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hello friend welcome to my channel they play Chiquita Nia today the novel that we are going to talk about is muting Heights and it was written by Emily brontë friends this novel was published in 1847 and it was published under the pseudonym Elizabeth it's the MATLAB Heikki to know when they publish with if anyone here Emily Blunt cake mom say published now who cut gonna get pseudonym Ellis welcomes a publisher with E then it was written between the period of October 1845 to June 1846 now let me tell you something about the background of the authoress there were three sisters charlotte brontë Jane Eyre apneaapp Ahava Escobar Emma – in key to Isis Turkish are not drawn in only Jane Eyre Nikita then we have Emily Bronte she wrote the watering Heights then there is any broad schwa and she don't Agnes gray so three of these sisters who are very famous for their odd real skills unknown a toffee sorry or normals me lickety now let's discuss the genre of the novel the normal belongs to that tragedy Gothic genre also this normal had been controversial at its time when the novel got published the society wasn't quite accustomed of the type of ideas yoky is novel my disgust Keoghan he knew christmas nicaya we're ahead and unusual stock depiction of mental and physical cruelty k cannonical he is my mansik or shall rip it cruelty could the shia there han also challenging victorian ideas victorian samantha austin / or distal hockey ideas key distillate k jo ATAR which are why Jo can't ask a behavior here June Castilla pass me that wasn't quite common in the low side P of that time so friends on that account the novel has been controversial at its time then let us discuss the meaning of the No or that title of the novel you drink you drink is a verb which is related to a weather which is tell Christ by strong winds he put jaha parte is too funny Hawaii appear ahead to do some endeavor what say though there is a house in the novel which is named view during Heights yeah Harper is novelty Germaine killed I am a Peugeot really him now since I'm Molly do you normal here I'll be discussing this with you in four parts because it has got a total of 34 chapters also hum is too novel could cover carrying a home is Kubo parts make awakening in the first part we will be discussing their summary and in the second part I will be letting you know the other important facts about the noble but Julia come up Nino will go she Roberta first of all friends need your normal it belongs to the genre of gothic fiction now you would ask what does gothic fiction gothic fiction X John Travolta hey this novel me John Travolta Oh Symmetra heineken boo social someone with good stats with a hand push in the Romney cheese they can easy a coach mysterious cheese they can DJ he ate paranormal presence ha it's me abhash Jota so you know will belong cat the gothic fiction KU and also the another fact which contributes to this fiction is the moorland setting maudlin means something as a quick bundle boom is calm voltage AHA party Yeager banana guava building height I wish picture Perez is a noble purpose I read movies between Maya here which you can watch if you are interested in so friends here normal domain should Revati air with the neutering heights you know we'll flashback me but I go ahead like in W normal Cheruiyot t head to Austin pay Minoan America presents a novel with the present time but rarely have partner and discuss cabin Amalia chapter one two three in P dr. Markovic I again Poornima colectivo ahead okey you Turing Heights at ahead ba hopper he gets to meet a person whose name is Heathcliff now he appears to be a gentleman but his manners are uncalled for in Santo aku gentlemen beat her to death with her head like invoke pnina canoes kiddo behavior hint of mine has ever gone well looky Tara here takes a bath nikana who what types i maja / he gets to meet a teenaged girl who was Kathy then he gets to meet another boy who seemed to be a member of the family but he was being treated there as a servant in sub-segment ahem – funnier at 40 hey tovo Heathcliff's a hot car attendant totally rad hope I have to hit little school officer technically as Carol apini hamari mansion me room Dei pupi is too funny righto apples tell EJ yoga who he is asking to stay in the chamber of Catherine Earnshaw Catherine Earnshaw is a main protagonist of the novel who is dead by the time the novel begins Mahadev ah doctor a to dream my own quest of hospital Catherine he just spirit her she is trying to enter the room through the window and go turkey mario tiata Deborah pouring her PO Matata head to pura her get scared and Heathcliff Sahab Athena Heathcliff had been in love with Catherine in the past so he claims cobalt mayor dr mary cameraman occurred Hosea and and he waits in that truth Catherine is spirit Kelly also he goes to the window and mahashiv a pushcart biochar Pahang Catherine in the spirit cases there are under RJ though next day Nellie's oh ho th e is the maidservant she tells look what the entire story about the previous events of the past then host a bad me –kavitha hey the I will discuss the next part which is the chapters from 4 to 17 chapters yeah Harper Quixote a after story sure ooh hoo the hair which is being narrated by Nelly she is having two roles