly kind of a silly title yeah I mean I heard I mean if James is on million Jim's on it I guess I'll support it and flourish the director of Deadpool right to melon or who's passionate about it yeah you know all these like John Carpenter you know just produced and did the music for the new Halloween so all these all these directors these legendary directors are coming back and being involved which is great and I love how carpenter the music yeah he's coming back like I loved Halloween like the remake or sequel yeah you know kind of retconned all the previous ones I mean what are your thoughts on that oh you're you're building it up have you watched all the hi you only seen the I've seen like bits and pieces of all the sequels but I've seen the first one and I saw the new one yeah and and that's all you really need to see because it's a direct sequel to the original I thought it was I was expecting little more to be honest but I liked it for what it was he was good to see Michael Myers back and killing people and yeah and he's going back to basics he's a shape like he's not like yeah if you guys don't know Michael Myers like he has like a curse that keeps him like alive right well I yeah the curse of Thorin case but they got rid of that for them after the new movie like it's like it just got too convoluted yeah and you know you don't wanna make a sequel when you have to like you know have this all this weight on your chest right all the baggage yeah but I think the Christa thorne thing is cool where you're at so we say we have our love for aliens and you've definitely heard this you know Neil Blomkamp alien 5 yeah and and rumor was that really Scott like quashed it right is that is that true or again we're in the rumor mill here at tamasha I said it again he said it there we got I think it's three times it's Ridley needs to step away from the property in my opinion we need new blood yet again Neil it has his track record right well yeah like district nine super promising and then after that chappie Elysium I never saw chappie I didn't like Elysium yeah so like it kind of debt but he yeah he's very ambitious and he's visual yeah and if you're working in the alien universe it's not like you're creating something from scratch so he would he would be able to kind of give his vision to this already established you know yeah and I think I think the part that's intriguing because we talked we said this off air like it's gonna wreak on all the alien movies after aliens oh is that what it is he's still working on it or is no it's pretty much dead in the water for now and it sucks because you know he's gonna bring back Hicks and new Wow and this concept art was just ridiculous like so detailed yeah I get its concept art like it happens a lot from runs and pretty much dead in the water but it sucks cuz Sigourney was hyping it up even she was like Oh Neil loved aliens he like used to like where the tapes down because he would rewind them and watch him so many times and it sucks cuz you know really has his final say right on a lot of things but he hasn't everybody oh he's back because the Martian right and I'm like okay I covenant was like it was slightly better than Prometheus but that's not saying a lot cuz Prometheus was terrible yeah but you know it the Covenant ended on an intriguing note so I want to see I want him to see it through just just as his plan just to end it yeah you know have like one more movies wrap it up covenant was a missed opportunity though in my eyes cuz with the engineers mm-hmm oh yeah so that was a wasted time yeah and it was like all in like all the promotional materials like they gave us like more backstory there than they did in the movie and then they left us with more questions than actual yeah so it's I don't know it's it's Hollywood and you know movies come and go there's gonna be reboots everywhere so it's just I mean what do you what are you looking forward to for movie wise like really excited for it ah that's a good question um definitely spider-man far from home that's the big one this summer what else I'm trying to think what else is like coming out I saw that I'm a trailer yeah oh my god yeah right it t trailer that was yeah I'm a bigot VV oh I'll get shows right have you guys read the books no I have to read it well I know a book I don't know how they're gonna you know fight it because it is a ritual chewed having a chud – I think they are gonna use that for the sequel mm-hmm and you know show how it came to earth like during the dinosaur time which would i'm just so super super stoked for this is a huge fan of the book i think it might be like my favorite book ever yeah I have to read that cuz it's like a thousand what that's a page some like a thousand sixteen hundred something like that but it's worth it they're getting a lot of character development yeah I read in like three weeks house blaze through it no that's awesome it's just like I love the TV show the material easy a TV series yeah that was fine for what it is and like at that time I think that that this this shower scene will always be in my head you know I've never seen the miniseries I've seen like bits of Tim Curry's performance Tim Curry was just great that role yeah yeah and I love who's playing what's a bill