Writing & Study Skills : How to Help Your Child Learn a Poem

Hi, I’m Laura fomYoungWriter’sWorkshops.com.
I’m going to talk about how to help your child learn a poem. Learning a poem is a great experience
for a “y”, for a child, because not only do they have the mastery of being able to recite
the the poem, but it also helps them appreciate a little bit more about what goes into a poem.
The feelings it evokes in their listeners, and sort of the tradition of literature. The
first step in learning the poem is just to have your child, just to read through the
poem with your child. Then, take each line, line by line, have your child repeat the line
after you. So you’ll read the line and your child will repeat it. Repetition are the key
in memorization. And, let your child rehearse each line, or a group of lines, before you
or an audience. Do this each day, until the child has committed it to memory. Now, this
is your chance to have your child perform the poem that she’s memorized. You might want
to capture the moment on video, just to have it, or even on audio. It’s a great piece of
memory to have your child recite a poem from memory. So, some ideas to keep in mind are,
use a lot of repetition, support your child by reading it, and having your child repeat
the line after you, and then give her an audience, so that she’ll be able to recite her poem,
and feel the satisfaction of what she’s accomplished.

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