in the novel she is maidservant who brings up all the important characters yeah I go Kathleen ancho whores I have a hit clay foods I have a Hindley who's I have a vodka uh never the next generations Oh plus she is also working as an editor on the north of bataki happy thistle panicky bath hey mr. unsure who was the actual owner of building heights had been to Liverpool and whaha say he had adopted a boy who is described in the novel as a dark-skinned gipsy in aspect ticket maja she adopted the boy with the intent to integrate the boy oh no no son arnica his cliff jump over hopper I though on who auntie – but teeth Hey Hindley and cats mine though but today though go on Maisie Enrico Heathcliff therapist and Anita because he was an orphan child he belonged to a lower class and it's silly and legal come here before person Maya on the other hand cats mine or Heathcliff kimochi no stay away they was hurt me danila get a book a photography Hua Hin Lydia his cliff kick timber or Kusano ma te aho Tahiti door mr. unsure hello Hindley Co wait novella what the heck but gonna be Mitch me go semi-auto hostile desert a hammer I got Nicky Lee never hostile challenge out there to boot is a ignorant mr. unchoke immortals are ta when he mod ke baad me Hindley Starbuck was up a to the rock was after her he was married to a woman whose name was Francis the world have named opposite a and now he became the owner of the house once mr. ancho was dead who was the sole who was the sole carrot Oh for mr. Heathcliff to count eligibility had my Maharaja there – he starts treating his cliff as a servant or Hispanic is he he's Indian little did at the a can in a very Cassadine or his cliff finish me pyaar ho drop ahead they start sharing some soft corner for each other after a healthy agnostic Hilton whoa you know his cliff and America's mine ho th bow on K our tenants Oh Tina Isabella and Linton who used to live at the slush cross-current this is the second house in the noble this team I have a bath we the one per spike I'm making in that the heroine of this pink evoke a said happier who when they were spying upon them moon cut the cut out the Helen tantrum Lika book Cassadine goecart Liepaja and she gets injured ticket so Heathcliff to an awesome house that I her but Catherine could not run from there and she had to stay at the Linton house for a period of a week okay till the time she recovers about Kimmy Schmidt is he here to engage with gentle manners worth in hand of congenial atmosphere or thahat was king her car the Book of Enoch Catherine co2 data and before meeting the Linton family Cassadine had been more of a tomboy type of a girl she never knew how to dress like a girl how to talk like a girl always Vogler to be thinner ah gotta be but once she met Burlington family now she became more ladylike OS aha and after she recovered she came back to her house are you happy about their affair do Henley's are both in a Hindley or scientist committed by the upper hand whose name was hidden ticket oh dear eternity ah hope I had the v3 big by Hagi catherine has changed open up a hint oh no key which made differences she was up ahead Catherine also wants his cliff to improve himself to – oh they were to dress up more like a gentle man to behave more like a gentleman can you not give it we differences on it should know who's out there it's anemic Iago thigh kick at a 90 on Linton he knows he can be born a latina and there was a time ban Linton proposed marriage to Catherine and although Catherine loved hit cliff Lincoln was the Chardonnay commodity because Karina he was forced to have Elizabeth our TV and the liquor that it would be grade her to marry Heathcliff tokyo's keep the lower-class he witnessed was the heir he a guru he threw shopping at leggy to echogenic Anushka semantically Hidayah on yay bot Heathcliff socks on latina/latino Yin Asian pop energy Catherine one second my paper tear or veau unquote it meat tubes out a basket of a massive hulls out there that me some hugs are patient we about Catherine de Paz to be up here with my pal Johnny here the insult that content is all courtesy what never intend to Chandi girl at the a the Charlie Carla T hello there in Burlington family she was the mistress of the house and she was quite enjoying the position gusta Baden Atanas he came upon a dental one of Catherine's forget about Krish ho Teja but Edgar Edgar Linton who was the husband of Catherine wasn't quite happy because he was aware about the previous relationship of his wife and his cliff and now what Heathcliff does Heathcliff tries to insult Edgar in front of Catherine he also tries to boom Isabella who was the sister of Edgar in order to make Catherine feel jealous and also to take his revenge upon Edgar tokyo's Neos KPRC shoddy convinces the ostrogothic a Oh Sookie bent over Booker T on co-op Nepean a facade he wanted to take his revenge upon Edgar Oh what happened about Catherine come on boo serrata here because Catherine was a male not Athiya Heathcliff's unlike in Edgar Wisconsin million it has a Buscemi hacker could Co cameraman locked on lately here me Mauro daddy and she also gets pregnant with Edgar styled she can and on the other hand in the mood ring Heights Heathcliff Cathcart I have for Hareton Co who was the son of Hindley was cover bootybat positioning data to the