skarsgård yeah yeah he's a great actor yeah and if you guys don't know it's not just like a clown it's like interdimensional crazy stuff like it's like what it's Lovecraft but yeah you love credit craft Ian and it's like it's mind-bending so to see what Andy machete I think it's it yeah and what he does with it and this has an ease machetes like stamp all over it like that from the tone the color palette because he directed mama and I was watching after I watched a trailer I watched mama I'm like this is like the same really I've never seen mama but I know it was introduced by camel a little Toro so I didn't even know that I know Andy directed it but it's okay you know I think I think I got popularized off like the internet like it was like a short skit right it was a short film at first and then it got turned into a and with the TEL Toro support it's a big thing that's crazy because the internet influences how much it's like what we're doing today cuz lights out that was my art if you guys remember that that was a short it was just like a year it's like a foreign skit and like someone was turning the lights and on and off and then there's like two minutes three minutes of a clip and they made a full-out Hollywood movie right now wait and that director went on to make sure Sam oh my god I didn't see that yet that is great great yeah what do you think about the DC Universe I think it's doing it's it's picking up I mean I was a fan already like I don't get the hate for Batman or Superman Justice League I like those movies but it's definitely like you know for what you know after all the hate that it's got and it definitely is starting to find its voice and that has a lot to do with focusing on standalone movies mm-hmm cuz they're putting aside the shared universe for now and just focusing on stand-alones so for since you work for sci-fi are you watching what's that Superman spin-off it's Krypton yeah Krypton you watching it um here and there yeah have you watched Gotham you know I could not get past the first two episodes I don't like it either to be honest I just there's just so many super like I couldn't like I have not watched the latest seasons of all the Netflix wonderful shows but um they're getting canceled yeah they're canceled anyway but um yeah I mean like I want to watch all these shows there's just so many yeah because you know DC's having their streaming service and I just saw Swamp Thing trailer for that that looks cool looks interesting like horror right and what was just oh we have bright burn coming out later this month yeah also horse I mean funny as in like the tree how the trailer was with Man of Steel's title guards yeah like the font wouldn't you know but yeah it's cool I'm excited for that yeah it's just like a crazy take on super this is what Batman envisioned pretty much what do you mean by um being Superman being a bad guy oh yeah Batman V Superman I like Batman his worst nightmare yeah and I just think if you just take it for what it is Batman V Superman it's fine it's just you know a little cluttered and I think they kind of relying on us knowing information you know like that but is maybe I'll look back wow I was really good you don't know it's gonna be like Empire Strikes Back and holding that franchise well that's the thing like I think another good movie it kind of gets like shitted on his glass have you seen that I have yeah you thought um yeah it was definitely a little underwhelming mm-hmm and all it needed the pacing was kind of off yeah but it was like just cool to see that universe come together and the twist was good mhm Shyamalan Babylon yeah I would love to have yet another Philly boy yeah I see I was I don't actually have to playoff game and I saw I was like yeah I'll be on my show but I was in the nosebleed see you didn't hear me but you know I love the guy's help popcorn or something at him yeah yeah oh this is from my nosebleed seats and a glass I think was great it's just it went away that people didn't expect it and that was the point of the movie you know like right um you know I guess the ending like people think it's gonna go one way the whole time but it just goes a different way right I mean I wrote for my blog like how it basically is Shyamalan rejecting mainstream media yeah scream superhero culture and she reverses so the art it's like a statement it's a statement I was just like this is great and it got like a fifty on rotten tomatoes are for yeah like no it didn't deserve all yeah Rotten Tomatoes is something and I think that's the go-to you for everyone yeah and it's the standard to which we all to which we all look to see if I'm movies good or not yeah detective Pikachu like a sixty yeah no it should be way up there ninety-nine point nine nine yeah at least wow that's high praise dude mm-hmm I'll turn it down like 95% okay it's good go see it yeah and I don't know why like I'm Hawking it like I was not involved in fluvial they paid by Wonder Girls right now I actually know somebody who worked on this on the CGI for it but um what's that yeah so like I'm like circuitous Li like yeah I'm not even making money off all the publicity fellows this is like it's good to know any news and stuff right and plus everyone loves Pokemon man I want to see like like