Writing Novels with Kelly Mack McCoy

maybe the stages because there's a lot of people who are thinking of possibly writing a book and maybe not sure how to go about it so I know I do because I'm a designer and an illustrator I do a lot of that stuff myself but tell us kind of give us an idea of how you did you do the cover first who came up with a cover of the name that kind of thing well my gosh where I started but the book as far as the ride am and 100% of the writing is mine and I belong to two writers groups and the first one was where I met John and then you know that's where they began the second one is in the Hill Country of Texas here and I got to go with another writers group very both awesome awesome people and so I went to a normal part of the critique process where you we bring it in and I and so you bring each chapter you know whenever and work through there and I call it working the stupid out of it and that's basically want to do because you you think you're done with it looks good to you and then you bring it down there and as you know as good as you thought so I think of our Ernest Hemingway said that all first drafts are blank to fill in the blank there and so that's how I do so you know you view of we all need that so that's I got that done and and I was fortunate again again to have a lot of professionals in those those crews and they could help a lot of the editing action number of our professional editors and so it went through all that process and so once I was done with it and you know again I started out with marketing tried the traditional route and you know and it going with hybrid route and so when I set that off on I let me back up a little bit you asked about the cover I had absolutely nothing to do with that cover I mean I that's why I can brag about it all the time but I I was actually sitting around my wife and I were having dinner with two of the pastors of the church to go to and he didn't even know that I was writing a book because I quit even bringing it up because I kill her where's this where's this which were talking about so they didn't even know I didn't say anything anybody so I have to mention I was riding in your book and he should pop them selves on me to do the cover nothing how you do that but they said yeah so I just gave him the first few chapters a very brief synopsis and that's what he came up by on there was just awesome I'm cover and I tell your stories like that yeah yeah that's great I tell your story like that although it's an athlete jump off the shelf cover it looks good and everything too so that's that's great so what's our next steps

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