booty hybrid sacada he also he taught him to gamble and Catherine I have a Hindley overshot ahem because when they were child Hindley had behaved very poorly with his clip and now when he was a man of fortune Heathcliff was a man of for to now so he wanted to seek his revenge upon Hindley now so the Voskhod manager oculata hair he dissipates him and Beau Hindley up media property CO mortgage Megadeth hi Heathcliff quota of kangaroos cannot hold ahem he can go through the rava cappa he elopes with Isabella who was a sister of and gather told you and Kathy are we – Barnett da-da-da-da-da also it was a time when she gave birth to her third who was named Cathy the last moments where Heathcliff Simon Lee Kelly at there and Jeff Catherine with of Nigeria hota hai toh auskey delay may 8th pendant Oh tie and this meant there was a lock of the hair of Linton and Heathcliff's after cartina secretly was locked up near Oxford police car they they after hope I have an Isabella was enlightened with the revengeful plans of Heathcliff cook you killer a yachty hair was concerned about Buddha gave hard copy to muñeca but terrified and his name was Linton okay so his name was a Linton and sorry friends are here I made mistake the name of Katherine's husband was Edgar and Linton was the son of Isabella and Heathcliff I made this mistake so I am sorry for that mistake here so when gonna kabocha whattaya and los caminos ahead Linton and was court workers led RTA or the Catherine came on Ichabod me Jamie Nabozny Hindley was come he be Margit I am now Heathcliff becomes a master of the house this whole second part now T sleep at Macau Jota her hamari chapter 18 to 31 kun discuss Carnevale AB kahani Baris Allahabad Shapiro Thea Cathy no key baby Houthi hair Cassadine key or Edgar key AB go buddy go to PS she has grown up into a beautiful high-spirited girl she wants her father had gone to fetch Linton Linton was the son of Heathcliff and Isabella Tokyo ski behind mud neva neva Thea and he went to adopt Linton so that he could take care of him and he could educate him so this was an opportunity for Cathy because her father was absent from the house so she vented on the moors and then she gets to see the House version in height svaha / Go Daddy and she gets to know ki busca Eggman bulky dodo cousin Hey because there she also gets to meet Hareton okay so CalFire abou hit click open oddity Allah forgives to the father ham for Linton Co Liana kill a guy her who was a weak and sickly boy when he cliff comes to know key how a Linton canonical environment and was his son the war in Siskel's the Hecky he has to stay with his cliff in his house with in height or was about the stiffness at me yeah good other than Thrushcross Grange see now what happens is it bata bata Nelly and Cathy more smile on tables it cut right there mahashiv was ever thus see Heathcliff younger tire on door no Papa Carter opening early attire or come anime manga data and he insist upon Cathy to marry Linton because he knew that Cathy was the higher of address property and by making Cathy marry Linton he wanted to own the house Thrushcross Grange also and also because he wanted to see kills depends upon her father Edgar the walls about the still no new kitchen decor Manipal insist cut ahead then Ando no key X secret relationships you without the other no kind of a friendship without the hair ab kya hota Hagee Edgar the basement ahead over by Mahmoud Rappahannock over parts didn't about me three trainees for Italian Catholic or release many Carter helps cover captivated by her lake in tehina kahi Linton ki help sick Cathy massive Hal daddy look Mia Papa same as da lake in the Vermillion at the trillion and gas Mart suka hota hai kya hota he okay Monica bad neighbors about the see his cholesterol Tahiti Cathy key Olentangy shadi kavita kosh is dominant in Marja or Kaena kahin Cathy Johanna she withdraws from the world or hidden or ski toasty honey she rode out the air he tries to bring her out of her sadness – yes a Amara thought pardon for Spartan hemara other ending but is from chapter 32 34 now kapa haka Hitler hidden order Cathy a doe no clothes on elegant hang here but a cuckoo person menu he tries to be violent with Cathy like in Heroes kaviraja he bothers co2 da da katha kaadu nobleman is maybe out of that I I mean his Calista act starts to actor strangely and he has visions of Katniss will a pirate a trend or the booth have a city like I'm in a candy apple health ahead and vote was co-op me past bula rahi a tarp accident a coach cotton and my motto that on your eggs in your school ethnic tambourine in managua by I gotta meet Leo's cook at around my girl – Nadia data him last Makaha hickey Luke would Lockwood launch that Kathy and Hayden do Hanna they are planning to get married on the New Year's Day or you see cannot make me do Hamada kahani hai it ends on a good note so friends this was all about you drink Heights key summary and if you have any doubts or if you feel that I have made any mistakes during the narration of this somebody please let me know about it in the comment section below if you like my video please hit the like button if you like my channel please hit the subscribe button for more such videos in future thank you friends have a nice day bye bye

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