ash and like Team Rocket I'll be cool I interviewed again more name-dropping I interviewed this cow the cinematographer for the movie my article went up for Forbes on Friday so I can talk about that and this is a guy that shot gladiator for Ridley Scott Kingdom of Heaven x-men first class I love that so like he's just like he went from like though I mean it's cool like he has such a huge like oscar-winning pedigree and he's doing detective Pikachu do you try to get a picture with every person well most of the people I interview are over the phone okay oh really yeah that's what unfortunately I like it back like harking back to glass I think another great movies Watchmen yeah as a head of its attack yeah for sure like it's a great film it's a great adaptation of the graphic novel and literally yeah like yeah he you hate pervades yeah he uses his storyboards and what the the new teaser for the show just said I'm so excited and it's HBO yes and like I heard Chernobyl's great mm-hmm they actually just had reviews for actually Godzilla chemo and yeah are very very positive and I was so excited yeah I'm very excited I love monster movies I think we need that like the kaiju like you know like that guy – yeah descried you I was thinking of Pacific Rim that's also cuz yeah yeah like there's nothing more there's nothing bad about giant monsters or robots being the shit exactly I just know nothing took not to love I laugh cuz I'm like this is where my taxes are going I just hate this fucking robot imagine shooting that concept like art bear with me mr. president we're gonna make robots it's like what's the name from The Simpsons me like I was elected to lead not to read yeah just signing off on the giant robot in this yeah yeah that sounds like something samuel l.jackson wrote yeah I want to talk to you about the giant robot initiative look I would I would pay out the nose for something like that oh hell yes I want to be in that role I want to be drifting with my co-pilot crunching yeah giant dragon in the face yeah I'd like you see each other's memories that happen to your life yeah like nothing makes sense when you like hold it up to like the light yes just like that it's different your brain off for a movie like that which is fine I love those obviously yeah I'm like they're doing they're doing Congress is Godzilla and I'm confused how that's gonna turn out because maybe he it's radiation he turns to a fucking monster but they say Kong's like a teenager in the movie oh yeah he's still growing yeah I'm like all right well this Islands not gonna I thought you did Congress at first I'm like what Congress where's Godzilla yeah like Trump are you throwing after Godzilla he's like it's gonna be the greatest greatest movie I'm gonna build the wall and they're gonna pay the kaiju are gonna pay for it yeah the guys you're good yeah okay you're gonna pay no because I mean got the Kong vs. Godzilla just wraps so like more about this is betting hard on this monster first which I love yeah and we need that I will I will pay all the money to see those movies yeah take my money and plus movies aren't getting cheaper like yeah I mean here we're like if you're in New York is just insane have you heard of forty yet forty theaters no so they're they're opening up one and King of Prussia and it's like the seats shake and they also move oh the 4x right there so for DX yeah oh yeah yeah it's like they shoot like mist at you yeah like a fully immersive experience and someone have a Disney World yes or I think well the technology is advancing so making they can make consumer friendly now and I think it started in Asia with like some Japanese company and my buddy saw in New York for a vendor's endgame I was like oh my god I have to do this is must been like $50 for a ticket to that can you imagine yeah yeah I had to be like $50 because IMAX is like what 20 yeah New York it's just the prices earth we're busy gouge you yeah we're just gonna bump the prices up but theaters are just you know people are always like oh streaming services are is it gonna take over I don't know I mean what are your thoughts on that yeah I mean it's definitely the landscape is changing and the big thing you know recently was Spielberg trying to ban Netflix from the Oscars and it's and a lot of people were saying you know he's out of touch you know the work the landscape is definitely changing I don't know too much I'm not like an expert on it I still love going to the movies oh yeah it's an experienced experience I with Spielberg on that it is an experience you want to be with an audience you want to sit there in the dark eating your popcorn and your you know $15 Sour Patch Kids and yes so like I will go to the movies until you know until they're outlawed by some I don't know dystopian government in the future but like when Netflix becomes the government yeah I found your new novel yeah exactly it looks it comes together yeah like but streaming definitely is changing the game and it's awesome to see like Scorsese is working on the Irishman yeah and they're saying it's like the most expensive movie Netflix has worked on and it has all these big stars so holy shit I hear about that it's not just the movie theaters anymore but I still have movie theaters so it's