Writing a Novel in 30 Days (Filmed Every Day in Nov 2014)

hello YouTube it is the first day of NaNoWriMo and as usual I have a headache because of our Halloween party last night but it took a shower to try to like get it out of my system and I'm not started writing it I'm gonna okay I'm doing a lot better today I'm off to a really good start it kind of feels like everybody's off to a really good start you might be wondering why I'm still wearing the same clothes I was wearing yesterday I got nothing except for the fact that I've already hit 75 hundred words and I'm willing my way to 10k by day 3 also being three days into NaNoWriMo I finally watched some tutorials to learn how to use all the cool features that Scrivener has to offer I want to roll this year I have consistently stayed about twice as far as we need to be into our novels which is awesome I even showered today um it's a 5 and I don't even know what's going on we had a mega all day writing day and we started by buying matching sweatpants which are great and really helped and then we just RuPaul today I wrote a 5641 words that hit 20 thousand words on day 5 and they were even more than me so today was a little bit harder to get motivated without my writing buddies here missed them but I still managed to write over 3,000 words and I think I'm probably gonna hit halfway tomorrow on day 7 it is day 7 and I hit 24 doesn't wear today I got halfway actually which is super exciting after week it's been a week I know but you know what that's not the important thing today the important thing is that I saw big hero 6 oh you're so good love it so much I got a little reacted with new Smash Brothers game I still wrote a bunch of words and I'm now sixteen thousand words ahead of schedule how's it going good good do my thing Oh all smash brothers brothers who's winning you're not even playing today it was a really tough rating day I finally hit my slump on day nine it was crazy it was a crazy streak ahead going there for a while where every day was just super easy but today was tough I only wrote about 1200 words I think I finally got myself out of my little thirty thousand slump by just diving into this really exciting jousting scene and even though I don't really know that much about jousting that's what research is for later in editing and I'm feeling better feeling good now about my story yes my story at all that's Facebook hey Joe how's my novel going really good yeah yeah how many words I write today like six thousand no no two thousand three thousand three done yeah I just figured that people were sick of looking at me so I thought you'd do my video today three thousand words yeah hey Christina why you sad warlords of draenor comes out tonight what your Wow expansion and you're not playing oh your fault it's your fault stupid novel I'm even like the 2500 words I wrote today I'm just really play wow did you do say ah I hit 40,000 40,000 words today it's day 13 you look tired I'm tired I leave for San Francisco tomorrow I'm going to the night of running dangerously and I hit 40 taxi it isn't sleepy on this train and I wish I thought to film anything when it was the light out but this is all you can see behind me I've been on the train for hours and hours and hours that I've written 6,000 words on the train and now I'm going to bed I went to write in here in San Francisco and I wrote a thousand words or something and now Liz and I are gonna go find fried food this lovely person walks in a hamburger packing an aroma winner I mustn't add already dangerously I just hit him mm I'm so excited after yesterday I thought that we truly deserved is a off so we spent the whole day in San Francisco now on the train going home and how many worth do right Liz today yeah zero after another 24 hours on the train and another thirty three hundred words are so written I am almost home Seattle it's really hard to get back into writing when I don't have a train or big fancy ballroom to do it in I'm having another mega awesome super best friends writing day with my friends Valerie and Emily and I've written three thousand words four thousand ish a little over four thousand we're like so not even done we ready to keep writing forever it's gonna be great for I really like the days when you have like at least a thousand words written before 10 a.m. because that feels really awesome but even more I like the days when you get to watch your friend hit fifty thousand words yeah Mallory congratulations how's it feel feels so good it's not happening tonight this is a struggle this is such a struggle it's like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is still a long-ass journey but isn't today a good day didn't something good happen today yeah yeah I named my story finally it only took 25 days aha what's a call Delaney unlaced hi kid I like you too I'm really happy okay I did you something good today I got to seventy thousand tonight and literally every second of it was painful but I did it and I did not give up and now I'm not writing anymore tonight I am here at the ocean with my family and I'm not probably gonna do any writing today Happy Thanksgiving do I leave of all the places that I've written this month this was my favorite so the good news is today I hit 75,000 words on my novel which is just insane on a level that I can't even put into words because I don't have any one bad news is I just I don't know man I don't know if I'm gonna finish my story for December because I am slogging through it and there is just so much left and I need a break I did it I did it I did it I did it I wrote the end oh my god yesterday yesterday I had genuinely 100% given up on finishing the story in November but gave up but today I got this like crazy last sudden wind and I did it and I put the end I finish the story and I don't even I don't even know I don't even know guys how was another November come and gone it's over this year was just amazing I don't understand what came over me I wrote so many words but so many people so many people I know one this year and I'm so proud of them and I'm so proud of everyone who at least attempted it and we did it guys we did it you

