Writers ProgramPitch – Orson Dijle

hi my name is Olsen I'm applying for the diversity writers program in 2019 I think it'll be a great step in my emerging career as a screenwriter frankly I just really really want to engage with the industry and to me that means meeting people working with different types of creatives and that's basically all I want to do and I'm itching to do that at the moment my TV show is called no speak English it's a half an hour program a comedy-drama and it's set in the 1970s in Melbourne Australia about like a Turkish family in the 1970s they're like it's in that first wave of – hmm maybe second wave of Turkish immigrants when there were government programs to work in factories for overseas workers because the stray had a work shortage and all these people came from you know different countries and one of those countries was the Turks and that includes my family my grandfather and grandmother who made the decision to come here with my mom auntie and brother and I'm it's a story I really wanted to tell because they they they came like almost there's like an expression coming it straight out the village you know coming straight into the village and they came to this city a Western city and it was quite difficult for my family to adjust to this life because of the culture shock and stuff so that's it's a really unique experience to be in a place you really want to be but yeah and you're grateful to be in but you feel like you don't belong in the real dream is to be back home but you made this decision to come here to better your life so you have no choice but to commit to it and you're trying to and my grandparents were trying to sustain values in their children even though they were like you know they even though their kids were starting to adjust to a new way of living in a new way of thinking through Unitas training schools and the time they spent on the street with the other kids so it's it's it's a lot about that struggle it's about like wanting to break out and really assimilate with your surroundings but being held back by like physical things like family and what-have-you and then these invisible forces that tell you you got to be like your people verzino she's a 14 year old girl she's going to school a horrible kind of rumor spreads about her that she's that she goes around the back of the gym with one of the boys even even though she was she's innocent and upon hearing the news her mother goes into like freakout mode she's this traditional Turkish woman you know living in Mehta Heights she goes into meltdown mode pulls the kid out of school is it pulls a nip out of school sends her to work in a factory and at home she's like suppressing all of is A&M CEO needs to kind of break out and live her own life and it's about the struggle between a mother and a daughter and how they believe people should live

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