yeah you have like you have like Romo winning rice and I haven't seen it yet and like I saw triple frontier and I know sometimes I feel like I kind of can tell it's it right the quality the quality does very short like going back to the Cloverfield paradox but yeah they just dumped it on that flight quality was the CGI was horrible and yeah I mean it can be great and it can be soso but you know I'm happy to just get the constant stream of yeah instead of having to wait yeah it's just cool you're gonna is Disney gonna take your money for Disney Plus probably I want to see the mandalorian Oh what if I want to see lady in the Tramp what else is gonna be on the one division Wan division oh yeah for the mare up well Falcons boilers yes yeah now Falcon Captain America Sam Wilson addition yeah and uh Loki right look he's having one with his cloak II I want there's so many question about this movie is that like at Loki wakey as in Tom Hiddleston I don't know but like oh but like loki wait what what is the G no oh I thought you said glow ki like yeah this here no that's like the dollar brand like II used I was so sorry oh yeah now lucky you have a Loki series yeah I'm excited for that not glow ki that's glow on Netflix plus ki I don't yeah I Loki said Loki you know there you go but it's so sorry have you seen the clips of the Mandalorian that's that I haven't well they did they leaked yeah well I'm gonna have to watch it as soon as I leave here it's really uh I don't know they leak like yeah they like it those things like they're probably just shut down after this fight well speaking of Star Wars head what do you think of the new rise of Skywalker trailer the first one I should say ah I kind of JJ you know he know how to really start the series and there was a carbon copy pretty much of the hope yeah and last Jedi I didn't like it cuz it's it went it went like beyond my expectations and kind of just did something else right you know I can't hate it and rightly cuz I don't because like I I disliked force awakens cuz it felt so someone who knew hope so like the fact that like if I'm gonna get upset at last Jedi for not being a carbon copy of Empire then like it's I mean it's what the fans were complaining about yeah and I know I like I rewatched it recently like the first time since seeing in theaters and I I think it's a masterpiece yeah I think I Johnson really really did good I think it'll have its own its own crowd you know Empire wasn't well received when it first came out so yeah I'll never know a lot of movies a lot of Carpenters movies were not accessing another pop culture icons anyway you know you never know yeah so just throw it out there but the trailer was okay I think the Palpatine part I was moving that up got me yep that looks old me here I was like no way no like I was on a flight to Texas like scrambling to find some sort of Wi-Fi signal cuz cuz it was laughs i man yeah exactly yeah I'm just always getting shafted on the Wi-Fi um I was just like I had but it was terrible yeah and it had dropped like a heft I cannot wait till I land it was like another two hours like I need to watch this and finally I got on free Wi-Fi with t-mobile shout out t-mobile again I'm not getting paid at t-mobile thanks oh yeah I've t-mobile anyway I watched trailer it loved it yeah I think so and plus like the whole new trilogy that's coming out we don't know if right side John s'en is it right Johnson TV oh they're also they're also working on sometimes like are they working together I think it's all separate cuz yeah yeah well they have okay so back to Disney Plus they're having a casting and or spin all right forgot about that and I love rogue one yeah rogue one was really good one of my top Star Wars movies and I liked solo like guy they they did so solo dirty with the box office returns cuz they that put the hold on all the spin-offs yes they were working on like they're working on like Mos Eisley cantina spin-off they just need to make Kenobi oh and fucking get you and yes that's it it's not hard yeah that's why Kathleen Kennedy is getting shitted on by a lot of people oh yeah I mean like obviously like we're worse like we're so outside the circle that we don't yes we don't know and we had like playing people fans would I would definitely love like you and is the perfect age for a obi-wan spin-off right now they need to make it but you know we just don't have all the information they actually um go home and eat you this or something it's so the fan film the s SC 38 clip have you seen that yet no they remade the fight from a new hope oh I've been seeing this going like Oh Mon I haven't watched it yeah three million views in two days and you know it's uh what's the actor's name that Flatow be one old guy thank you oh uh Alec Guinness Guinness yeah they like CGI his face and for like let's clone the parts and they mixed it with like Revenge of the Sith because you hear Anakin saying I hate you but it's more fast-paced like if it was a modern take of new ho right that's what I'm saying so badass that's the trick that I'm like Vader does that the saber throw like in force Force Unleashed and like I don't like Force Unleashed now that was another good spin off like battlefront though and I did that for a Nintendo podracing