35 thoughts on “Writing a Novel in 30 Days (Filmed Every Day in Nov 2014)

  1. This is a good motivation to just write… But I cant imagine the editing after this…

  2. Is it weird that I'm procrastinating writing by watching this?

  3. Dear aspiring writers, it's true that it is good to practice writing ever day. But remember, to take care of yourself. There's no shame in taking breaks.

  4. Big Hero 6 is AMAZING!!! They're coming out with a sequel soon!!!!

  5. I'm super jelly of being able to write in front of the beach!! Great job finishing a novel in 30 days! Crazy!

  6. thank you! im a new novice writer who is practicing writing on fanfiction. my mom finally aproved of me being a writer. thanks to you a discovered NaNoWriMo. one year i might decide to particapate.

  7. This video has got me so psyched for participating in this year's NaNoWriMo. It was probably a good thing you missed the Warlords of Draenor launch, the servers were a mess for a solid week and it was barely playable.

  8. I am going to write my own story and I wrote 3 stories in English class in grade 10th and now iam in 11th grade and now I really want to write stories!!! 😃 and iam planning to start Tommrrow 😃

  9. This video has inspired me to do what you just did / accomplished
    It's so amazing what you accomplished in 30 days. So I'll try this challenge as well in the month of November 2017, I'm so glad I saw this video today, it helped me want to get over my writers block, I'll be sure to update when November comes around 🙂

  10. So in 13 days, you did what I did in about a year… xD I have my reasons though!! 😛

  11. aww what a lovely person you seem to be thanks for the inspiriation

  12. no publisher bought the book about knights, I can't find any books except for a how to write under your name.

  13. Bee nice, Kara Adams and Sadie Mae. Kristina Horner tells that you can produce a novel during 30 days. I confirm it for you. Triple confirm it. Bragging is when you exaggerate. I have just done it. It was mostly an incident. Today I am happy when I produce a good script during 6 weeks. If you want professional advice how to do that — again and again — don't be shy to ask me.

  14. Well, mine took 2 months. I justr went with 100 words per day on average. I did have school at the time and I still had the time to keep up with the ongoing anime so 30days is definitely doable

  15. That's difficult? I love to tell about one month (30 days) during 1984. I wrote 3 novels during that month. I sold them all, cash paid, and they were published too 🙂 Beat that 😉 ?

  16. Wait so to be a winner we just have to write 50k in 30 days, we don't have to have the whole thing edited and complete and everything??

  17. I wish I lived in Washington state. I haven't lived there for over a year and I miss.

  18. do you use any apps or something to count every words you've written?

  19. I know I'm watching this in August but that's the time of the year when I start to get really excited!
    Kristina, you're the one who first got me into NaNoWriMo, I'm so thankful for that, and watching your NANo videos always motivated me so much! I hope you have a nice evening/day and I know you'll rock this year too!!

    PS : I love how Joe is so supportive. I ship you both so bad <3

  20. I'm gonna write a novel in ten days. It's gonna be about writing a novel in ten days.

  21. thankyou for this vid!, very enlightening..And now i've signed up for NanoNanooo!!..Woop Woop!, (Mork calling orson..Come in..Orson)..

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