WWE 2K19 Undisputed Era vs The Authors Of Pain

both little centaur in the ring and set to start things off here we're ready to go guys the tag-team seen in WWE right now is so impressive and these two tannins are a lot of the reason why they come off the dress is like he's going to war and tonight's match might be a war that if I were his opponent I'd find a white flag pronto [Applause] beautiful technique damnit wanna stop good grief [Applause] [Applause] sorry on he's starting to feel it here heading into this match his partner was extremely competent it looks to me like he's really trying to carry this team on his back which really isn't necessary considering he has a very capable partner he could tag in I'm not going to go so far as to say he can't win this match but things certainly are for him right now [Applause] one of the most talked about events in NXT history was when Adam Cole and his undisputed era teammates shocked the sports entertainment world and appeared at the third annual NXT takeover Brooklyn [Applause] maksim when we talk about Adam calls to parents that the third NXT takeover Brooklyn Byron we should point out it was more of an invasion by the way the NXT universe at the Barclays Center responded they new NXT would never be the same give me a break you two are so melodramatic Adam Cole simply picked the best time to let the NXT universe know that things were gonna change personally I commend it right on the jaw during the rivalry between the Hardy Boys and Cesaro and Sheamus over the raw Tag Team Championship the teams became very familiar with one another in June of 2017 the team's met the two out of three Falls bound on Monday Night Raw the most important fall in a two out of three Falls contest is the first fall if the team can win the first fall that sets the tone for the rest of the match and your opponents are playing catch-up the two out of three Falls match two saw the Hardy Boys go at it with Cesaro and Sheamus was a throwback of sorts throughout the 1960s and 70s championship title defenses and grudge matches were often decided in the two out of three Falls format Cesaro and Sheamus didn't waste any time has scored the decisive first fall after a broke kick rocked Jeff Hardy Cesaro and Sheamus wanted to give in either domination of team extreme but the Hardee's had other ideas as Matt tie things up at one fall apiece after a twist of fate a swiss cyborg after a Swanton bomb by Jeff Hardy the match broke down and the third fall was ruled a double count meet on my great tag teams we can go all the way back to teams like the Tolos brothers Stevens and Patterson Stevens in Bockwinkel the Texas outlaws the Briscoes the black Jack's the Andersons and the list goes on and on when you're part of the tag team the two partners have to travel together train together eat together and be completely insignificant enough tag team competition dates back all the way to the early 1900s Cory you mentioned some of the classic duo's from sports entertainments incredible history in today's WWE tag team scene has never been more competitive I don't know who has the edge when it comes to talent if it's raw or Smackdown live I think it's too close to call but all the teams truly think and act as one unit I agree Michael teams such as that Russo American Alfa Anderson and Gallo's the new day the Hardy Boys Cesaro and Sheamus I could be here all day Navy championship caliber teams and when the tag-team scene is that competitive you don't know which team would be wearing the gold most of the truly great tag teams in sports entertainment created a double team finishing maneuver the spike piledriver from anderson and blanchard the heart attack from the heart foundation the rocker dropper from the rockers or the doomsday device from the road warriors a team needs to have a tag team finishers and be able to execute that finisher on all types of opponents quarry a few moments ago you mentioned some of the great tag team finishing moves in sports entertainment history don't forget about the 3d from the Dudley Boyz or the double dropkick from the 2017 WWE Hall of Famers the rock and roll Express tag team action like in singles competition once the duo nails their opponent with their finisher that should signal the beginning of the end it can take a long time for a tag team to decide on a double but I agree a team needs one and it should be something that can be administered to any opponent that's what a finishing move is truly effective and since we're talking about tag teams remember you and your partner have them to the left freeze five count to execute the moon [Applause] that's the impact [Applause] nasty headbutt O'Reilly just barely getting out of the way woman [Applause] yeah he's got a lot left in him not yet [Applause] he has him right where he wants him you better stay right where he is what's he going to do now that's not even remotely comfortable looking tag-team history was made when the first ever Smackdown tag-team champions for Crown had back last 2016 pairs [Applause] a lot of pride on the line here this tag-team encounter put only two of these competitors will end up getting what they came for on the line in the tag-team tournament finals the USO's wanted to add another tag team title rain to the resume and enjoy the recognition of being the first-ever smackdown tag team champions the team of rhino and Heath Slater was the team no one expected to be in the finals Slater at extra motivation because he was fighting for contract and at one point it seemed like the Usos had everything Heath Slater refuse to lose great job escaping trying to turn this thing around he's making a statement here medicinal [Applause] every square into that ring scouted to perfection man what a head knocked right off the end form the WWE Universe if they need to remember that Adam Cole has dominated the ranks of every promotion he competed him before and XP with his presence don't ever forget [Applause] what the fuck is back in what you had formed us of glory and that's Adam Cole's impressive