Writing Gothic Poetry : Create Your Own Gothic Poem

Did you know that Edgar Allen Poe is considered
to be the father of modern Gothic poetry? Hi, I am Robin Raven. I am an actress, writer,
and poet here in Hollywood. Today I am going to teach you how to write a Gothic poem of
your own. The first thing that you have to do is come up with a topic for your poem.
Gothic poetry tends to dwell in sadness, heartbreak and inner turmoil. For instance, in Edgar
Allen Poe’s “Annabelle Lee,” he laments the loss of the love of his life. Allow yourself
to express the darkness in your soul when writing a Gothic poem. Outline the poem based
on those feelings. Decide what you truly want to say. Create a beginning, middle, and an
end to your poem. Your poetical choices should establish what you truly feel inside. Write
about what you know to create a meaningful poem. So you want to put pen to paper and
get out what you are truly feeling on the subject. Get your ideas stated clearly in
front of you. Express even the darkest of feelings. If you have a fear of death, get
it out there. People are going to relate to your honest truth no matter how dark it may
be. Remember there are not any rules when it comes to writing Gothic poetry. You can
be as free verse or as structured as you like. Simply put pen to paper and express your darkest
emotions. And remember to use a thesaurus. If you say pain over and over again, it is
going to grate on the nerves of the readers. Instead, get out the thesaurus and you will
find all sorts of alternatives, such as pain, affliction, and agony. Conclude your poem
with the truth. You do not want to insert some kind of fairytale happy ending into a
Gothic poem. Although your own personal situation hopefully did or will have a happy ending,
you do not want to make that part of the poem. It should end on a moment of dark emotion.
Now you are done with the body of the poem, you want to go back and title it. The title
should reflect what is most important to you about the poem. Again, my name is Robin Raven.
I am an actress and writer here in Hollywood, and I am also a published poet. Good luck
with your poem.

31 thoughts on “Writing Gothic Poetry : Create Your Own Gothic Poem

  1. she speaks weird, she pronounces Poem (Po-um) as Po-eem…lmao…I highly doubt she's an actress in hollywood, unless by actress she means street walker.

  2. I think this was very good. I hope you keep these up. Ignore the ignorant people who are being so rude!

  3. goths don't fear death, instead, we prefer death than living

  4. Just ignore the mean people saying mean stuff ur really good and this really helped me thank you very much!!!!
    U People who keep sayin mean stuff about her!!!…stop it please…or u'll burn in hell….

  5. i stood upon the shadow,
    as the ghastly hand of death embrace.
    i stayed there to savor,
    my moment of disgrace.

    X X

  6. poem i wrote hope you like it
    I lift a piece of dirt and throw it to the sky
    As a reminder of where it comes from;
    In a world without colors it shows me its infinity and its natural and artificial beauty;
    You are flowing in a blue deeper than the painting of the faces that hate you;
    Trapped between paper and glass maybe they will also understand that they are closer to the dirt;
    In a nervous sky I undress my soul
    As I am disassembling the stage of this life

  7. rofl, wtf is this? i feel like i'am in school, ppl will fall asleep if this vid was more than 2 min lol i bet thats why u kept it 2 min hahahahahah

  8. There is no way she is an actress in freaking Hollywood. I teach 7-year olds who are far better actors and actresses than she ever will be.

  9. I just started posting my own gothic poetry on my channel for a book I wanna get published later this year… looking for some feedback…

  10. Is she the voice actor for the goth girl on south park? Or does she just have that stereotypical goth accent.

  11. I like how she just puts the black scarf on so casually when she says embrace your inner darkness

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