oh my god robot racing such a throwback I played shadow the Empire you remember that and 64 no I've heard of it yeah I actually had an emulator that actually had that mm-hmm what's what's like the plot like for that it's a kind of like a han Solo like another Han Solo guy kind of just trying to get plans from the Empire and stuff oh so after after you're like good I think it's Angeles if I yeah yes I would send ya the original trilogy but I mean hopefully the Knights of the Old Republic I don't know if that's the rumor going around I think Kennedy said they weren't working on something we're working on something or considering it or whatever yeah never played that either to be honest yeah there's just so much going on I mean they they 86 like the whole expanded universe so yeah there's a lot of content coming out and mall of face for what do you what do you wear your hopes for Marvel and like what do you think they should do after Posehn you I mean yeah phase four I mean it's any it's it's anybody's game as they say like there's anything can happen I mean we have obviously black panther to Doctor Strange to Captain Marvel to shang-chi shang-chi the Eternals I just got Robb Stark on there yeah it was it was it confirmed uh I don't think people are running for it I'm running with it by it's not officially stated you know Angela Jolie right she's and Kumail Nanjiani ani yeah turtles I don't that's like guardians to me like I don't know yeah I'm not really sure I'm not really their gods pretty yeah like I feel like they're yeah isn't the no I'm thinking of the the where the where the guardians go to nowhere that's the head of a celestial yes not an external yeah I'm not so so well-versed in their lore well they're having Schanke and it's like okay I guess we're having the Asian Black Panther yeah I mean they're definitely getting more diversified and which is nice yeah I think they need a but like you know start small mm-hmm build back up maybe not having adventures maybe for a long time yeah I think well phase four we don't know how many more phases are gonna have until they do the next crossover well we might not even get x-men and Fantastic Four for a while yeah I think that's about like five to 10 years so I yeah seems like yes repeating what we already know yeah exactly we just we just did movie talk we do this for you guys I was telling you I got in their closet in college so I just it's people reach out to me that are like hey thanks for this information blah blah blah because I didn't know some people are into stuff I like you know yeah that's the thing like this is so mainstream now like what we're talking about the stuff we're talking about and it's a shocker for people to hear me talking about it my cameraman literally just said like this is the nerdy so you've ever been yeah I'm like like cameraman yeah cameraman has no name cameraman yeah I want to wrap this up and you know thank you for coming in thank you guys for having me yeah it's like for your book and stuff like what do you what's your plan like what's your goal to have it out you know I mean it's who can say really but I mean it's definitely I think it has a lot of parallels to kind of the Lance political landscape today so the sooner the better so it stays kind of relevant but yeah man I just I'd love to have a hard copy in my hands one day it'll happen I've won that fruit since I was a kid so yeah so you're you know you're driven didn't you it you know done the hard part I've written it look that's the thing people have to understand like you can steal someone's idea but you won't have the passion to back it up and follow through with it you know and that's what I was just really thinking about like you know like Facebook or something like Zuckerberg and that whole controversy like but he had the passion to follow through with it and like fought look where it is now yeah you know so do you have any like tips for people you know coming post-college and getting into the life itself and especially people about in your field like as a writer for like you know you were in sci-fi Marvel before just like I can keep going on right I mean I've said it a million times already I'm not here just in other places just just keep writing if you're if that's what you're interested in build up a portfolio of what what you're capable of and don't just pigeonhole yourself explore a variety of topics like I said I worked for a b2b pharmaceutical company yeah that doesn't interest me at all but it it helped you know kind of build out my versatility got you where you are exactly so hey guys yeah we're gonna wrap this up Josh thank you again thank you for having me on the mashup I said it yeah I think that's four times okay I think it's a record it's got mash up mash up there you go so guys remember mash up dropping there you go mash up is dropping on Wednesday this video and we have episodes wolfram movie talk on audio on Monday so be sure to tune in Thank You Josh hey man thank you for having me ya know please come back pleasure time you know we'll nerd out and I would love to we'll love nothing more let's look do another one yeah we're gonna do this back to back so guys thank you for tuning in [Applause]

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