prayer before coming annex date it's an international includes many singles and tag team titles that resume also includes competing in the Tokyo Dome Michael actually that match was against undisputed Erica knew what being too sweet was all about in order to be a premier tag team a superstar their teammate must have that machine inside the ring I'm talking about classic techniques like cutting the ring in half isolating your opponent relegating them to your corner and making frequent tags so that the fresh man is always in the ring and that one grounds him I didn't realize he had such a glass jaw quarry a few moments ago you took a spoon this is his opportunity to win this thing this right here is exactly got him double [Applause] I don't know how these superstars are doing it right now they've gotta be exhausted [Applause] and a penitent razor gets the shoulder up rays are refuses to surrender I'm not surprised at all he is [Applause] to do it pal is out and for going to remain alive he'll find a way [Applause] showing some agility looking for the finish I don't think he should get up that is a bullet there he's fighting back here I expected nothing less fun what makes him one of the best in the business [Applause] and off the tag [Applause] Dodge's that one [Applause] penny predicament one true testament to Griffin he's still in this he knows he's in trouble [Applause] he's teetering on the edge here out of gold showing some agility tagging I don't know what he is planned out here but he must be mindful the referee's town in coming can he score the pen could've been it right there this one's getting ugly you might want to turn away if you have a weak heart just barely getting out of the way tagging [Applause] a lot of vertical suplex the cover shooting the other guys that would have been able to kick out of that hey come still got line oh boy he is rolling he can't take much more nobody controls the pace of like this guy [Applause] those quarters [Applause] thunderous russian legsweep buying Pattani follow-up here [Applause] escapes trouble there we'll make your last shot count Michael looking for the win he's in trouble [Applause] he can't a harsh impact can he finish him off here the first one was vicious look at this [Applause] too close for comfort akin was the author of an amazing pickup one he's got to be running on empty at this point the book hasn't quite closed on he's almost got it and he got a nearfall out of it the footpads is quite closed on a come yet psycho the master in the ruler of the world the curb devastation Omega [Applause] that's the impact not today [Applause] take of their [Applause] so is opportunity [Applause] [Applause] attitude out of him let he do that he's making a statement here with this attack lands this and he is done bring it back between the ropes Oh the Russian legsweep by Akon this one is older [Applause] beautiful technique I need right in the face Wow I thought he was a car [Applause] and off the tag [Applause] hey shoulder your damn check out a two that may have been a slow count not yet he's not going to like this he's close to being who might be cliche but it's true here [Applause] if every tag-team in the back isn't watching this match right now they're doing themselves he's looking for the win [Applause] look at the look on his opponents face call he can't believe it [Applause] oh that's the impact this may very well be it too close for comfort he needs to change something fast guys you need a near fall out of it is finding the strength to stay in this one he's got the shoulders down you can't teach the type of tenacity we're witnessing here on real leave looking shaky this could be the end just barely getting out of the way [Applause] on'y Taj is out of the way drop down leap from Clarion [Applause] he goes for the color I wouldn't have been surprised that that was it Wow the book hasn't quite closed on a come yet the shoulders are down any on a nearfall how'd he do that comes in off the tag he's calling for it if he sticks this he is done [Applause] there's a cover to and he's able to get out the book passes quite closed on Aiken yeah if he hits this the match is over whoa he lets him out he's barking about something now this is uncalled for [Applause] Riley is showing signs that it could be ending soon he's absolutely running a huge right now great job escaping trying to turn this thing around when this guy by such a tough target takes him down hard you got to love that kind of aggression man what I had knocked right off the April what's he doing [Applause] guys this is tag team competition at its absolute best [Applause] he stalked him his opponent from the top turnbuckle [Applause] counter here nobody controls the pace of a match [Applause] that was a close call just when you thought it was over what he is warned the end is near for him just when you thought he had nothing left a kibbutz and a real he breaks that I can't believe it I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm with you called so humble Russian legsweep I am the bus this one is over [Applause] gets the tag look out down he goes [Applause] for a kick-out it's gonna take more than that [Applause] he's teetering on the edge here [Applause] horse impact job [Applause] lands this and he is done go way back what a comeback what impact fumes he thinks he has to and that's it this one is over that match might go down is one of the best matches in WWE history I can watch highlights of that one all night long one of the great WWE matches and I've ever been able to watch [Applause] hope everybody at home set those DVRs because that was a match you're gonna want to watch again and again and again epic here are your winners [Applause] what a cool rematch it looked like anybody's match there toward the end sometimes you step in the ring and just refuse to lose I think that's what we saw here tonight no surprise there that was exactly what we expected that the match was announced the SummerSlam what an incredible

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