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Hi, I’m Laura from youngwritersworkshops.com.
And I’m going to talk about how to write a poem. A poem can be defined as an idea, a
feeling, a tightly composed group of rhymes; lines or words on a page. I think the most
important thing when you’re writing a poem is just to think about it as your ideas, your
feelings. A poem is a very compact form of writing. It’s, it’s, it’s expressing a lot
in a few amount of words. So when you’re writing a poem get your ideas out, get your feelings
out then take a step back. Go back and revisit it, edit it. Make sure that each word is doing
the work that you want it to. If there’s a word that you don’t need take it out because
the most tightly written poems are the, sometimes the most effective. The next thing you want
to do when you write a poem is think about ending it with, with a different thought or
almost a surprise ending. A lot of poetry can be very powerful when it ends with a twist
or a thought that the reader wasn’t expecting. I think the last thing about writing poetry
is just to revisit it a final time and make sure that the feeling that you get is the
feeling that you had in mind when you began. So whether that’s having someone else read
it or just reading it over yourself give it a final edit and make sure it’s expressing
exactly where you were starting from. And those are some ideas about how to write a

3 thoughts on “Writing, Publishing & Teaching Children to Write : How to Write a Poem

  1. I dont agree with you necessarily. A poet may start with one idea and end up with another. It is important not to put yourself in unnecessary constraints. Let your thought and imagination lead

  2. Freedom of thought is the virtue you need
    Secure your own future with hope and belief
    Explore your ambitions and open your mind
    There's no limit to what you can find!

  3. @frogmanlego That was actually a quote from a song. The song is "Freedom of Thought" from Power Quest.

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